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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Bayushi Tsubaki in How do you Koku?   
    So something to keep in mind is that starting equipment is (and always has been, regardless of edition) woefully incomplete.

    Honestly? I'd just use it as a jumping off point and let your characters decide (with GM approval, of course) what other things of value they might have.

    For instance, every single samurai is going to own a katana, whether they wear it in public or not, but you won't find that included in starting packages for non-bushi schools like shugenja or courtier.
    Most (if not every) samurai family is going to have a generational set of O-Yoroi armor that is kept in a place of reverence until necessary to use for war, but you won't find anything of the sort in a starting pack unless you're a Hida.
    The starting koku in anyone's pack is a pittance - consider reference sources like the Yamada Trilogy of films [Twilight Samurai, etc] where a "30 koku samurai" was basically poor, but 30 koku is wildly above what the game would offer you.
    Even the lowliest samurai are still nobles and would likely have a home with at least one retainer to tend to everyday chores (certainly not included in starting packs, lol).
    Now, not every samurai will own a pony, and certainly not a well-bred horse (Unicorn excepted) - most won't in fact, or have access to anything and everything they could ever want, vast sums of koku, exotic finery, etc. But economics is a *huge* part of Rokugan (it's a major point for clans like the Crane, Unicorn, and to a lesser extent the Mantis). Samurai *will* and should care about wealth, to a point.
    The important thing to remember is that discussing funds and bartering and the like are considered uncouth and something "civilized samurai" wouldn't do. But worrying about and needing wealth are entirely different.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to tenchi2a in Casus Belli in Rokugan?   
    Story wise There has never been any real indicators to me that the heavens cared who was on the throne until Iweko I, and that seemed to be more about bring balance back to the heavens and Rokugan then any real interest in the mortal world as a whole. This can be seen many time, as has been stated before (Steel Chrysanthemum, the Gozoku, battle of the White stag ) where during these time the dragons did not come an protect the Hantei line or impose their mandate on Rokugan. I would say that as the Hantei line thinned the idea of 'Mandate of Heaven' was adopted to keep stronger/purer lines like the Hida from gaining a claim to the throne. You can play it like you want, but I have never seen anything in the old canon that stated or enforced a belief in the 'Mandate of Heaven'.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to DarkHorse in Kuni Questions   
    In the short story Kurosunai Village, the bushi is named Yasuki Hikaru. She is clearly a Hida school bushi but that training has no effect on her name, only a marriage would potentially effect her family name. The same applies to other schools/dojos.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Doji Hyōkin in We Have A New Major Kolat Member Confirmed   
    Right?  Now it's not just that Bayushi Kachiko made a bad choice in the heat of the moment then leaned on the Miya Daimyo's inherent desire to maintain the status quo to back her up.  In retrospect, she actively covered up regicide then handed the evidence over to the person who most desires to undermine the Empire.
    Fascinating that this version of Kachiko is essentially a morality play about pride and ambition; the master manipulator being outplayed by an enemy she didn't even know existed, a conspiracy who kept their secrets well from the Scorpion.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Hida Jitenno in The Scroll or the Blade   
    Reading the splash without the adventure yet, my immediate thought was: "well obviously the Dragonfly should adopt her. How is this a question?"
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Magnus Grendel in Cross-Clan Samurai Families   
    It's not uncommon to find a courtier from a different clan at a daimyo's court. Said courtier is going to be a permanent resident and a perfectly sensible PC, but isn't technically one of the daimyo's 'subjects'  - they're subject to the daimyo's law (because they live on their lands) and will probably aid and assist where it's in their clan's mutual interests (or at least not actively against them) but aren't the daimyo's vassal.
    That said, yes, you do get people swearing fealty to out-of-clan lords without being Ronin at any point. In fact, one of the first adventures published for 5th edition, Wedding at Kyotei Castle, features one: Nasu no Shiba Shizuma.
    "Nasu no Shiba Shizuma is Lord Takashi’s general and chief advisor. As a man well past retirement age, he also served the late Tsume Retsu in the same role. Decades ago, after Tsume Retsu came to the assistance of the besieged Phoenix clan at Nikesake Castle, Nasu no Shiba Shizuma swore his fealty to Retsu and was given permission by his lord to become Retsu’s yojimbo, to help unite the Phoenix and Crane in the valley against the Damasu no Akodo family. Though he still honors the Phoenix Clan and still bears the Nasu no Shiba name, he has served the Crane Clan for decades and is as much a Crane as he is a Phoenix."
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Ultimatecalibur in Every important factor in the upcoming mess   
    The adventure Winter's Embrace introduces a few new factors to this mess.
    The biggest is:

