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  1. I think they defend the Empire by protecting the Candian Gate from the hordes of chaos in the eye of terror.
  2. Scotty is a great guy!
  3. We lost track of the blizzard sqd and Calgary guys. I think we're only missing 3 of the 36(?) Canadians.
  4. Do you recognize one of these handsome lads?
  5. Raithos weremoose confirmed.
  6. True, but the point was that the PTL organized Team Canada this year, not that everyone who went was from Toronto. A description of the player, or his list would be useful.
  7. It was never touted as that. It couldn't be with soft ptl baked into so many ships.
  8. Yoda’s girlfriend in the phantom menace.
  9. I won’t buy any Cis until my bae is a crew. TC-14 I love you.
  10. Yeah well, data entry is boring and hard at 2am k? Be happy it’s not full of hockey memes and letterkenny quotes.
  11. Canada Based. have: 1 double sided Plastic glossy FFG Nationals 2017 Flotilla Promo (https://www.ebay.com/itm/253478652628) 1 Vic 2 FFG promo 3 Neb - B Escort FFG promo 1 Major Rhymer FFG promo 3 XI7 Turbo lasers Feel free to PM offers.
  12. Great podcast! Immediately the best one out there.
  13. Sounds like you aren't using Relay like a good Imperial.
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