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  1. I took a picture of my map and edited it with Paint to remove the secret room. I printed it and gave it to my players to move around the castle. When they discovered the secret room I took out the original map. https://ibb.co/T0mQG9K Here you go in case you want to use it.
  2. If you like dueling in 4e (the cinematic, single cut/strike duel type) you could try the custom mechanics I wrote here in the forums. Alternatively you could go with opposed rolls between duelists which is an easy way of solving duels. The duel system imho is a mess. Tries to cover different kind of competitions and fails at the most iconic one. I think it could have been designed a lot better. One of the flaws of an, otherwise, decent system.
  3. I won't boycott the product since he is a freelancer and there are many others involved (and also FFG has invested in a brand I like so you have to support that if you want more stuff coming). But... I think these kind of threads are good to let FFG who are they hiring and how it can hurt their reputation /sales.
  4. In general there's two types of damages and resistances: physical and supernatural (pg 238). They prevent physical and supernatural damage respectively. Havent tested kihos in my game (no monk) but now that you mention it, most damage (f.e. fire kihos) seems to be physical, which can be prevented by mundane armour. Take into account that people dont normally wear armour (that's something they do in times of war, etc) so they usually move around in normal clothes (armour 1). Also most kihos give you some other bonus BESIDES the damage. But yeh, the ring based damaged looks pretty weak in many kihos. Perhaps it should have been supernatural damage. I dunno. Some parts of the system seem poorly tested.
  5. To be honest duels in the setting can use any weapon. It's just that the iaijutsu duel is a ritualized form of it that has been pushed to popularity (prolly by Crane and for political reasons). But normally, as you know, the challenged decides the details of the duel: when, where, to first blood, to incapacitation (I think this edition calls it warrior challenge), etc. So a iaijutsu duelist should be wary. Perhaps challenging a good Hida Bushi isn't gonna end how he thinks. If you want to have first strike/single strike duels (kinda iaijutsu) with different weapons I don't see any issues. Just apply the normal rules (though I don't like those very much). But from a thematic point of view it sounds cool. Whatever works for your group.
  6. I see what you mean. I wanted to give Void some use in duels, like Air (focus) and Fire (staredown). Earth and Water are pretty good already since Earth adds a lot to composure and helps you resist crits (somewhat relevant in duels to first blood) and water let's you "compete" at iaijutsu even if you don't have a technique. So I thought about Center and had to go with Ring dice. I could make it a Void / Meditation roll and just reserve dice up to your void, but that would prolly be too good?
  7. This. You basically summarize my thoughts. I can't believe they dropped the ball with duels which are such an important part of the setting. They are used to settle honor offenses, to settle war conflicts, to settle accusations (law stuff)... The duelling system as it is wants to cover too much stuff and it fails... It does nothing for my group. Strike, strike, strike... What travesty is this? Kakita's philosophy was summarized as "one man, one sword, one strike", not "strike, strike, strike"...
  8. You can't really kite people in my game. If you are a water specialized bushi trying f. e. to jump in, strike and move out, I will simply wait in Earth and strike back when you come. Unless you removed the wait action... Of course you can go and do something else. Then end of turn I will maneuver to a favorable position.
  9. I mean I dislike universal movement rules i.e. "everyone moves the same“. Agile people should move faster than clumsier ppl. Also horses and big stuff like Trolls or Oni should also move faster. I know horses give you a bonus when you use a maneuver check but they should move more by default (or so my gaming group believes). So I tied movement to water like in the previous edition and I gave stuff with bigger silhouette (size) a slight bonus.
  10. Yeah. Bad editing. That was in beta. I think it was removed to make iaijutsu techniques a bit more meaningful for round one of a conflict.
  11. Ranges don't work very well if people spread up during combat. They really don't work at all. I use the tactical grid, though I tweaked it a bit cause it works odd with techniques that give you multiple range bands movements.
  12. Shosur0


    Yeah I guess you always perform some kind of action even if it's just calming breath. Should have read "at the end of the character's turn suffer..." since it's basically the same.
  13. Shosur0


    So Prone condition doesn't seem like a big deal. You can't move more than 1 range band and you are harder to hit with ranged attacks (TN +1). Otherwise it seems you can fight normally. Sooo... If you are in a melee trading blows and there are archers around its kinda even better to be prone and fight from the floor (??). This was brought to my attention by one of my players and it seems to me that it's indeed mechanically weird. So we houseruled that prone characters would get a +1 TN to their physical checks if relevant (f. e. Martial arts). Thoughts?
  14. Oki, as I said, im out of home and dont have the book on me. Recalled they had earth stuff again in rank 5. Stil, this focus on earth makes no sense to me.
