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  1. Sounds good. Voe will most likely just research in the archives with Gwode by his side.
  2. Okay I'm back. Essays really suck and take up all of my time. @Rabobankrider what would you like me to do to catch up?
  3. Okay okay I'm here! Sorry I was writing essays for the past week. Seeing all the notifications hurt cause I knew if i responded I would get sucked in and never get my essays done. Heres the stealth not that it matters anymore. Stealthy stuffs: 3eA+3eD 3 failures, 2 advantage Could I use the advantages to heal strain? Here's the initiative. Cool Initiative: 2eA 2 successes, 2 advantage Okay ready to go
  4. I think we are actually under the normal abilities of a brand new pc as we only have 2 skill ranks (from spec) opposed to the normal 6 (unless you're playing FaD then it's 5 and FR) Really looking forward to the xp cause it's all going towards brawl
  5. Hey everybody I'm not gonna be able to join. Just got too much going on right now. Have fun gaming!
  6. Destiny Pool: 1eF 1 Dark Side Also here is my destiny pool contribution
  7. Sorry I wasn't on the past little bit. School is hitting me hard right now. Got 2 midterms this week and have 2 essays to work on. I'll probably be on about once a day though not for very long. Svae will probably be spending his time scouring the ship's records about animals, ecosystems, and the force, chilling with Gwode (his Loth-cat), and meditating/practicing using the force. I think he would probably do all of those fairly simultaneously and not dedicate one week at a time to each.
  8. They first appeared in The Thrawn Trilogy. Really great read. Here's the wookieepedia page. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Noghri_Death_Commando Noghri were recently made canon in the Rebels TV show. Not much canon lore yet to my knowledge.
  9. Svae is also in favor of the archives as he does lots of book studying. As for naming I agree with Vergence. Though I think legally we do need a name.
  10. "Svae, I know this may not sound like a mission that you are suited for, but you will find a moment where your skills are needed." Master Muund says. "Your empathy for others and understanding of the natural world are beyond any of the other padawans, but don't let that go to your head." Muund says as he taps Svae's head, "There are many who are skilled in other ways. Trust in them and most of all trust in the force." It was amazing to Svae how well Master Muund could read Svae's mind. Svae was just thinking that he wasn't suited for shipyards. He belongs in the wild with the animals and trees not with metal beams and welders, but Svae's master spoke wisdom and Svae would do his best to adhere to it. Master. Svae says using telepathy, Thank you. I will do my best and I will not let you down. "Come Gwode" Svae motions for Gwode to follow him and Gwode climbs up Svae onto Svae's small shoulder. Svae then bows to Master Muund and joins the other padawans walking to the ship. The ship's familiar style remind Svae of Perig and Svae, without knowing, puts his hand to his lightsaber on his hip.
  11. We could give him incorrect info like "under enemy fire we're holding the dome" It'll reveal we're here but it won't tell him that we actually beat Oss and Drummer will underestimate how much time he has. We could also say there's only one squad and no jedi just an infiltration force.
  12. You bring up very valid reasons and later on we will have to decide on the rulings and such. I think it would be very like Svae to have a mobile lab kind of ship capable of holding such animals so he can study them and live his hermit life, but for right now I think I will stick with the silhouette 1 companion and we'll see how the campaign evolves from there. @Rabobankrider I'm gonna go with a Loth-cat if that's okay with you. I'm going to update my IC post as well.
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