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  1. Marvel game sounds great. 😁 Card layout looks terrible though. Hope it's not final.
  2. Yeh. The system is underwhelming and the premise that all characters will be commanding troops is quite silly. Makes it pretty useless otherwise. There is a very decent system in 4th edition that works basically this way: - Conflict takes X rounds depending on scale. On each round commanders roll certain Atribute/skill (Perception/Battle) and compete for succeses. - On each round characters decide wether they want to be at the front (in the thick) of the conflict, or less engaged (there are different "areas"). - Each character rolls Water + Battle (i think) and depending on how engaged they are and if their side is winning or losing, they receive Glory, damage and there is a chance that a Heroic Opportunity pops up. You get a lot of examples for those but I prefer to make my own for each battle. Those are mini-encounters... You have to save a fallen ally, or engage one of the enemy commanders/lieutenants, save you army's flag from being captured, give a honorable death to an agonizing rival, etc... Heroic Opportunities if completed succesfully give points towards battle resolution and can help win the overall battle. Imho its so much better. I just adapted it, lowering the amount of damage characters take each round, since Wounds are now a lot less, but it stil works very well.
  3. I took a picture of my map and edited it with Paint to remove the secret room. I printed it and gave it to my players to move around the castle. When they discovered the secret room I took out the original map. https://ibb.co/T0mQG9K Here you go in case you want to use it.
  4. If you like dueling in 4e (the cinematic, single cut/strike duel type) you could try the custom mechanics I wrote here in the forums. Alternatively you could go with opposed rolls between duelists which is an easy way of solving duels. The duel system imho is a mess. Tries to cover different kind of competitions and fails at the most iconic one. I think it could have been designed a lot better. One of the flaws of an, otherwise, decent system.
  5. I won't boycott the product since he is a freelancer and there are many others involved (and also FFG has invested in a brand I like so you have to support that if you want more stuff coming). But... I think these kind of threads are good to let FFG who are they hiring and how it can hurt their reputation /sales.
  6. In general there's two types of damages and resistances: physical and supernatural (pg 238). They prevent physical and supernatural damage respectively. Havent tested kihos in my game (no monk) but now that you mention it, most damage (f.e. fire kihos) seems to be physical, which can be prevented by mundane armour. Take into account that people dont normally wear armour (that's something they do in times of war, etc) so they usually move around in normal clothes (armour 1). Also most kihos give you some other bonus BESIDES the damage. But yeh, the ring based damaged looks pretty weak in many kihos. Perhaps it should have been supernatural damage. I dunno. Some parts of the system seem poorly tested.
  7. To be honest duels in the setting can use any weapon. It's just that the iaijutsu duel is a ritualized form of it that has been pushed to popularity (prolly by Crane and for political reasons). But normally, as you know, the challenged decides the details of the duel: when, where, to first blood, to incapacitation (I think this edition calls it warrior challenge), etc. So a iaijutsu duelist should be wary. Perhaps challenging a good Hida Bushi isn't gonna end how he thinks. If you want to have first strike/single strike duels (kinda iaijutsu) with different weapons I don't see any issues. Just apply the normal rules (though I don't like those very much). But from a thematic point of view it sounds cool. Whatever works for your group.
  8. I see what you mean. I wanted to give Void some use in duels, like Air (focus) and Fire (staredown). Earth and Water are pretty good already since Earth adds a lot to composure and helps you resist crits (somewhat relevant in duels to first blood) and water let's you "compete" at iaijutsu even if you don't have a technique. So I thought about Center and had to go with Ring dice. I could make it a Void / Meditation roll and just reserve dice up to your void, but that would prolly be too good?
  9. This. You basically summarize my thoughts. I can't believe they dropped the ball with duels which are such an important part of the setting. They are used to settle honor offenses, to settle war conflicts, to settle accusations (law stuff)... The duelling system as it is wants to cover too much stuff and it fails... It does nothing for my group. Strike, strike, strike... What travesty is this? Kakita's philosophy was summarized as "one man, one sword, one strike", not "strike, strike, strike"...
  10. You can't really kite people in my game. If you are a water specialized bushi trying f. e. to jump in, strike and move out, I will simply wait in Earth and strike back when you come. Unless you removed the wait action... Of course you can go and do something else. Then end of turn I will maneuver to a favorable position.
  11. I mean I dislike universal movement rules i.e. "everyone moves the same“. Agile people should move faster than clumsier ppl. Also horses and big stuff like Trolls or Oni should also move faster. I know horses give you a bonus when you use a maneuver check but they should move more by default (or so my gaming group believes). So I tied movement to water like in the previous edition and I gave stuff with bigger silhouette (size) a slight bonus.
  12. Yeah. Bad editing. That was in beta. I think it was removed to make iaijutsu techniques a bit more meaningful for round one of a conflict.
  13. Ranges don't work very well if people spread up during combat. They really don't work at all. I use the tactical grid, though I tweaked it a bit cause it works odd with techniques that give you multiple range bands movements.
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