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  1. Considering this situation in a vacuum my gut feeling would have been to take the double modded 5 dice shot onto Temmin's single modded 2 die like you said you did because modifiers are better than extra dice on consistent results. Checking that math, confirms this is the better choice on average since expected total hits onto Temmin is 3.438 vs Jess's 2.910. But context on the shot is extremely important too. What if it's the last round and you are down and need the hail marry of 1 rounding Jess, or preventing one of them from returning fire and killing something of yours, or to force them to use their mods for defense? So choices like this are more than how many hits can I get this 1 round but more like how does this choice help me win this game in the end. Links for maths http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/?d=ggAAAAAAAAAA&a1=UwAAAAAAAAAQ http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/?d=gwAAAAUAAAAA&a1=cQAAAAAAAAAQ
  2. @Brunas Hey I'm one of those random internet scrubs that participated in both over / under's. I looked for like 5 seconds to see where I could compare what I put vs what happened. I also have the memory of a goldfish so I don't remember what I put. Is that something we plebs can see? If not, no worries I'll just remember to copy them somewhere.
  3. Ha so do you mean how HLC is right now? It's pretty cheap and kinda not that great so no thanks. What's the point of having a double cannon slot? Both are never filled outside of rare control lists with IGs. Having this makes those more unique than other cannon carrier's. Plus they have double missile, double device, why not others like cannon or torp. You also forget that they can give or take away these slots to ships. To bad gunboats can only have one cannon slot right now
  4. Linked battery could become a double Cannon slot that adds a red die to your primary, if you do take a disarm at the start of the next planning phase
  5. Eh it's only bombs she's dropping which wouldn't explode until the next turn. Am I correct in thinking that?
  6. Just tried testing one to see how far they can reach starting out as far forward, with an open field, 3 banks, and forward barrel rolls. Soontir needs to just k-turn back and forth along the back edge and he will never get hit. I even fortressed(rip) several big base ships along their back edge and were still out of reach. The explosion reaches into range 1 of the board edge but it's less than .5 of a 1 straight. Needs more jpeg
  7. Having Dion and the Krayts is something I never knew I wanted. Now that's all I want.
  8. Shame about what? It didn't get nerfed at all
  9. Yeah I mean you could totally throw Brockets on them and fly them with Jonus and other brocket bombers and pretend it's just another one of the guys.
  10. 4, un-modded two dice attacks aren't going to cut the mustard. If you were to shoot an X-wing with all four ships at range 2 and he uses his focus for defense. The expected total damage from all 4 shots is 1.3. If he doesn't have a focus for defense it's only expected damage of 2. If you're shooting at a defender that yolo's right at you, 0.25. These are just averages and hypothetical situations but they add in squad building. Hotshot Gunner won't help very much in the damage race all that much since your output is so so low. And I think it's a waste of 28 points since very few ships will be able to have more than focus token (which will be more prevalent than calculate) and it has no effect on Force, Evade, etc. Since you'll want to take advantage of clearing off those focus and calculated tokens you'll be shooting at the same target that already has no tokens with your other aggressors meaning 3 of your Hotshots won't be doing anything but looking pretty. It's also limited to the turret shot so only range 1-2. Plus it's super expensive. This card is far from what Hotshot Co-pilot used to be in 1.0 If you want to run 4 aggressors I would run Onyx with Ion, Veteran Turret Gunner, and either debris gambit(more defensive) or trick shot(more offensive and easier to proc with the turrets). Both requires you to be good at flying around in the rocks in slightly different ways. Now you have flexibility of having your arcs anywhere as long at you have either both pointed together at 1 target or separated shooting at two different ones. It'll be pretty decent but requires you to get multiple double taps off to win the damage race. With the extra points throw on 1-2 hull upgrades Alternatively you could run 5 aggressors. Onyx, Ion, and preferred choice of Debris Gambit or Trickshot + 1 hull upgrade. Or if you want to go super simple 5 Seinar specialist with Ion and give 4 of them Hull upgrade.
  11. Are you saying that you think Kestal's ability is good enough to think of her as a bomber? And I totally agree with you that the differences between the it and the tie bomber do not justify Aggressors being more points then bombers. Worse dial, worse actions, no ship ability, less slots, less health, yet have the same primary and agility values, and currently very limited pilot selection with pilot abilities that suffer from the inferior platform and available upgrades. In future price adjustments they really should have the aggressors less than or equal to the bombers.
  12. In my opinion Tie Aggressors are only as good as the turrets they can use. In first edition they were really only be used as TLT carriers. In the way things are working out right now in 2.0 if you are loading a bunch of upgrades on a ship then you might be building a squad wrong which is how this ship trends to become, overloaded. Bombers are really good right now because you can put Brockets on them and call it a day. Once you put a turret on an Aggressor its tempting to then put Veteran Turret Gunner on them and then upgrade to a named one and so on. If you're putting missiles on them, bombers do it better for cheaper and turrets aren't amazing right now. Some options if you want to play them anyways. Sienar Specialist and Ion turret at 36 points. That's it. Annoying for your opponent to ignore yet cheap enough that if they focus on that over other things it might benefit your list. Onyx Squadron Scout? Ion turret and Debris Gambit at 40 points. Same damage output but can survive much longer and be more annoying with the white evade off of a barrel roll. Double Edge with either one missile or turret, not both. If you use missiles, named Bombers have better abilities for only 1-3 points more with higher I. Using only a turrent means you have it locked in the front arc to make the most of the ability yet at I2 means it is much harder to guarantee your opponent is in arc for your double tap. Lieutenant Kestal is seen as an Ace or Force user killer but s/he's got problems doing that. If you just put a turret on them then they will have un-modded shots with no reposition actions. If you have someone coordinating actions to him your best options would be either Sai with Title for action efficiency or a Black Squadron Tie with Squad Leader for its low, low cost. Having just a turret and Fifth Brother is pretty okay giving you a soft mod for the shot but you have no repositional options, the crit is useless on Ion cannon turret, and you're starting to get expensive. Missiles of any kind is a no go with them since you need to be taking the focus action for the ability. Barrage Rockets and Proton Rockets? No. Aces and Force users will never let themselves be in your bulls-eye arc. We'll just have to wait for a better turret to come out in later waves before they are anything more than decent. Thoughts?
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