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  1. She is not reverential enough about too-good-for-this-sinful-earth Satsume. As far as we've been shown that's it.
  2. Sure, but, with Satoshi involved, Kachiko's plan was dead on the water from the start and Yoshi is not treating the newsbearer as an asset.
  3. BTW any news if Pavarre is the Portugal expy? Because if it's Portuga... That's not good.
  4. Rempet?🤣 Loads and loads of time they spent on that name...🤣🤣🤣
  5. I'd be cautious about using Yoshi's ability to find out the Emperor is dead as any indication of his competence. Kachiko is covering up the Emperor's murder, not his death, and Satoshi already know the Emperor is dead by murder. If anything he is displaying poor tradecraft in his handling of the informant and of Kuwanan.
  6. Kuwanan think a Matsu would be loyal, doubly loyal, to Toturi. That's cute.
  7. It a direct reference to the Five Highways. You can't find anything because they seem to be an entirely new reference. Limited Edition of the 1st ed. Corebook has 29 roads on it and no mention of them with a few road being classed as merchant roads. The Secrets series has multiple highways. Looking at the 1st Edition map, I see only four roads coming out of Otosan Uchi Way of the Elements- Linking Kyuden Ikoma to Otosan Uchi Treacherous Pass Road- Linking Shiro Shiba to Otosan Uchi Fragrant Silk Road- Connecting Kyuden Doji to Otosan Uchi. The Road of the First Emperor- To Shiro Sano Kakita.
  8. The Takeda get the first firearms in Japan around 1510s. If you count grenades the samurai were familiar with them since the end of the XIIIth century and yet when the samurai are disbanded in 1877, over 350 years later it's still their fault? ****, guns really are magic. Also, what changed society in Europe were not guns. It was the Reformation and the Printing Press, probably with a major side order of the Black Plague.
  9. I have absolutely no problem seeing them. The samurai didn't use guns myth is annoying as **** and the almost religious way fantasy frequently ignores gunpowder weaponry is almost as bad. In the old lore the Dragon did have rocket troops and they also a few weapons that were mortar and cannon in all but name. I also don't see why the Crab wouldn't use them against the Shadowlands, at least on the Wall. The Scorpion and and Mantis also don't seem the types to generally care about that nor would the Unicorn.
  10. You'd be surprised. The societies that l5r sources were incredibly bureaucratic.
  11. Every samurai in service will either: a) Have a stipend. b) Have a revenue producing domain. c) All of the above. Incidentally, this is the exact some response that you would get about any other Warrior/Aristocrat in any society and time period.
  12. I'd probably check the item price list and go with that. Maybe adjust difficulty based on the starting koku for the family. Lookoing at the listo 10 koku correspond to the prices of the Trident, the Naginata and the Yurt so rarity 5-8. I think 5 would be a good starting point and then adjust by 1 up of for every time it halved our doubled the family starting koku. Then again I would be tempted to just have the Daimyo go "Do I look like a scummy moneylender to you? Are you implying the stipend we provide you is not appropriate for your duties?".
  13. I don't think at this point Ishikawa even knows the Emperor is dead, much less murdered. The timeline is fuzzy but Aramoro was immediately sent to kill Toturi and there is the part of the Emperor not being able to attend O-Tsukimi and that "Kachiko" would convey news from the party, so I think this is the very same night Jodan is murdered, maybe within hours.
  14. I always like Ishikawa however little sotrytime they gave him in Old5R. Kinda disappointed Aramoro did not kick the bucket.
  15. Article on Japanese world maps I found while looking into historical mapmaking.
  16. God, I wish the ******* barter myth would just die.
  17. I«m increasingly thinking of tacking more and more of Pendragon's manor management to any version of L5R I make. It's simple enough to not require much bookkeeping and comes with built in hooks and plots. I should really get to it and do some presentable, coherent version of it.
  18. Castles are not bought. Or rather, they are not for sale.
  19. Mind you the instance of Mandate of Heaven they seem to be going with is thone actually based on the Chinese concept, ie the Hantei have the right to rule while they are virtuous and can be replaced by a different family if they prove more virtous. The Mandate of Heaven was a post-hoc justification for dynastic change not for dynastic continuity.
  20. The pratical reality is that of course when gift-giving is so ritualized everything gets formalized and streamlined. From Constantine Vaporis' Tour of Dutiy: TL;DR Court functions have procedures in place so that the Big Wigs offload the busywork unto underlings.
  21. Rokugani "families" are clan by any sane definition so if you go by that metric pretty common. I expect that in any marriage each spouse also brings in a small retinue to their new clan as attendants. Over the years you can expect any single"family name" to pop out in other clans just from that alone. So, uncommon, but not necessarily strange.
  22. I wasn't expecting that one considering the old lore, but I can see it, the guy could go either way.
  23. It's one of the few cases where I would have prefered they's kept to old art. Bald Kuwanan and plain Toturi FTW.
  24. The Water Margin Podcast with a supplemental episode on Song dynasty currency and basic economy for those wanting to rework Rokugani economics.
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