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  1. player2884311

    Can't start anything after the update...

    I received a response from FFG Software saying that they should have a fix out for the save game black screen issue next week.
  2. A Land Shark is exactly what I assumed a Merriod is trying to be.
  3. player2884311

    Can't start anything after the update...

    I had to play on my phone rather than the tablet I normally use and ran into the same issue. When I have a save game, it just displays a black screen any time it tries to display the save game screen, whether to load an existing game or to create a new one. Deleting your app data and then starting up again will allow it to create a new game, but the crux of it is you'll have to play in one long session if you want to finish your game :-( Which I did, getting me my first victory on Delve. Yayyy!
  4. player2884311

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    v1.4.0(360) running on Android 4.4.2 After I create a save game, any time that the app tries to access the save game screen again, either to load the current save or create a new game, it just displays a black screen. I have to delete all data for the app and start it again to begin a new game. Obviously, this prevents me from saving games partway through.
  5. player2884311

    Delve map with island

    Thanks, I'm aware of the general rules and they don't appear to cover the specifics of this map. The island is a rectangle made up of 2 end caps and 2 joiners and is nested inside a rectangular corridor. The chasm is comprised of the adjoining black borders of these tiles. Under normal rules, the borders should block LOS and could be interpreted as representing that the chasm cannot be shot across. Placement on a full space is covered under stand up/recover rules and monster placement, but should the get-out-clause used there be transposed to the path exit token when you are specifically instructed to move a hero to that token? It just seems that a lot is being left open to interpretation and wanted to see how others who have played this encounter found the experience.
  6. player2884311

    Delve map with island

    The "pit" is actually described as a chasm, so I believe the intention is that you can never enter it. I was referring to the pit mechanic from a ranged weapon LOS POV (you would be shooting through two map borders otherwise, so no LOS would be available). But that then raises the issue of what happens if you manage/are even able to force monsters off the island. Are they instantly killed? Is the chasm supposed to be treated as a pit even though it doesn't have pit demarkation around it? (A chasm certainly sounds like something much more obstructive than a pit) There's no mention of placing on nearest empty space in the set-up instructions, and if that were the case, it would seem a bit pointless having an exit token for the pathways - why not just place your hero on an empty island space? There are lots of possible work-arounds for this, but it seems the set-up is a little sketchy in details and does require a reasonable amount of interpretation on the player's behalf.
  7. player2884311

    Delve map with island

    I played a map today that had an island in the middle surrounded by a chasm that the heroes can cross via tokens representing pathways. There were 4 spiders on the island in my 3 hero game. When the spiders activated, it said they try and engage the closest hero, and as there's no mention that monsters can use the pathways, I moved all the spiders over to the side of the island nearest a hero which in effect blocked the pathway token on the island. If you have no ranged attack (fighter-healer 2 hero combo), then you're stuck barring sending a hero round to lure them back across the island while another sneaks in, which I'm pretty sure isn't what's intended. I'm presuming that you treat the chasm as a pit regarding ranged weapons etc. And yes, I realise that you could just choose not to move the spiders but it is supposed to be designed to follow the rules as written. Has anyone else run into this and found it a little under-cooked? How have others tackled the island?
  8. player2884311

    Oath of Honor question

    I can see both sides of this argument, and I think much of the conflict arises from a poor choice of wording on the card. If it read "and may perform an attack", it would instantly make the rule much more flexible, giving the knight the option of utilising it simply as a means if movement. I think sometimes rules are written assuming a openness to interpretation, without wording them loosely enough. Thematically, why wouldn't the Knight charge forward to cover ground just because she can't attack afterwards? She is still capable of running isn't she?
  9. player2884311

    Re-stock of expansions?

    They are currently reprinting many of the Descent expansions. You can check what stage each is at under the Upcoming tab at the top of the page.
  10. player2884311

    Newbie question re: LoS

    I actually think the ruling where a figure blocks the back corners of its own space make perfect sense - If you view those corners as being the front corners of the subsequent space which, if you were attempting to target it, would view as blocked.
  11. player2884311

    Portcullis in Road to Legend

    The monsters behind the portcullis can melee attack heroes adjacent to them on the opposite side (or further with Reach), so an instruction to engage is perfectly viable if heroes are grouping there ready to open it. Otherwise, unless the app instructs otherwise, there's no reason to assume the monsters would open the portcullis.
  12. player2884311

    [Question] Monster action trigger

    For my 2 cents; From a thematic point of view, the monsters are drawn by the lure of the heroes' possessions. If no heroes have any possessions, there is nothing to attract the monsters so they then ignore that condition. "Zero is a number" seems like rules lawyering to me.
  13. player2884311

    Placing monsters

    In the tutorial it specifically tells you that it will display both minion and master screens regardless of whether either exist. Presumably, this is simply because the app doesn't differentiate between them with regard to that monster group being defeated, so both could exist up until that point. For those exclusions such as the op's example it probably didn't seem worth their while to have the app run into specifics.