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  1. Wargames require alot of upfront investment, and in the case of L5R any miniature line will have to face competition from historical miniature lines. That's almost certainly one of the problems the original Clan War had and these days is probably even worst with Torii/Kensei, Bushido, Test of Honor, and Warlord Games having their own lines.
  2. Which in regards to the Hida is perfectly cromulent.
  3. Honestly this is more of a Matsu vs Kakita hatred rather Lion vs Crane, with the caveat that Crane families are tight while the Lion families never come across as such.
  4. HOTT was also updated around the same time, although it seem they only changed the movement rates of Shooters and Warbands. I don't know how deep the changes to DBA were. Lets try a stab at some clans in HOTT. Crab Clan: Stronghold: The Wall 1 Hero General (The Hida Daimyo) @4 AP. 1 Cleric (Kuni Witch-Hunter) @3 AP. 4 Blades (Crab Heavy Infantry) @2 AP 1 Artillery (Kaiu Siege Weapons) @3 AP. 1 Knight (Tsuru's Legion) @2 AP. 2 Shooters (Hiruma or Toritaka archers) @2 AP. Alternatives: Magician (Kuni Shugenja) @4 AP, Warband (Berserkers) @2 AP, Beast (Kuni Dogs) @2 AP.
  5. At one point I converted a few of the Clans to Warmaster using the Ancients version with Fantasy Magic. I was never quite happy how the Phoenix came out. Why DBA instead of HOTT?
  6. If the Unicorn-Lion conflict had been better layed out, the Unicorn had reason to get closer to the Asako from the get go. Mind you this would also need some depiction of Isawa/Asako tensions or rupture, but the Asako, as a political entity have been, almost, non-existent.
  7. I'd be wary of having the Phoenix flat out allying with the Unicorn against the Scorpion and the Lion. It's the Asako who are pissed at the Ikoma and who saw Altansarnai side with one of their own. There were good reasons for Yoshi appeoaching Togama. The Isawa still have a vested interest in the Lion despite Kaede's disappearance, and are blaming the Elemental Imbalance on the Unicorn. It remains to be seen how much control they have over the Asako considering that.
  8. 1- Mostly bleached, sometimes occurs naturally. 2- Already answered. It's in honour of Doji Hayaku, son of Doji and Kakita, brother to Yasurugi and Konishiko, the first Daidoji. 3- Crane custom. As the clans intermarry there may be a few instances of samurai in other clans with naturally occurring white hair. Also I would assume vitiligo occurs in Rokugan. Depending on where you feel your Unicorn may have travelled flat out blondes wouldn't be out of place with the Unicorn. The other non standard hair that occurs in Rokugan is red and red-brown that tend to appear among the Kitsu and Matsu. 4- Your Rokugan, you decide. Personally I like to have sumptuary laws and would treat a commoner doing that as acting above their class, with all the possible consequences that may incur being on the table.
  9. I honestly wasn't expecting Kachiko to fully come out to anyone.Particularly coming clean about Toturi.
  10. That's based on the old timeline that starte sooner in the RPG (3-5 years dpending on the book) Specifically this is a nod to Ree Soesbee's novella in Kyuden Seppun.
  11. Kakita vs Matsu. Matsu is being her usual congenial self until Kakita schools her and behaves as she was behaving. Matsu paramount of self-awareness and humility she was, gets pissy Kakita didn't trat her the way she deserved in his victory, thus kicking a thousand year long blood feud. Kakita and Hojatsu two duels. The first neither struck knowing both would die. The second, Kakita cut down Hojatsu, and then mortally wounded fell upon Hojatsu's blade so that the sword could fullfil it's duty towards her master.
  12. That's perfectly in keeping with Ujiaki's character from the old lore.
  13. I'm disappointed, but the system did not manage to grab me even if I loved some of the concepts. It's one of those cases where IMO the whole was less than the sum of it's parts. I think L5R would have benefited from something simpler, faster and more friendly towards online play, and maybe streaming... I still bought all the books because the story reboot has been wonderful. Well, except Sins of Regret that doesn't seem to be available anywhere...
  14. Earthquake Fish Bay has and underwater volcano, and IIRC Lookout Mountain was originally also a Volcano, before being retconned. There is also Amaterasu's Furnace in the Shadowlands so it seems likely there could have been vulcanic activity in Crab Lands.
  15. Senzai can also mean Perpetuity and Millenium or similar meanings. I really liked that the Ize Zumo having a closer link to their Atman beome more textual. It was kind of implied in the old lore but it«s much more open here.
  16. The Dragonfly is one of those clans I think should have been set as more powerful from the beginning. While they overlaped a bit with the Kitsuki when introduced, they held large tracts of seemingly fertile lands, had been the face of the Dragon for two centuries and had the enmity of the Lion. All these would be an incentive to keep a powerful army and make friends with the Unicorn and the Crane to add to the Dragon and the Phoenix. Their survival kind of depended on it.
  17. Hare were probably one of the largest clan and in Old5R had a story of aggression over the Falcon (which I assume must also have had a fairly large army). They also managed to gather around 800 hundred battle ready samurai in less than a day in the Hare clan adventure. My own impression from the old lore for the "core" mninor clans in terms of size/power was: Mantis Fox (Served as Imperial enforcers and part of the Three Man Alliance with clans that were clearly smaller) Hare Falcon (able to withstand Fox agression and to juggle alliances with both the Crab and the Unicorn) Tortoise Badger (almost certainly far larger than the Tortoise but without the wealth and Imperial backing) Dragonfly (but with Phoenix and and Dragon support they were pratically unassailable) Sparrow (probably on pair with the Dragonfly but without the alliances) Centipede (we actually have the numbers for them as they were 50 households plus 100 Ronin) Wasp (Although due to Stsume's support they could hit above their weight, there were only 50 of them prior to the Clan War) How the new entries from this edition fit into this list I haven't quite yet ben able to figure out, but I suspect the Deer should be on pair with the Tortoise.
  18. I was never very deep on the LBS lore but you're probably thinking of Shosuro Tage. Asami just kinda disappeared from the story.
  19. Remember that in the old Clan War game "Heroes" unless they had the individual trait couldn't be deployed alone either and challenges required either specific traits or tactical cards. The Warmaster lineage of games can easily reproduce challenges since the attack bonus is decoupled from the command rating and it's not like other element based games aren't including battlefield duels in their rules. I think the old GW War of the Ring rules provides another good model of what most of us would like to see in a L5R mass battle wargame.
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