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  1. I too can lend some terrain for the cause. If any other places need the help lets help them out as well.
  2. @Meynolt I wish I knew. I know its sloowwwllly growing in the Tampa area, but in my area, we have 2-4 players every Thursday night. Hopefully with the advent of The Clone Wars starter we get some new players.
  3. There will be none, as that list is the final list. It a shame no one thought that Legion was going to be big enough to host an event here. The closest ones are the Georgia ones and those are 7+ hours away. Maybe next year. We gotta work together to get our communities stronger and larger.
  4. I am still trying to figure out what Alex said at the tail end of the interview. Couldn't figure it out.
  5. We are getting ready to start our next league utilizing the second league kit. We start around 6pm on Thursday nights and play until we are done. Our tournaments are the first Saturday of the month, and we have 3D printed prizes for that. Come on out and roll some dice and have a great time. The tournament this month will not happen since a lot of folks will be out of town for the Dicetower Convention or vacations.
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