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  1. That story arc made as much sense as a bag of bricks and the pay-off was a steaming pile of horse manure. I mean it was probably better than Hidden Emperor, but that's a low bar to clear...
  2. Not that I remember. I would have to check Otosan Uchi or the Scorpion novel but I don't think they are identified in any.
  3. As explained above you have various levels of "leadership" even within the Daimyo ranks and the chains of command need not be, and in fact won't be, stricly based of fealty. A basic example is one based on field commands. Hida Kisada has, under him, the major Crab Family daimyo, the minor Hida vassal family daimyo, and a vast array of unlanded low rank samurai and assorted footmen. Now most of the say, Hiruma will be serving under their own Daimyo, but there is nothing preventing Kisada from putting the Hiruma Daimyo and their troops under his own heir Yakamo (except maybe to molify some pricly, over-important daimyo) . By the same token Kisada can also put some of his own low ranking troops or minor daimyo under the Hiruma daimyo for a battle. Troops under a Gunso are not in fealty to him and can come from any family. Even if you want to handle it strictly in terms of fealty it is unlikely a daimyo will only have someone from his own family under him. A classical example of this would be the second and third sons of mid to low rank families that couldn't really expect to be assured of some kind of inheritance. They may however, with some luck, be found a position in another family. Training will be even more varied as you also have to take into account hostage exchanges and fosterings. For example Doji Kuwanan, in the old lore, had trained both with the Hida and with the Akodo. Shiba Tsukune trained with the Akodo. Hida Kisada's niece, Hida Rohiteki was trained as a Kuni shugenja.
  4. Not much I can recommend about the Korean Three Kingdoms Period. It's a bit earlier than my usual interests. I checked the Turnbull Korea books and the Osprey one has a smaller page count so they are definitely different books, the Osprey probably just being a overview of the conflict.
  5. I assume you want something based on the Imjin war period? If so Samuel Hawley's book is the best source if you can find it. Turnbull has two books on it, but I'm pretty sure the Osprey is just a reprint. I should probably confirm it though. And much like Japan, the Tang and Ming dynasties cast a huge shadow over Korean society.
  6. I don't see much of Korea in Rokugan, but some of the Yobanjin gave wiffs of the Jurchen and occasionally you saw that played out with the Phoenix, so I would say the easiest place to see some Korean influence is the Phoenix, but it's very slight.
  7. Early in the old lore Unicorn had quite a bit of Tuko-Arabic influence which was shed once the Moto took over and it was all faux-Pop-Mongol-Barbarian crap everywhere.
  8. I liked the novels, so I'm a bit suspect. As for the free fictions the early ones were building the current status quo. Most of them are workmanlike with some clunkers early on. I feel Tiger Stalks His Prey was where they really shifted into high gear. Read that one, The Chidlren of the Empire trilogy and The Last Stone Played. If you don't like them then don't bother with the rest.
  9. Historically speaking the Mandate of Heaven was a justification to why it was ok to depose a ruler, much like, say, Ottoman scholars interpreted ibn Khaldun's theory of cyclical history as applied to politics. There is a reason why the Japanese never adopted it.
  10. I find it puzzling that there are peple considering that Aramoro trying to murder Toturi wouldn't be enough of a motivator for Toturi. And of Kaede, Toturi and Aramoro, Aramoro is by far the most expendable. Also, kudos to John Wick (the movie) for using a puppy to establish the motive for the roaring rampage of revenge, because if find this thirst to kill off a pregnant woman "for the drama" distastefully disturbing to say the least.
  11. It bugged the heck out of me in the old lore that the Crab did not pick up new things like mad. The had little respect for social strictures, two highly inquisitive/creative families and were in a near constant fight for survival.
  12. Ok, so now that I had time to re-read and digest: The modern depiction of Kachiko is a near perfect mirror of Old5r. There really is no difference in characterization. The main difference is that in Old5r Yokuni gave her the Thunder pep talk and sent her back to the Imperial Palace to fix what she broke. Her story arc was done there and I think that should probably have been it, her continued presence in the storyline not really adding anything. I don't think we are going to get a repeat of that, and I think it's a good thing. Aramoro was also very one note in Old5R but, while I would like to see an updated take on the Aramasu and Asami family situation, this Aramoro is irredeemibly monstruous. I'm kind of hoping to either see Toturi wipe the floor with his *** or Kaede just unmake him. Mainly, seeing Kaede unmake him, I suspect that would gall him even more. Incidentally, I'm actually excited that we may get Toturi the Black. Particularly if he is forced to take pregnant Kaede and Daisetsu in tow. Bonus point if Shahai and Dairu also tag along. The jokes just write themselves. As for the situation at hand: 1- Shoju might actually be forced to go along with Kachiko. She will still be very lucky not to be immediately forced to take permanent residence in a tree in Scorpion lands, but the way the situation played out there isn't much that he can do about it. Revealing Sotorii's hand in the murder of Jodan and trying to push for a Daisetsu regency under Shoju is untenable due to both the Scorpion's role in the cover-up and for the appearance of a naked power-grab. Even if Toturi survives he doesn't seem to have accrued the political capital to prop up the Scorpion. Dispatching Sotorii is an option, but it would be higly suspicious so soon after Jodan's death and, again, it would seem to be a naked power grab by the Scorpion that would immediately be the primary suspects. If they got the Seppun and Miya in on it it might work, but good luck with that. This also makes clear that Shoju's worry about the Scoprion being too much in the limelight was absolutely correct. Large swathes of the Scorpion seem to be under the misunderstanding that Real Politik is about knowing when to stab someone in the back instead of knowing when people will be thankful to you for stabbing someone in the back. This is an important distinction that Kachiko and her troupe have forgotten and had they known this the Scorpion wouldn't be immediatelyt be suspect of malfeasance and would have much more leeway to act. 2- The more I read, the more astounding Kachiko's mismanagement of the entire situation is. Her assumption that Toturi is the only one to know of Jodan's intent to abdicate in favour of Daisetsu is particularly puzzling. Even if Satoshi's seeming ignorance of Jodan's intentions could have assured her the abdication wasn't widespread knowledge: She had no way to know Toturi was the only high level official in the know, and who Toturi took into confidence. In fact, she knew that Toturi could not be the only official in the know because of the need for a regency for the underage Daisetsu. Even considering that she thought the regent would be Kakita Yoshi she should have immediately surmised that Yoshi would also be aware of the Edict as would anyone he briefed on his side. And despite that she bulled through with her plan. The only thing she is remotely right about is that indeed Sotorii's patricide might have caused Jodan's plan to fail anyway. Unfortunately she was the one to make sure that is the most likely outcome. Also, it's precious she is so shocked that Shoju doesn't share his plans with her and that that he would only do so because of suspicions over Hotaru. She seems to forgotten that Shoju was not the only man not to share his plans with the Imperial Advisor, in fact the very same man she was considering if he wouldn't be better of dead and that she was so glad someone else had taken care of... At this point the only question is if Kachiko would a better fit for Fortune of Irony or for Fortune of Lack of Self-Awareness...
