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  1. thanks for the input thespaceinvader was correct the question was about getting a second lock in subsequent rounds the question was poorly worded I thought the answer was no but could not help dreaming of an E wing with 2 locks and R-4
  2. can a ship that already has target lock on its action bar take targeting computer and get a second target lock If so can it take 2 locks on same ship or has to be 2 different ships
  3. RAGE but with maybe 1 focus and 1 reroll for 1 stress
  4. wsmith32

    Improving x wing

    OK let me try this again. I did not mean to imply the meta was broken. It is probably in the best place since I been playing for about 2 years now. As far as needing to learn to fly better to improve my game I could not agree more, but I am afraid after 2 years of bad moves, bad decisions, bad lists I have a feeling I never be more than an average to below average player which is ok as I still enjoy playing. What I was trying to say,which is another thing I did poorly was I was wondering if anyone had any ideals on how to make 2 to 4 initiative pilots a little more competitive and as such more playable. I just think that there is a lot of good pilots with neat abilities in that range that would be fun to fly. A point reduction maybe the best and possibly the only way to do it, but that has not happened as I think it would be a huge undertaking and my not be worth the effort. IF I implied anything other than this please except my apology.
  5. wsmith32

    Improving x wing

    FFG has produced a very good game in x wing but anything can be better ,so this is not a ***** session. At this time x wing seems to be dominated by swarms, big ships, and aces, not the better flying FFG said when 2.0 started. what can be done to make it better. Random thoughts but what about giving help to 2 to 4 initiative pilots. You could include 1 and 5 pilots but 5 plots are almost as good as 6 and 1 pilots are so valuable for blocking for the price. You could always lower the price for these pilots but what about up grades just for pilots at 2 to 4 initiative. Lets say like a Push The Limit for them at 8 pts or so where u get an action for a stress. maybe raise their initiative for 5 pts or add a talent for 8 to 10 pts. I don't know it just seems they need help.
  6. sub par list , bumping my ships, forgetting triggers, forgetting to turn cards like s-foils or pivot wing, thinking my dice will help, misjudging distances, not pay attention to what my opponent can do and will do, should I go on
  7. wsmith32

    Mining Guild TIE

    since jam action is range 1 would Captain Seevor have to be range 1 to use his ability
  8. in 2.0 can u target and shot at obstacles and if so what happens when hit
  9. S A says After you reveal your dial you may set your dial to another non red maneuver of the same speed While you execute that maneuver increase its difficulty. Can you choose how much you can increase the difficulty. Can u increase blue move to a red move
  10. can only use HLC in bull eye arc it very hard get that best way is large ship range 1 on wait can not use range 1 they have killed this card in favor of torpedoes
  11. I agree with CushionRide for some of us who are older and not use to all this tech stuff I am going to have hard time using the app and the part I like best about the game is doing my own builds
  12. in 2.0 they are not going to redo aces packs so are the pilots from these packs going to be in 2nd edition
  13. I have 2 questions Rau in Phantom II says cannot spend tokens in inside firing arc range 1-3 does that include the aux fire arc It seems to me that they are 2 different arc's second question if you are stressed can you use pattern analyzer you cannot do actions if stressed but with pattern analyzer you do not check stress till after action
  14. if you use chopper to discard renegade refit do you still keep the -2 pts
  15. 2 questions first when u do a green move do you have to remove a stress as some pilots like stress second can u use push the limit with advance sensors to do 2 actions before you reveal your move dial
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