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  1. So I got my second confirmed SSD kill last night. Not sure if it counts because it was an 800 point Sector Fleet team game with 4 players. But I'm posting it because we killed the Assault Prototype on *ROUND TWO* which is the fastest kill anyone has reported so far. This was the start of the round where it died, taken just before Profundity spat out a Cham Hammerhead that set all his dials to squads. The SSD obligingly sailed into our guns, landed on the asteroid and got itself murdered. The final damage was a ram from the rightmost MC30.
  2. I got my first SSD kill last night. It was a Sector Fleet game at 800 points and I was playing Ackbar against an Executor I and a few escort ships. It did take me until round 6, but that means I have room to improve for the next one.
  3. If you're on Facebook search for Evergreen Fleet Command. It's mostly used by Seattle folks but there are people from across the Sound, both Vancouvers, Spokane and Portland as well that could help you get in touch with any of their groups.
  4. And you can actually bring an SSD in your fleet which is appealing for people in the group who just spent $200 on cool new toys.
  5. I am organizing a Corellian Conflict for my local group and several people are planning to bring SSDs. I haven't seen much discussion about this yet so I thought it might be useful to have a thread on it. Here are the interesting things that I've found so far. 1) By RAW Huge ships are not required to bring only one upgrade in the first round. 2) The Crippled status doesn't have any long term effect in the campaign. I'm sure there are probably more that I haven't thought of yet. Anything else people here are aware of?
  6. Soon you will witness the power of my fully operational Rebel minelaying task force. Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Admiral Ackbar (38) • Proximity Mines (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 121 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Sabine Wren (4) • Proximity Mines (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 87 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Proximity Mines (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 83 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Proximity Mines (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 83 Points Squadrons: • Mart Mattin (22) = 22 Points Total Points: 396
  7. Libertys don't either. Their flak dice are only black.
  8. We don't actually know that she will be good on the Starhawk since we don't know its defense token suite. I think she'll be nice on a Liberty for redundant redirects and since the Liberty can't take ECMs. The idea of adding a second brace to an MC80 is also pretty hilarious although I don't know if it's worth 20 points. I think all of the Rebel Larges will get good use out of her. If nothing else, she is a replacement Dodonna for fleets that don't have APTs or bombers.
  9. I've changed my mind. I will gladly pay 20 points for Avenger insurance on any MC80.
  10. That's true. Especially for 20 points that's probably what she does. But it's pretty boring.
  11. I'm reading this totally differently than everyone else. I read this as a single ability. You gain the non-scatter defense token and put it on her card. Every ship in the fleet can discard one of its defense tokens to resolve the effect of the "extra" defense token. So if you put a Redirect on there, your neb could discard its evade to use the redirect effect, but your CR90 couldn't discard an evade to redirect and ALSO spend its built in redirect. Could be totally off base.
  12. I think it's like Navigation Hazards with space monsters. We just don't know what the space monsters do yet.
  13. I'm surprised nobody has managed to slam out a detailed analysis of those new Objective Cards that are posted on Twitter yet.
  14. I don't see much from the Pacific Northwest on your list yet. I sent inquiries to all our local stores about the dates so that I could post their events on our Facebook page (Evergreen Fleet Command) and these are the ones that answered me so far. July 7th - Dice Age Games - Vancouver, WA @ 11 amJuly 28th - Red Castle Games - Portland, OR @ 10 am August 4th - Gamer’s Haven - Spokane Valley, WA @ 9:30 am August 11th - Discordia Games - Bremerton, WA @ 1pm August 12th - Meeples Games - Seattle, WA @ 11am August 25th - Game Wizard/Blue Sky - Bremerton, WA @ 11am August 26th - Uncle’s Downtown - Spokane, WA @ 11am August 26th - Around the Table - Lynnwood, WA @ 2pm
  15. Our local community has seen a resurgence lately so I've been able to get more "real" games in but for awhile I was doing a lot of solo games to practice. I was even doing a solo Corellian Conflict that was a lot of fun, playing all six fleets. You can learn a lot doing this: how different ships maneuver, how to read the board state and react to what's going on, how to plan ahead with your dials, etc. Recently, I have been trying to learn how to fly the Liberty and getting wrecked every time I put it on the table, so I've been doing the Armada equivalent of putting your obstacles out and flying through them. Instead of playing full solo games I've just been putting the Liberty and an ISD on my kitchen counter in various starting positions and playing around with the maneuver tool. "If I'm here and he's there and I have this many clicks can I get out of the front arc and still shoot?" "If I'm coming in at speed 3 and he's going speed 2 how would I keep my front guns on him next round?" Stuff like that. My advice for full solo games is keep your fleets small. Don't bring a dozen activations and squadrons on each side or you'll be there all day and it's not that exciting. I like to shoot for 4 activations and maybe 4-8 squadrons on each side. One of the fleets in my solo CC was a Sloane with ~12+ mostly generic squadrons and it was such a chore to play that I gave up on them after a couple games.
  16. That was exactly my thought process when I saw the card. WOW this is going to be amazing on my Liberty! Oh... wait....