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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Nheko in Casus Belli in Rokugan?   
    Quick question, why then the Heavens allowed Toturi to reign?
    Why the dragons didn’t came down and did strike him down and bring a rightful heir to rule? I’m pretty darn sure that at that time there were several blood related Hantei that could have rightfully claims to the Emerald Throne...
    Unless Toturi was blood related to Akodo himself and they declare that Hantei’s reign is over and that Akodo’s reign shall start. 
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    Suzume Chikahisa got a reaction from Magnus Grendel in 'The Promise'   
    As for the vassal families I see them being simbolically bound to the promise in the same way as the vassals they are. So the Kaito can no longer invoke it once they cease to be bound to the Isawa.
    If the same happened to a current Shiba vassal they would no longer be bound by it either, although I can see some of them being willing to take it up even after breaking away.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Kardayel in Courts of Stone, a new sourcebook   
    It seems to me that there is a tru here to stop the "monopoly" on certain category of concepts. The Wasp were the only archery specialist, now you have the Kaito to. The Scorpion had the only Shinobi, now the Cat is here. The Crane were the matchmaker, now you have the deer... I think it's a good idea to let a little more option to a player who want to play with a concept but not be limited to only 1 Clan because "there are the only ****** of Rokugan"
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to DGLaderoute in The Emperor's Son in a Dojo(Question)   
    If it was the Emperor himself, then...well, he'd be the Emperor. Even the most senior and revered sensei in the dojo would treat him as such, considering it an enormous honor to have the Son of Heaven in his presence to begin with. That said, a reasonable Emperor would probably say something along the lines of, I'm here to learn from you, so do what you need to do to teach me...or he wouldn't likely have gone there in the first place. It would still be done with the utmost respect, of course, but the sensei would do whatever possible to honor the Emperor's wishes. Now, an unreasonable Emperor--like, say, Hantei XVI, the Steel Chrysanthemum--could easily make such a situation a living **** for the sensei and everyone else around. Such is life in Rokugan when the Emperor is around.
    I guess a related question is, would the Emperor go to a dojo to be trained in stuff to begin with? Probably not--at least to some random dojo somewhere in the Empire--but he certainly could, if he wanted to. Because he's, you know, the Emperor...
    It would be similar for the Emperor's son. However, the Emperor (dad) stands to be a moderating influence in this case, since he would likely take a dim view of his son being a jerk, because that reflects badly on the Hantei name. Whether he actually DOES or not is another matter, of course...but he certainly could. As noted, having the Emerald Champion as the son's sensei simplifies things, because it would be much more of a regular master-student relationship; the EC has that kind of status.
    So...kinda fuzzy answer, because it's an unusual situation to which everyone would have to adapt the regular protocols around the Emperor.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to phillos in Every important factor in the upcoming mess   
    which is why I think it's always better if they refrain from making the clans out and out villains.  We should have clans being antagonistic with each other, but there should always be some sympathetic motivation.  That way people can still stand behind their clan even if they seem antagonistic to the majority of the other clans.
    So far I think they've done a great job of this with the exception of the Lion.  With the exception of Toturi (who is a man alienated by his clan) the Lion almost always come off as bullies in the new continuity unfortunately.  That's not a wrong way to portray them, but I think we need more time seeing their side of things.  It feels like the antagonism/protagonism scale is way off in that clan.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Shiba Gunichi in Every important factor in the upcoming mess   
    Actually, the fanbase taken as a whole has often been mind-numbingly conservative when it comes to aligning with "bad guy" factions or taking their turn as designated villains. The ridiculous wingnut choices tended to come down to individual players winning events that let them make their weird calls.

