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  1. In the real world, before the mid 18th Century it was phisically impossible to make any sort of accurate map due to technological limitations. In fact, truly accurate maps only appear in the Space Age and they still need updating. Consider that rivers can relatively frequently change their paths, how vulcanic and tectonic activity can create islands, or how winter snow just move natural or man made landmarkers around. I hate, hate, that people will harp on the "The Emperor says the map is correct, so everyone will prtend it's correct" instead of admiting that the land, a land where deities occasionaly intervene directly, just changes. It even flies on the face of the cartographer campaigns. Rokugani know their maps are incorrect and don't see it as an act of blasphemy or treason to point out that they need updating. That's why the Imperial Cartographers exist. And having the Centipede Lands either on the Mountains of Regret or the Spine of the World is not a in-setting difference of interpretation, it's a **** up because either someone wanted to retcon the Centipede's location but forgot to change the lore and geography description or didn't want to and well, failed by a measure of "this doesn't even make sense because the map perfectly reproduces the proportions and geographical features which would be the parts where such errors would occur naturally but instead miseably fails in locating the political features by a degree of wrong side of the continent". Personally I think a "accurate" map is useful for the GM (and will keep using the one from the Atlas of Rokugan for that), but that's about it, for the players it's for the most part meaningless or it should be a plot point.
  2. So regional affiliation as a substitute for Clan and Upbringing for Family?
  3. Four. Although I suppose Daisetsu can pass for Crane. The Hantei certanly married enough with them Toturi- Lion. Kaede- Phoenix. Shahai- Unicorn. Crab- I'd rather enjoy if it happened to be Sukune or O-Ushi. Crane- ? Daisestsu? Crane is about the most detached clan from the Imperial plot at this point. Dragon- I still would favour Hitomi. Scorpion- Dairyu gets my preference. That's assuming they go that way, of course.
  4. If Sotorii's calligraphy can be verified. Without Toturi and Shoju's backing Daisetsu doesn't have much to go on. I can see the Crab, the Manti,s and the Unicorn being given reasons to back Daisetsu even lacking that support, but they would have just as many reasons to gift Daisetsu to the publically recognized rightful heir to Jodan.
  5. Shoju's tabi must be mightilyy unconfortable right now. So, as of now, we have: Kaede and Ishikawa on the run with Toturi in tow. Daisetsu and Shahai on the run. Kachiko with the knowledge that she has done ****** up. The Kolat with the knowledge that Sotorii killed Jodan. A Dragon army inbound to Otosan Uchi. Which leaves us to find out, Ouija boarding and fanwanking a bit: What will Shoju do? With Daisetsu out of the board even for a moment the window to get rid of Sotorii discreetly disappears and without Toturi to back him, anything other than steping in line with the official story will seem like an even worse power grab. Oh, and is presumptive heir is by default in the Emperor's bad graces. So I suspect one of the first things Shoju will do when he finds out about the *********** is to send Dairyu on a Musha Shugyo to keep him out of reach of Sotorii and to find Daisetsu. On the "mother of the year" Kachiko side we'll have to see whether Aramoro tells her that he couldn't confirm killing Toturi and getting rid of the body. That can be huge on her confrontation with Shoju (unless Shoju fully takes the gloves off and decides to leave Kachiko and Aramoro to the tender mercies of some specialist Burakumin, or worse, Hametsu), and ties in on what option Shoju takes if he believes Toturi to be dead instead of being on the run. The Dragon army is also a wildcard. A safe bet is that it will pick up one or both of the runaway groups but if it doesn't they may very well end up thrown in the blender of Imperial politics. BTW, missing Toturi just created a power vacuum on the Lion Clan when their leadership is already showing stress fractures. Incidentally Kakita Yoshi finding about Jodan's death just became far less impressive. The old adage that three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead has just proved itself correct again.
  6. She is not reverential enough about too-good-for-this-sinful-earth Satsume. As far as we've been shown that's it.
  7. Sure, but, with Satoshi involved, Kachiko's plan was dead on the water from the start and Yoshi is not treating the newsbearer as an asset.
  8. BTW any news if Pavarre is the Portugal expy? Because if it's Portuga... That's not good.
  9. Rempet?🤣 Loads and loads of time they spent on that name...🤣🤣🤣
  10. I'd be cautious about using Yoshi's ability to find out the Emperor is dead as any indication of his competence. Kachiko is covering up the Emperor's murder, not his death, and Satoshi already know the Emperor is dead by murder. If anything he is displaying poor tradecraft in his handling of the informant and of Kuwanan.
  11. Kuwanan think a Matsu would be loyal, doubly loyal, to Toturi. That's cute.
  12. It a direct reference to the Five Highways. You can't find anything because they seem to be an entirely new reference. Limited Edition of the 1st ed. Corebook has 29 roads on it and no mention of them with a few road being classed as merchant roads. The Secrets series has multiple highways. Looking at the 1st Edition map, I see only four roads coming out of Otosan Uchi Way of the Elements- Linking Kyuden Ikoma to Otosan Uchi Treacherous Pass Road- Linking Shiro Shiba to Otosan Uchi Fragrant Silk Road- Connecting Kyuden Doji to Otosan Uchi. The Road of the First Emperor- To Shiro Sano Kakita.
  13. The Takeda get the first firearms in Japan around 1510s. If you count grenades the samurai were familiar with them since the end of the XIIIth century and yet when the samurai are disbanded in 1877, over 350 years later it's still their fault? ****, guns really are magic. Also, what changed society in Europe were not guns. It was the Reformation and the Printing Press, probably with a major side order of the Black Plague.
  14. I have absolutely no problem seeing them. The samurai didn't use guns myth is annoying as **** and the almost religious way fantasy frequently ignores gunpowder weaponry is almost as bad. In the old lore the Dragon did have rocket troops and they also a few weapons that were mortar and cannon in all but name. I also don't see why the Crab wouldn't use them against the Shadowlands, at least on the Wall. The Scorpion and and Mantis also don't seem the types to generally care about that nor would the Unicorn.
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