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  1. When we’re creating it, Matt let it slip that what we’re proposing was going to be a mechanic, but he didn’t go into detail. I hope they tweak it and improve it. For being attached to it, I think it is an underwhelming card, as is.
  2. The tickets are cheaper because it appears the person running this event is eating some of the costs to run it (ie. staffing costs, & etc) and things like ‘playing with the designers,’ and preview of AH 3E, or 16player EH may not be run.
  3. I was on the first Card Council (player card - more on that to come) and, from what Matt indicated, those cards *might* make it into Cycle 4, but most likely not until Cycle 5. So, these might make it into Cycle 6 or 7, if it follows the same pattern. As for the player card that was designed back then, we were given art to pick from (with Matt letting us know which was his preferred art which we chose), and designed the card from there. It seemed that only a handful of us actually played the LCG and were familiar with the rules and game mechanics (the others being more into AH or EH board game), which made creating a ‘good’ card difficult. Incidentally, the card almost was a ‘Seal’ card through most of our process, but I digress.
  4. The cards from the Card Council 2017 should be in the Story Arc after Circle Undone, possibly Circle Undone - though Matt was doubtful on that, just to give you a time frame for how far out the game is being designed.
  5. This is last year’s thread. Try posting on the 2018 thread.
  6. Separate rooms might slow the game down. The scenario isn't timed, just that at the end of each round before placing doom on the agenda and (possibly) advancing, you have to wait for each group to signal they are ready to advance, as sometimes things may happen that affect other groups or the advancing of the agenda. Edit: you wouldn't want to yell things back and forth. Trying not give away spoilers!
  7. It doesn't work as two groups at two tables. Also, without giving away spoilers, it doesn't work if the 3 groups are too far apart either, as all 3 groups must start each turn simultaneously and there is some interaction between the 3 groups
  8. I have been lucky as well. I got the first book at Arkham Nights, and the rest my FLGS has been able to get, except for the Roland Banks one, which somehow the order got zeroed out on it (which also zeroed their order for Black Stars arise), but I was able to pick it up online for a little less than retail.
  9. Her story in Investigators of Arkham, without giving away spoilers, is that she is African-American, from the South, going to college in the North on a track scholarship, roommates with Amanda Sharpe who has nightmares, and finally, she runs fast! It's one of the better stories, even if it is a far-fetched one.
  10. From what I have heard, RttNotZ is probably releasing before GenCon. The only 'early' release for Ah:LCG at GenCon may be some early Forgotten Age Mythos packs.
  11. I see Diana more as Mystic 0-5, Rogue 0-2, as she is a Silver Twilight Acolyte, so she has some mystical knowledge, and she has turned against them secretly, thus Rogue.
  12. Preston as a rogue, with something like Marie's deckbuilding restriction might work. Up to 5 lvl 0 Survivor and/or Seeker cards (the Seeker representing his eduction), and he can also have Fortune, or Charm, or Trick cards. From the Investigators of Arkham book, there was just enough story to get me intrigued about him and I wish they would expand upon it. Same with Jaqueline.
  13. I will speculate as well, and as previously mentioned, this is more just a wish list of who Inwould like to see. Preston Fairmont - I see him as a Survivor or Rogue, but not really sure what other deckbuilding requirements you could tack on. Jaqueline Fine - Mystic/Seeker possibly? I think she would have interesting ability and elder sign ability. As previously mentioned, Luke, Gloria, an For Hank are also characters i would like to see.
  14. As in, you draw a -1, +1, and [Cultist], you then choose 2 of the tokens to resolve, so -1 & +1 for a total modifier of 0.
  15. Well, the game is pretty much a 'once and done' game, so a lot of people bought it when it came out, played it, commented, and that was that. I think the sales on it were good enough to get a follow-up. Or at least, I hope!
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