    See Honorable Dragon Movement for the ur-example, but it's not an isolated case.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Tonbo Karasu in Edo-period roads, passports, checkpoints, and tourism   
    The following is quoted from a thread called 'So What Did We Learn Today' on rpg.net.  I repost it here with the permission of the author, Shadowjack.  Given the state of Otosan Uchi's outer wall, I could easily imagine it ending up the same way...
    In the past week, I've been reading a history of Edo-period roads, passports, checkpoints, and tourism. Dry read, but fascinating stuff. How to sum up?

    Okay, here is a thing that might actually happen to a person travelling during the Tokugawa shogunate:

    So all women exiting Edo were to be inspected, and all baggage entering Edo was to be inspected. Baggage, so no one smuggled guns into the capitol, which actually makes sense. Women because theoretically some daimyo might try to smuggle his wife held hostage with him out to the provinces so he could revolt maybe. Everyone knew this was a dumb explanation, but it was The Rules.

    You walk up to the border control checkpoint, and the guard checks your passport, and he frowns at you. "It says here one woman with long hair, but I see two women with short hair. No pass. Next!"

    And you say, "Uh, yeah? The 'second woman' is my infant daughter, because I gave birth while in Edo. And I had a long convalescence, and the doctor cut my hair—"

    And the guard says, "I don't want to hear any excuses, lady, people are waiting. No pass. New passports available from the Office of Women's Passports in Edo, 1500 mon, allow 3 to 20 days for processing. NEXT!"

    So you stagger back to the teahouse where you spent the night, wondering what the **** you're going to do now. But a half hour later, that same guard wanders in on his lunch break, and sees you still there, and he seems surprised. "The heck? Hey, Hida!" he shouts at the innkeeper. "You sleeping on the job? Got a mother here wants to buy the special bag of sweets." And now you're really worried, because you're wondering what the heck the shakedown here is.

    And the innkeeper is all apologetic for missing you in the crowd, and for the low price of 100 mon, gives you an actual bag of local-made artisan candy, and assigns one of his serving girls to take you out back to "show you how to eat it."

    And right there, behind the teahouse, is the side road that leads up to the gap in the wall of the border station. There are people going back and forth like this is normal. There's a frikkin' guard tower right there. You see some person on the ground chatting with one of the spearmen in the tower, that guards the border, which has a hole in it, which people are using.

    So you go through the gap in the wall, and come up in the border station. Like, the passport desk is right over there, you can see someone putting their hat and shoes back on right now after the pat-down. But the new guard currently on duty just waves you irritably the other direction. See, his job is to check all passports of people coming from the left, and going to the right. You're on the right, so you're not part of his job.

    In a daze, you keep heading to the right, with the people who passed inspection the normal way, and the attendant asks, "Will you be renting a post-horse or palanquin with us today?"

    "No, thank you," you stammer, "I'll manage."

    "Thank you for your cooperation. Please check out our gift shop. You and your child enjoy your trip!" And you're free to go. And there really is a gift shop, too.

    The next time you come through, you now know to head straight for the hole in the fence, and one of the locals scolds you for not leaving a little thank-you note or a tip for the guards. So you do that from then on, and everyone is fine.

    Now, not every station was quite that loose, and there were some genuinely tight borders – especially if the chief of watch was a martinet, or if there was an alert on, or an official inspection (for the first time in years), or if the Shogun was on pilgrimage nearby, whatever. And they all would keep a serious eye out for wanted criminals. But basically everyone on up to the Shogun hissownself knew the travel rules were bull that no one cared about… but the law said there had to be passports and check stations, so there were passports and check stations. Like, 99% of the time, if you got caught travelling without proper papers, you'd get no more than a lecture, especially if you apologized right away. If you even got caught. Most people just took the unmonitored side roads and/or bought cheap papers – you could basically get anyone who was vaguely an authority figure to scribble you a legit travel pass, so long as you said it was for "pilgrimage". Ironically, the higher your social status, the more careful you had to be about proper papers and inspections. Commoners got to take a lot more tourist trips than samurai.

