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  1. I was going to recommend “Across the Nightingale Floor” as it was the only title from that series I remembered. I hadn’t realised a prequel was written to the series so will have to track down a copy and read the whole series start to finish now!
  2. Already started running an adventure with my kids “A Sith called Wanda”. Using the kids as test dummies as I write and rewrite it to run as a proper one shot later this year. The physical books are great for getting new people who may be interested hooked rather than pointing at PDFs
  3. I sent an inquiry last week as well and got this response this morning: ”Thanks for reaching out! I apologize for the delays in getting the books out. We ran into some production issues but hope to have the book out soon. Thank you for your support and patience!” So it is still coming but we are none the wiser as to when
  4. Still uses custom dice as far as any of us know after the final survey and update
  5. I didn’t make a logical fallacy, you assumed I did (or purposefully misinterpreted my post) so as to make your point seem more valid. Either way, this system doesn’t manage to succeed in doing anything it sets out to do unless you play in a very narrow fashion. @AK_Aramis, you and I will never agree on this system and we both come from very different gaming experiences (how people play and what they expect or want). My final thoughts for this beta (and I know I haven’t posted much but I have read posts daily and answered every survey) is that it has been a huge missed opportunity and think FFG have really dropped the ball in terms of the license. I’ll keep up to date on the story via the LCG but I will keep playing 1st and 4th otherwise.
  6. But they can also be ignored or used to a lesser extent in earlier editions, they were never the sole focus of the game and they allowed far more flexibility as to how and when to reward/punish. This edition tries to force one very cliched and trope ridden version of Rokugan, and that gets boring very quickly, and in my experience that leads to games either being abandoned mid adventure, or severely reduces the actual narrative role play as people just min/max the system as their is no point doing otherwise. Thats the problem here, there is no way to positively reinforce good role playing if it falls outside of a very narrow and restrictive view on what each character should or shouldn't be. L5R lore has been filled and even dominated to some extent by characters who didn't do exactly what was expected of them, who didn't fit the school/family mould perfectly. This system means you don't get to play those characters, you just essentially get some meaningless background character to play with.
  7. This. A thousand times this. I like strife as a concept, I have gotten over my dislike of the silly custom dice, but boy does this system get in the way of itself! This entire beta has really felt disappointing and has been tinkering around the edges than anything else. The surveys have provided little opportunity beyond an A or B choice on things, that don't change the fact that the system get in the way of story telling and is unintuitive as well.
  8. I like the 20 questions approach it seems to be working well, once you know what you are doing. Where character creation falls down is the layout of the PDF. First character took me near enough to 2.5 hours to flip back and forth and work out where everything is. I can knock a basic character over in about 45 minutes now however. I have asked my kids (who have all made characters for 4e and DnD before), and there were literally tears at one point due to the amount of flipping and lack of mechanical explanation as the question tend to focus purely on the narrative side.
  9. Not since that one time in Year 4, when only the DM remembered their dice, someone got mad and then threw the d20 down the drain after a critical fail ?
  10. A bundle helps for sure, but then you have to potentially convince others that the game is worth buying the extra dice for (sharing books is one thing, sharing dice for an entire party is another). Not saying it is an insurmountable challenge, just that it is a factor that goes into the decision, especially in a market place where there are plenty of options already.
  11. I didn’t say they hid anything. But requiring a supplemental purchase on top of the rules, is part of what gets weighed in my decision making process. And I agree that is why they have kept r&k and so forth, and I really appreciate it. As mechanics of games plays a big part in my enjoyment of them. D20 systems to me all feel like D&D to me just re-skinned. R&K feels like L5R, exploding d6 for me is Star Wars. I am just saying that people will perceive an items value or worth differently and it is valid feedback as it helps FFG have a broader snapshot of what its customers and potential customers want and are looking for, or potential hurdles they may have. Defending the use of the dice at this stage, I think, should really come down to “I think they are cool and work well, I would recommend giving the system a go and see if it is still a put off”
  12. Right but you only get that information or knowledge if you have already been watching and checking it out. You don’t get it from scanning the shelves at a store or looking at a beginner box. I get what you are saying, but having to check charts for every roll, taking dice I use for other things and making them single use with stickers, or relying on fans to create a free app, aren’t answers to the initial put off. And I am not saying I won’t play this game or won’t buy it and the dice, if it is good enough I will buy multiple dice sets so I can get others to start up more easily. But it IS a consideration, and I am sure FFG wants to make as much money as possible from the licence, which means the tricky act of keeping on enough legacy players and bringing in enough new blood.
  13. And my experience trying to use FFGs dice in Imperial Assault. But, yes. With a disabled wife, 2 teenage girls, a pre teen boy and a mortgage, hobby money is scarce and planned in advance of spending. I am sure I am not the only one trying to get their hobby in on a tight budget either. Any extra costs on top of an system which I may not use as much as I like is a negative. If there is a new system and I have tons of dice I can use easily already, I am more likely to pick up. Because for me the risk/reward for my money is closer balanced. So while the actual cost of the additional dice may not be a lot in actual dollar terms (although in Australia it is pretty much always more than elsewhere), it does detract from the value I see when planning my purchases. And yes starter boxes are better value, but again when you play with either uni students or others with limited income the extra cost sets a barrier. I have asked some locals new to RPGs to try it out and their first question was what is the cost? This system has only piqued my interest because it is L5R and an open free beta, had it been otherwise I would look at it in store and most likely again pass it over. I guess my point is, not everyone knows how others perceive the value of things. There is no right or wrong in how we choose to see value. So to tell people to stop whinging over $10 here or $5 there doesn’t add anything to the discussion. (Not that you are but you get what I mean I hope) Telling a company during a beta “this is a big turn off” is kind of why betas are for right? If they get enough feedback they have to make a decision on costs already sunk in development vs potential uptake. But it needs to be constructive too. I don’t begrudge those who like the “narrative dice” in general or those who don’t have to count their pennies as much as others. But if a company asks for feedback people should give that feedback honestly and constructively (which I hope I am doing)
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