  13. Think of a fatigue as timer or as the narrative representation of a literature or film fights. Every "hit" is actually just a nick, a blow to the armour, last second parries, a shoulder check, a shove or in general some form of maneuvering the opponent to where you can perform the actual telling blow that is represented by the Critical Strike. Check this one for an example: You can see the fighters reeling, one nice example of a Blinded status condition being applied, but just one critical strike that would combine the hamstringing, the shoulder stab/bind and the dismemberment. So, no, not pacifism.
  14. I'll say this, if they are going with a Thunders storyline, I hope Dairu is the Scorpion Thunder.
  15. For the record we all knew this was coming right? It's not a m matter of what would have happen, but how it would happen. More thought later, but for now lets bask on how deeply Kachiko has ****** up. She did not just screw her own husband, she has screwed with her own son as well. You would think that when she is told by Sotorii that Jodan was going to disinherit him she would take the time to remember that that Dairu had very forcibly, very publicly stood with Daisetsu. You would think that she would realize that the kind of man that kills his own, elderly, father in a rage, is not the kind of man that is easily controled or lets go of grudges, and that maybe, just maybe she shouldn't immediately go for the self-serving power-move. Brilliant work, Kachiko, just brilliant.
  16. I don't think it's ever been named. And you better not take a too close a look at some details of Rokugani geography...
  17. Cool. Was that in the Tokugawa period? I though the few places that had additional taxes above the customary 50% were actually taxed on the goods in question (I'm thinking dyes in some kanto regions) or coin.
  18. Ok, be careful with ie. It means household and is very much a social, even at some points corporate, entity, rather than a strictly physical place, and what we think of samurai clans would actually be ie. You may consider that the samurai clan are uji instead of ie, but that would open a huge can of worms. Also, over 100% of the rice crop? The Tokugawa rarely went over 50% and that's because they had other taxes. The Toyotomi never went above 75% and charged no other tax. And of course, samurai payed no tax, their obligation were met either through Sankin Kotai or other forms of attendance... Not that it's even possible to gather more than 100% of something that is physically finite.
  19. This. Wiping out the Ivory Kingdoms off-screen to get Imperialist expansionist Rokugan to camouflage the moral issues with Colonial Imperialism... Yeah, that storyline was unimpressive at multiple levels. Mind you, I don't like medieval stasis either, but it does seem Rokugan is less isolated this time around and there are already multiple mentions of foreign nations, so if we treat this setting as a focused snapshot in time it works better.
  20. It's not like the Fox, Centipede and Tanuki were not ascribed mythological abilities...
  21. The Ujina family of the Hare had ninja like skill, but they wouldn't exista at this point in the timeline verything else being equal.
  22. Honestly, I dislike the idea that the first time an "Imperial Advisor" exists is the twelth century, particularly if it's an informal postion. Or that there is just one Imperial Advisor. Just make them the Rokugani equivalent to the Dainagon or something. Old 5R often had that problem with everything created either at the Dawn of the Empire or after the Clan War. Also not a fan of L5R usual naming conventions so Isawa Tomokazu changing his name when joining the Crane is A-Ok with me altough it's probably just a continuity error.
  23. I think this is a result of a thematic problem that harkens to Old5R; The Bayushi Courtier school should have been the default, public, Shosuro school from the beggining. The Shosuro actors were a bundle of problesm from the get go, sharing quite a bit of the school with the shinobi, being lackluster mechanically, and in my opinion, normalizing the convention that somehow samurai could professionally performe the role of a outcaste with full social acceptance. The Kakita Artisans shared some of the problems (Jesters in particular) but they never had as much cachet as the Kakita Bushi, and they were in competition with the Doji Courtiers. So the Bayushi Courtiers should have been the Shosuro Courtiers and the Shinobi and Acors should have been Paths or Advanced schools. Unfortunately, since this had ossified in 1st Edition it probably wasn't even considered by FFG, which is a shame because they were perfectly willing to cut with the past in other places.
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