    Why bother going through a check station in the first place? For one thing, you could hire porters and horses at below market rate…
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Hida Jitenno in Current Clan And Family Champions (And There Families)   
    *pours one out for Hida Tsuru and their sister*
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to phillos in Clan Letters inbound...   
    I know it's counter to my clan's wishes, but I kinda want the Crane to get Kunshu.  It would make for some lively Crane fictions if they suddenly had to watch over a potentially cursed sword.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Shiba Gunichi in Clan Letters inbound...   
    Everyone knows the Asahina make the best cursed swords anyway, so it's not like they lack experience.
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    Suzume Chikahisa got a reaction from neilcell in Wedding at Kyotei Castle questions   
    If they are magistrates they are important enough to get an invitation if they are locally based. If they are not I would lean into possible family connections or as escorts to someone with family connections.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Mangod in Clan Letters inbound...   
    The Crane are skirmishing with the Lion in the field, and getting whopped so badly they've been forced to hire Ronin to shore up their forces. Meanwhile, their position as the Masters of the Court is being usurped... by the Scorpion.
    And into this situation comes the Crab, who're requesting more jade and troops for their Wall. Now, Kachiko tells the Emperor there's no jade to be had, so Yoshi has to go and deliver the sad news to the Yasuki Daimyo. And rather than try and pin the blame for the lack of jade on the Scorpion, potentially weaking the Crane's strongest courtly rivals, or at least make sure the Crane don't make more overt enemies than they already have, he instead decides to insult the man, because Riesens.

    So Kakita Yoshi has actually managed to make his Clans situation worse, because they now have to deal with Crab-funded Mantis privateers stealing whatever jade the Crane have on top of everything else. In no way is this a bad proposition for the Scorpion: in fact, this could only have worked out better for Kachiko if Yoshi had told Taka that the Scorpion wanted the Emperor to give them the Jade, but that Yoshi talked him out of it.
    True... but troops that are expected to fight on the Carpenter Wall and yet remain completely autonomous from the Crab sounds like an invitation to disaster. Especially since the other Clan's have a history of not taking the threat from the Shadowlands seriously unless there's been a catastrophic invasion within the last few generations. Heck, the Emperor getting fed up with the Crane, Scorpion and Phoenix for not taking this stuff seriously is what created the Gozoku.
    You must be new here: people have been giving Altansarnai crap over that decision ever since Curved Blades came out. It's even made its way into Canon, most recently in Across the Burning Sands.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Void Crane in Courts of Stone, a new sourcebook   
    Note to self: Make sure my samurai's marriage is arranged through in-clan matchmakers....
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Shiba Gunichi in Clan Letters inbound...   
    As I have hashed out endlessly on these boards, there are ways to say no that don't turn someone who has come to ask for help into a remorselessly hostile enemy. Yoshi did none of those. Thus, he is a fool.
    It has nothing to do with not being able to fork over jade, and everything to do with the way Yoshi conducted himself in that conversation. But hey, the Mantis seem happy with how he handled things...
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Kinzen in Clan Letters inbound...   
    The natural home of a Kitsuki investigator is in a Scorpion's business.
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    Suzume Chikahisa got a reaction from Magnus Grendel in What is a Darō?   
    Think of Karō as a position rather than a rank. You have Daimyō whose status rank is as low as 50 on that table as well, even if that's probably too low and no Daimyō should be under 60 status. Higher ranking Daimyõ can have lower ranking Daimyõ as their own Karō.
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    Suzume Chikahisa got a reaction from Derk_g in What is a Darō?   
    I also suspect Karō. It's conspicuously missing on the table and it fits with the other positions.
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    Suzume Chikahisa reacted to Lord of the Seal in What is a Darō?   
    Greetings from the Sands, Evil-Smelling Brother-in-Law of a Camel!
    I thought it was some mistake and that they meant KARO, but i'm only a gaijin.
    See you in the Sands.
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