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  1. With the new set out, what is the standard card list that’s legal? Does this cycle out Awakenings, EaW, and SoR? Or is the new set still part of the Legacy set and everything is still legal in standard? Thanks!
  2. Not sure this is the correct place to ask, but anyone else not having cards import from the database and not spawn from the deckbuilder? Any work around to these issues? Thanks!
  3. Hey all. Snoke can increase a character die value by 2. Since specials have a value of zero, if you use snokes PA on one, can you do the special multiple times? I can’t find an official ruling on this. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I thought so. I did that and my opponent on TTS disagreed with me and rage quit. I even offered to take the card back and play something different if he didn’t agree with my interpretation of the card. He rage quit on me.
  5. Hello. I am new to the Quick draw card and have a question about replacing an upgrade with it. Let’s say you have 3 upgrades already, one of which is the Hidden Blaster (2 cost). You play quick draw and “replace an upgrade” to Zeb’s Rifle (3 cost). Are you paying 1 as stated in page 7 of the rules? Or do you pay the cost like it says on the card and spend 3? The rules make it sound like the cost to do this is now 1 because it’s modified using the replacing an upgrade rules, but if you just read the card it sounds like you are paying 3 because that’s the cost value on the weapon. I think I could agree to either, but perhaps someone has an official ruling on this? Thanks for your help!
  6. Ok, last one for quite a while lol. On the card provided, there are six “actions”, one being “play a card from your hand”, when using RI combined with Sabine can you use RI and an ambiguous action block like “Can’t play a card”? Or do you have to chose an action off of the list of six? Reason I ask, Sabine gets to play a weapon from the discard pile, and if I use RI and say you cannot play a card, that prevents the opponent from playing one from their hand and discard pile. Is that legal, or can I only prevent the playing of a card from their hand? Thanks!
  7. Ok good. I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.
  8. This was the first time I’ve encountered this, so I’m not sure how to officially deal with it.
  9. Ok, perhaps I’m still a noob, but if you have a character with SC on, and sitting at 6 damage on 10 health and the other guy rolls 2, 2, +2, +3. All ranged. Can I resolve in 2 waves? Like a 2 and +2 to activate the SC and then the 2 and +3 to finish them off? Would that be one or two actions? Or do you resolve all at once and kill the character over the SC?
  10. So no good to try Hero Finn and Hera deck then? Stick to Villain Vehicle Deck ideas?
  11. Hmmmmm. I hadn’t even considered a Hero vehicle deck. Is that better than say Hux, Ciana, and say Guavan Enforcer?
  12. Hello all, I have a few ATST cards I’m not using, and it’s killing me. But I don’t know what/who to build a deck with to compliment them. Im thinking Thrawn, but whom else? Maybe not Thrawn at all?
  13. Like the title says, who wins? This came up from a friend last night. Would the total health remaining come into a tie breaker? Are shields able to affect that? I don’t know details at all, just saw the post on our destiny game group page and thought I’d ask. Thanks!
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