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  1. Yes, kinda. Last week I've started working on a conversion of Mage the Ascension 20th anniversary edition to GENESYS. Here is what I have so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13rCYi9T1GIbUtX16rGb5i81HHfvw_qnZT5iMRNPbCyE/edit?usp=sharing. If someone would be interested in collaborating, give me a sign
  2. Little update to include the new specs: Arbiter: FR2 is 95 XP, +50 for Dedication Ascetic: FR2 is 105 XP, +75 for Dedication Teacher: FR2 is 120 XP, +50 for Dedication Armorer: FR2 is 130 XP, +65 for Dedication Warden: FR2 is 100 XP, +25 for Dedication Warleader: FR2 is 110 XP, +25 for Dedication Executioner: FR 2 for 95 XP, +25 for Dedication Hermit: FR 2 for 100 XP, +45 for FR 3 Navigator: FR 2 for 50 XP, +50 for Dedication Investigator: FR 2 for 120 XP, +45 for Dedication Racer: FR 2 for 70 XP, +50 for Dedication Sentry: FR 2 for 120 XP, +50 for Dedication
  3. As others have already mentioned, the upgrades are at least slightly different between different powers, relying on the force trees alone is insufficient. I have a similar issue, but with the various upgrades of move (the strength one in particular). All of the move upgrades are described with the "You can activate this multiple times" clause. Assuming that all 4 strength upgrades are purchased, RAW one can: 1) use 1 fp to activate the base power 2) use 1 fp to increase the silhouette from 0 to 4, a second one fp to increase it to 8, and a third to bring it up to 12 (in the books the largest capital ships and stations are described as sil 10). So, in theory, 4 fp to perform a short range move of an object of up to sil 12. With a bit of luck, a FR 2 would be enough to pull it off. With FR 3 and some range upgrades, things get even more extreme. Considering the applications of move we see in the movies, this should be impossible. Our interpretation is that each upgrade can indeed be activated multiple times, but only once per object that is to be simultaneously moved. This makes move much less broken, as it would cap the sil at 4, which is the size of a typical YT freighter. Still a very impressive feat, but at the same time in line with the movies.
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