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  1. there isn't a rebel team but there is a small mercenary pirate crew who were hired to break him out for a politician who wanted something from the infochant.
  2. My players asked me to run a stormtrooper one shot for them and I decided to oblige in the form of a prison break. Most of the time I have just been having them go in a particular direction and find clues when they get to their destination, but the next target is a Rodian infochant who escaped into a swamp continent-spanning swamp and I want to make things interesting for them but I don't know how. I was considering adapting the investigation rules found in the back of the "no disintegrations" book but I wanted to see if anyone else had any better ideas.
  3. I could buy that many people believe that droids are incapable of sentience, but not that they are in fact incapable of it. the effect is the same but I feel the distinction is what's important. also not being able to use the force isn't a good indicator of sentience as it is a purely biologic process and not one based on ones cognitive abilities, since non-sentient animals can use the force. Its bad guys are a major parallel to real life though.
  4. I've updated the template over the weekend and wanted to get it off the second page so people could use this newer version.
  5. Alright fair point, I can accept that droids would generally be seen as second class citizens in the OT. It definitely means droid players have built in plot development coming at them.
  6. To an extent I agree, but not in the case that all of them are, or that pockets of droids can’t have rights. Again we don’t see enough of this in the OT to make it a universal standard.
  7. The first one is an established truth in the universe, although probably not to the extent that you are imagining, but I am wondering, why the other 2? The only time we see droid prejudice in the OT is one scene on a backwater planet and the second one about aliens providing the exotic is also only seen in that same scene. I understand it is a matter of opinion but it seems like a bit of a reach to make these points critical to an old-timey feel, especially since these scenes severed only to provide a shaky connection between events in real life and the series as if they were thinking, "I want to show prejudice in groups but I can't use real-world prejudice like race because that would not exist, lets have droid segregation then" and at the same time the whole scene where the exoticness of aliens is coming from also comes from a desire to replicate the tasteless Hollywood trope of using a bunch of brown people to make a bar seem exotic and dangerous. Like I mean, if we are being serious, this a single scene and shouldn't be used to represent the entire feel of the trilogy for aliens and droids, but aside from that, even if it was more prominent is it really something worth replicating?
  8. One of the things I love about the Star Wars gaming community here is that so many people have spent the time to help their fellow players by providing resources that everyone can use to make their games better. Something I have noticed though is that when these resources are for the computer they are usually specifically set up for the PC and not for Mac. So here is a fan content template for apple pages. It is in the first draft so please let me know if there is anything you notice that I need to fix in it. Two community resources I used to make this were the style guide created by FangGrip and the powerpoint template created by Danger Shine Designs. UPDATE: I spent the time trying to use the template to make my own Star Wars adventure, and started to notice parts that I left out, so rather than just fix it in the adventure I updated the template, and also thought that it would be easier if instructions were included with it so I have turned it into a guide as well as a template. Here is the link to the new version of the Template, I will be continuing to add to it as I see a need or have the ability to improve it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/huwlbch1jla8nud/Starwars Template.template?dl=0
  9. this is not that star wars facebook group, the one I am on is one created by some women who were sexually harassed and discriminated against by the admins of the star wars one. it is a smaller group community but it is a better one.
  10. hey, were you two some of the ones banned today? If you don't mind I will share this link on the star wars facebook page, I was talking about getting banned there today while searching for a new group and some people were trying to encourage me to make one of my own. Glad to see that you have already done so.
  11. This sounds really interesting and actually somthing I would love to see with genesys, namely using it to create roleplayable versions of existing franchises and characters.
  12. So I’m not looking for any fanfare I’m just hoping to find a new genesys Facebook group after I got banned from the main one for telling the admins that they were abusing their power by banning people who disagreed with them on what is and isn’t political when it comes to what the admin was posting. im mostly a lurker on these things and I just enjoy the ability to get Facebook notifications when someone shares somthing new that helps build the community, but today I got cut off because I decided to speak up on the fact that several of these content creators got banned by the group admin for telling them that they were breaking their own rules by posting political content. The rules also state that if you see someone posting political content you should report it to the admins, but it was the admins posting it so you can see how this spiraled out of control pretty quickly. If anyone knows of another active Facebook group where I can getnupdates of community content let me know.
  13. Sean I just clicked on it and it was working, sometimes the forum has load errors and you just have to wait a few minutes to try again.
  14. The issue has been reported to the two board administrators and hopefully it will be fixed soon, we have one individual who runs our code for the site and most of the time it doesn't have any issues. As for dead links, I will go through this thread and edit all links in posts I have posted in order to make sure that they lead to where they are supposed to. We had to move forums a few months ago due to what i believe was a problem with bots and i neglected to update this page when we did.
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