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  1. The reason the Stormtroopers fire a single white is because of the E-11 being a mass produced garbage blaster. Same with the TIE Fighter. The Empire needs a huge amount these and thus they buy the cheapest thing they can. The blaster the Scouts use is an upgrade compared to the E-11 because the Empire doesn't need to mass produce them. Yes you could do a sculpting upgrade to the Scouts, but that might feel weird. If you give them a rifle, why on earth is it only range 2? Shotgun doesn't work either, because we know what a shotgun does in the Legion universe because of the Fleets.
  2. I think in this instance they actually mean order control. With Boba, he only gives himself a face up order token. This means that the rest of your army is going to activate randomly, in turn giving up your control on the turn. You've got to weigh how important the card is in order to give up that control.
  3. I believe that is the opposite of what the point of this post is. The top image is what you want to measure, not the bottom. Our eyes will measure negative space more than positive space and we have to remember to ignore that. The easiest way to do this is to stack your terrain tight on one side of the board(well, maybe not the easiest, but works well for most people in most cases). If you don't do this, you run into problems such as your bottom example where you don't have much terrain, but you think you do.
  4. Really fantastic as is. The interface is clean and everything is easy to use. It's simplistic in a good way. It already has the Eweb and 1.4, so they are at least updated relatively quickly. The only thing I could hope for would be a way to manage your collection. So you input what product you've bought and you can build a list from those options, but even if that feature never comes, I'd probably still say it's worth 2 bucks. I haven't tried syncing across devices. I'm not super savy on how the programming of syncing works, but this app does not require a login. In my head a sync would require an account, but I could be totally off base there.
  5. I'm not able to look at the RRG right now, but isn't the Blue Player decided in the points bid? Or is the winner of the points bid the person who gets to decide who will be the Blue Player?
  6. I much prefer this style of release. I'd rather have a monthly release of 2 units than a bimonthly release of 4. I never like the xwing "wave" system. I don't understand the hate on this. Are you upset that a faction you aren't playing is getting a shiny new toy and you aren't? In theory, staggered releases shouldn't unbalance the game much. The only reason that would happen is if a unit gets released and it's clearly superior than what came before it, but if that's the case, it would still be superior no matter if it is released by itself or in a group. So I'm not sure what the problem is.
  7. I'm not sure what the point of your post is. You say you can't justify taking him, and then you say you'll be taking him because he fits your play style. That means he's filling a need in the game which is a justification on why to take him. Are you wanting to take him and you just don't quite understand what it is you're liking about him? Maybe something you can't quite put your finger on, so you're coming here for us to tell you why you like him? That's my guess, but I could be totally wrong, what with this being the internet and all. If that is the case, don't worry about it. He will prove his usefulness in time or he won't. Either way, you can still play him and enjoy him and even win with him.
  8. One of the first interviews with Alex Davey after Legion got announced had him talking about this type of app. I think it might have been Team Covenant.
  9. I disagree. Multiple factions need to be established early. You don't want to see an XWing type situation where they have to play catch up.
  10. Those container for Hubba Bubba that come in the long rolls sure look an awful lot like power generators.
  11. I 100% support this. It makes it so much easier on me to have a single document and not have to worry about having opponents who haven't gone online for the latest rules. That will still, happen, but much less frequently. Most people who have access and money for this kind of game also have access and money for the internet. Games are changing with the times. There's no reason for something as archaic as a physical rules reference. I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I image those are the same people who don't like ebooks and well...sorry?
  12. It is an interesting thing. Leia and Veers have those cards.
  13. Oh nice. OKC guy here, so I recognized some of the shops you were talking about.
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