  15. Hi there! This system is pretty much based in the old 4e dueling rules. I took a few things that thought were cool about 5e. Im finishing a 4e campaign (like 10 sessions left or so) and would like to move to 5e for the next campaign so im tweaking the things that my players dont like. We did a one shot with the new rules; I ran an old adventure from Heroes of Rokugan season 1 (Champions of the Emerald Empire) called People's Expense and they really liked the new system with a couple of "but"s... One was the duelling system. 1- For first strike we are using "succeeding on the Martial Arts check". RAW you could argue that the character has defended (with fatigue) but then its impossible to make a system to recreate the traditional single-strike samurai duels. So we decided that succeding is enough. It's not a damaging blow, since it only removed fatigue, so just some bruises, but the blow connected and that is enough. Also its not always 2 (f.e. striking in Air stance can raise it, rising cut has a TN=Vigilance and we've added some custom katas that can also improve your TN). 2 - I asked my players to roll different rank 2 characters for the one shot. I had a Mirumoto Bushi, a Hida Bushi, a Matsu Bushi and a Phoenix shugenja. Since my Mirumoto player is playing a somewhat renowned duelist he wanted to test the system so we sparred. We did like 10-12 duels using the 3 bushi we had. To be honest we were quite happy since we got a lot of different results. There's a lot of mind games in it. F.e. earth and fire bushi are surprisingly good cause their high composure lets them bid a lot of strife to get the first blow, even though their focus is a bit worse than f.e. air bushi. 3. People without a iaijutsu tech are pretty much screwed, but I guess that is fine. That is what iaijutsu tech are for. If you are gonna be dueling you better learn iaijutsu. Also, not all duels are to first strike. So a good Hida will probably dont care if you strike first. All he cares is who goes down first. The only odd result that I dont like with this system is having 2 samurai in a iaijutsu duel without iaijutsut techniques. If both predict water there's this odd firs turn were both are caught off-guard and have to switch stance and thus can draw their katanas but are unable to strike in the same round. So I guess they will have to go to round 2 and go on with the skirmish. 4 - Again, there's a lot of mind games in this. It works pretty well when you dont know your opponent. Predict in Phase 2 is strong but can be worthless if you are smart. First, your assessment roll will probably will be unable to give you all the info about your opponent that you would want. You prolly want to know if he knows a iaijutsu technique, and prolly want to know his Composure and current strife, perhaps one ring? So imagine Im a Matsu bushi with Fire 3, Earth 3. My opponent has asked about my iaijutsu technique (i have one), and my composure/strife. Ive bid a lot of strife to get first blow, and im near being compromised. I suspect my opponent is going to go with Staredown or Predict in Phase 2 (Focus) to get me compromised. Matsu are traditionally Fire focused bushi, so Im going to use center (this can help me get the successes in case i get compromised because of staredown) and im going to strike with Earth. We go to Phase 3 (Strike) and my opponent predicts Fire, and misses... and he is wasted his Phase 2 action. So Predict can be good vs ppl without iaijutsu (and I think it should) and perhaps bushi that are focused on one ring AND you know about that. Otherwise its pretty much a lottery. If you test it and find anything odd, please let me know. This is stil a work in progress.
  16. They get Earth 1-5 again in Rank 5. But nvm... The thing is I'm in the process of moving my game to 5e (when I finish my actual campaign) but I'm already tweaking and talking to my players. My Iuchi shugenja player was kinda confused with this.
  17. This is the same for many schools. F. E. If I recall correctly (don't have the book on me) the Iuchi, traditionally water shugenja (I know there are no longer element affinities but the lore...) get rank 1 water invocations in their advancements during 1st rank. After that? Never. Why? Like many design decisions in this edition, who knows? I guess they are Earth shugenjas now, since they get most advancement options for earth invocations.
  18. SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!! from Whispers of Shadow and Steel. Not sure Aramoro was being honest in that conversation with Yojiro (why should he?). Prolly only told Yojiro part of the truth. I mean. He IS a Shinobi, right? He is probably even shadow branded aswell... Unless they decided to make him a bushi in this edition (and that would be lame imho). Tbh I think they have treated Aramoro terribly in this reboot. He went from being a cunning, shadowy figure that was instrumental in having the Scorpion return from their exile to.... cutting fruit in front of the imperial court and getting mocked by Toturi (Tournament of the Emerald Champion) and acting like a spoiled child and a bully (A Simple Test fiction). What really bothered me from the novel was the students (Aoi and Takao) cooperating with Yojiro in the end... Aoi "Yes... I will sacrifice for Aramoro" Wtf? You were trained and raised out of the Clan Schools... You are not even samurai... And Aramoro killed your sensei...??? Makes absolutely no sense. I like the Sword and the Spirits a lot more, and I dont specially fancy the Phoenix clan.
  19. There are no specific rules as far as a I Know. I guess having 2 weapons gives you the option of attacking with either. The Mirumoto School gives you a use for the second weapon, allowing you to "parry" or "snare" the opponent's weapon. There's also a technique (Spinning Blades Style) that allows you to auto-strike your target with your offhand weapon if you spend oppotunities=their vigilance. Besides that I think there is no use for the offhand. Its odd because f.e. if i recall correctly iaijutsu cuts give you the option of readying a second weapon in your offhand by using an opportunity. But there is little use for it (unless you are a Mirumoto or have this technique). Hoping they introduce rules for it in the future, perhaps via more techniques.
  20. I'm very happy with the new edition but I agree with you. It is lacking some 20 more pages or so. Would have paid more for a couple more schools, techniques and invocations.
  21. I have a scorpion army from Clan Wars, but the minis... well they have not aged well. Im using more refined stuff. ?
  22. Really, FFG needs to put out a L5R wargame, or perhaps a skirmish game, or even a dungeoncrawler like game (like Descent). Our group would totally get into that, and we would be able to use the minis on our rpg sessions. At the moment using minis from Malifaux (Ten Thunders factions). You have ninjas, archers, ashigaru (undead ones too), monks, some samurai (undead ones too), ronin/bandits (ten thunder brothers), yorei (ghosts) and a lot of mythical creatures.
  23. Its exactly what I meant. I have 3 editions of the game with tons of books about customs, geography (heck I even have the Atlas)... so I guess this is a very much needed book for new players/gms. For ppl like me well it does offer new schools I guess, but Im eager to know what other products are incoming.
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