  17. There is a page of objective data in the Regional data spreadsheet. Obviously, the results there are only representative high level competitive play but this is what it shows currently: Red Most Wanted - 54% Advanced Gunnery - 23% Station Assault - 7% Opening Salvo - 4% Precision Strike - 4% Blockade Run - 1% Close Range Intel Scan - 1% Targeting Beacons - 1% Yellow Contested Outpost - 34% Planetary Ion Cannon - 17% Fire Lanes - 15% Hyperspace Assault - 13% Fighter Ambush - 7% Capture the VIP - 3% Fleet Ambush - 3% Jamming Barrier - 1% Blue Solar Corona - 38% Superior Positions - 28% Dangerous Territory - 7% Sensor Net - 7% Intel Sweep - 5% Minefields - 3% Salvage Run - 3% Navigational Hazards - 1%
  18. That was an awesome post. Thank you. It sounds like my biggest problem is just flying it too slow. Now that you mention it, my best runs have been when I was going speed three with Madine. I've been really hesitant about jumping too far ahead of my other cruiser. I've mostly been practicing with my round 1 CC fleet, so it'll be interesting to see how things go once I get some bells and whistles on it. My team won big on resources last week so I can afford to kit it out nicely. This looks pretty close to the build I was thinking but I see a few places I can improve. I'm hoping Engine Techs will go a long way to help the MC80HO stay relevant when the rest of my fleet is much faster (Liberty, TRC90s, etc). I've got the Assault Cruiser and the Star Cruiser, so hammer and anvil is definitely the plan if I can manage to position well enough that the ISD has to come into range of the pickle to engage me.
  19. Why not both? Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 398/400 Commander: General Madine Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Solar Corona [ flagship ] MC80 Battle Cruiser (103 points) - General Madine ( 30 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 167 total ship cost MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - H9 Turbolasers ( 8 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 80 total ship cost MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - Admonition ( 8 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 80 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 20 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) = 18 total ship cost 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) I'm thinking about taking this to a very small store tournament this weekend. Last time I ran it under Rieekan and I think he might be better. Super vulnerable to squadrons but I did beat a Sloane Defenders list with it by putting the pedal down and annihilating his carriers on turn 4. It was a ton of fun to play.
  20. That post was a big inspiration for me to attempt double MC80s and is full of great advice. I just read the Liberty section again and I think I need to fly it more like a giant CR90 (with Madine, of course) than trying to fly it like the more conventional assault cruiser.
  21. I'm a relatively new Rebel Admiral who just acquired a Liberty-class cruiser for my fleet. I really wanted one since I started playing because it's always been my favorite ship from the films but I gave in to prevailing wisdom and saved it for last. I've had it for a couple weeks and I've played ~5 games with it. I ran it once with a pair of MC30Ts and it did good work there because my opponent was so focused on all those black dice coming at him that I got the Liberty into his flank with gunnery teams and it was beautiful. The other games I've been trying to run a double MC80 list alongside my MC80HO and that has been... less effective. I was practicing this combo to use it in our Corellian Conflict that started last night (I did win my game at least!). So what I've learned so far is that the Liberty laughs at huge burst damage with no accuracies (hi, Demolisher), but doesn't much care to be stuck in front of ISDs and hates being pecked at by enemy squadrons, even TIE Fighters pose a pretty serious threat in numbers. Mine seems to often end up stuck on something even with Madine. I've done reasonably well against VSDs and other light ships, but everyone around here runs ISD IIs and those are giving me a lot of trouble. So far my plan has been to just avoid them and go for squishy targets, but it hasn't worked out too well because I'm usually out deployed and my opponents sprint their ISDs in at Speed 3 right into my face knowing the Liberty is a big points piñata. I have managed to do some crazy moves at Speed 3 with Madine to get around them but then I usually only get one shot at the ISD, take a bunch of damage and am forced to withdraw and sometimes chased down by fighters on the way out. My Liberty is a big investment so I'd like it to get more than one shot off. How do I fly this thing? I'm loving the ship otherwise and would be open to suggestions for fun Liberty builds and fleets to try out. I'd also appreciate any deployment advice for the MC80L + MC80HO combo I have in CC. I've found they have serious problems supporting one another even if I put them down side by side. Either the pickle is too far away to help much or it's in the way when I'm trying to jump sideways to get away from the ISDs.
  22. If he always sets the ISD in the very center of the table and turns into your ships try splitting them up wide. He can only turn one way. Either he turns into the Liberty and you come in behind him with the rest of your fleet, or he turns towards your small ships and gets the Liberty behind him which is pretty bad news even for Star Destroyer.
  23. I'm relatively new too so take all this advice with a grain of salt but that fleet doesn't look too scary to me. What ships do you have to work with? You've met the one Imperial fleet that loves to stand off and throw red dice. It sounds like you are trying to play the same game using Ackbar to throw a lot of red dice back, but you've realized this Imp fleet does it even better than you because it has lots of cheap, hard hitting ships and rerolls. If you want to beat them you need to stop playing their game. Make them play your game instead. Do you have a fighter pack? Bring bombers. A solid mixed force of X-wings and Y-wings under Dodonna will chew through their three generic TIE Fighters and start pouring damage into ships quickly. Or try using Mon Mothma with hard hitting evady ships like MC30s and TRC90s. It's easier said than done when you're new but try to stay away from the Star Destroyer and out of its front arc as much as you can. Hunt the Arqs. They're squishy and they can basically only go straight forward each turn so you should be able to predict where they are going to end up based on their speed.
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