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  1. Edit: Sturn I find your position to be at odds with my own, from what you describe as an extreme attack, to your respectability policing, to the fact that your main hang up seems to be that I’ve blocked someone who was a hinderance to my enjoyment of a message board. let’s not continue this interaction though, we both have different ideas of what is appropriate or respectable. We will not agree, and I’d prefer to not contribute to the distraction from the main topic any more.
  2. I wasn’t upset, I didn’t want him thinking that I validated his opinion. I didn’t double down, I wanted to make sure he knew what I thought of him given his insistence on making all of us know what he thought of us and of people in general. The idea that blocking someone you find distasteful to be wrong is just silly, I’ve only blocked 5 people on this site in all the time I’ve used it, sporadically though that is, and I intend to block whomever I need to in order to maintain the quality of my experience on this site. you are free to retract your like, it is your business, but please don’t try to act as if I’m in the wrong simply because I made my disdain known in a thread full of disdain for others and for human life in general.
  3. I asked if you had read my post because you're one of the generally terrible human beings i mentioned in it, but you may not have realized that because you seem to be very unintelligent. whatever the case i can tell you are a true believer in your ideology, like a flat earther refusing to believe the overwhelming evidence that they are mistaken. So i'll just be saying good bye now and adding you to the ignore list.
  4. I can't believe this thread has been going on as long as it has, but at least now it's easy to know which people are generally terrible human beings. As for the initial, topic, I think that in the empire you would be more likely to have a universal healthcare due to a few reasons, the power contained by the unified empire makes it possible for unilateral decisions to be made on a galactic basis universal healthcare being cheaper for the government in the long run authoritarian governments need to find ways to control their population. We know that the empire enjoyed the use of the stick in the form of the Tarkin Doctrine, but that does not mean that it did not also employ the carrot and universal health care is an easy way to create a sense of wellbeing within the population and allow them to be more willingly controlled. I think that a galactic universal health care under the republic would be less likely due to the fact that the republic was a confederacy of planets, each having its own individual sovereignty along with some restrictions. We also know that the republic employed some methods that it viewed would save itself money, such as not maintaining a standing army. I say viewed because as we know this opened of shipping companies like the trade federation to attacks by pirates which ultimately lead to their ability to argue for higher levels of militarization of their ships until they became the perfect base for the separatist movements warships during the clone wars. In the same way as they made the mistake about the cost/value of keeping a standing army, I could see them making a similar mistake with respect to having universal healthcare.
  5. I understand all of that, but thank you for demonstrating the point. The additional rules are spread across all of the books, but I can not of course buy them all. That is why I am trying to compile a list of which books have which additional rules so that I can decide which ones I want to buy.
  6. crafting rules are certainly one of the things I mean, but I suppose I mean what additions to the rules are in each book. I'll amend my title to make it make more sense.
  7. Hello everyone, I've not been on the forums in a while since I unfortunately can't get a group together where I live to play the game, but the recent rumors have prompted me to return to ask some questions. I remember when FFG lost the IP to another system I enjoyed, rogue trader, and then later seeing the price for the core book shoot up hundreds of dollars on the secondary market, so I have purchased the three core books to make sure that doesn't happen to me, but now I have another problem, mainly, which supplements are worth getting based on having additional subsystems that build on the game. I already know I want to get books like special modifications for having actual rules on building things in the game, but I have no idea what other subsystems there are in the other supplements and would appreciate any help people can give me on that front. I'll be editing this post whenever someone tells me of a subsystem in order to keep a running list.
  8. there isn't a rebel team but there is a small mercenary pirate crew who were hired to break him out for a politician who wanted something from the infochant.
  9. My players asked me to run a stormtrooper one shot for them and I decided to oblige in the form of a prison break. Most of the time I have just been having them go in a particular direction and find clues when they get to their destination, but the next target is a Rodian infochant who escaped into a swamp continent-spanning swamp and I want to make things interesting for them but I don't know how. I was considering adapting the investigation rules found in the back of the "no disintegrations" book but I wanted to see if anyone else had any better ideas.
  10. I could buy that many people believe that droids are incapable of sentience, but not that they are in fact incapable of it. the effect is the same but I feel the distinction is what's important. also not being able to use the force isn't a good indicator of sentience as it is a purely biologic process and not one based on ones cognitive abilities, since non-sentient animals can use the force. Its bad guys are a major parallel to real life though.
  11. I've updated the template over the weekend and wanted to get it off the second page so people could use this newer version.
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