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  1. Where do these pictures come from?
  2. Here we have some Shapeways models primed and ready for painting! The Imperial KX-Series security droids from SKull Forge and the Probe Droid from Mel Miniatures. I'm a little disappointed with the scale of the Security droids, but apart from that I'm pleased! The Mel Probe Droid is very detailed and I'm quite happy with it. Unfortunately these are the best of my Shapeways order so far... The rest are encrusted in wax that I can't get off. I've tried dishsoap and water baths, I've tried 99% alcohol, nothing works. And I'm extremely disappointed. The details are completely ruined. I doubt I'll be buying much from Shapeways in the future if this is the quality that's produced. More details later. http://u.cubeupload.com/Mathias_Greyjoy/d38BZNXehR.jpg
  3. The second Armada custom piece I would love to make is an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer from Legends. My absolute favourite Legends ship design, It was a variant of the Imperial class Star Destroyer equipped with gravity well projectors. This model could be played as either a standard ISD or even proxied as an Interdictor! In an ideal world Mel Miniatures would make a kit to upgrade the ISD model with the Gravity wells, and the extra part of the hull.
  4. I picked up the droids and Probe Droid, so you can check mine out when they arrive in the mail!
  5. Personally I wouldn't trust any primer that doesn't say "for models" on it.
  6. So I've been playing this game for a couple of years. I've looked at my models recently, and I found myself very disappointed in the "paint jobs" I gave them. Pretty much as bad as you can imagine. Cheap paint, gobbed on, and of course, nowhere near thinned. Now I have much better painting skills, so I dumped them all in a big bucket of 99% alcohol, stripped off all those mistakes (plus the FFG paint) and I'm starting from scratch! The first ship I would really like to repaint and mod is my Standard Imperial Star Destroyer. I think I want to try going with the Errant Venture design! For anyone unaware, the Errant Venture was an Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer from the Extended Universe or Legends novels. Captured by the smuggler Booster Terrik. Originally commissioned into the Imperial Navy as the Virulence, under Terrik's ownership she became something of a mobile shadowport,and was for many decades the only privately owned Star Destroyer in the known galaxy, distinguished by her unusual red colouring. So a bright Red Star Destroyer from an actual source. How cool? I've already ordered my Citadel Mephiston Red primer. Interestingly, in an online chat, Michael Stackpole, one of the writers of the X-Wing series, indicated not all of the Errant Venture was painted red. Some parts of the hull were reserved by Booster to rent out for advertising billboards. I would be really interested in trying to pull off a similar effect, with little printed billboards and extra parts hanging off the ship. Maybe extra docking bays or docking ports, plus some small ship models to add along to the Destroyer. Maybe somebody like Mel Miniatures could come out with a kit?
  7. Looks excellent! If I'm correct, you've done Kreel, Aero, Misty and I'm not sure who's on the left? Will you do the rest?
  8. Thanks! For the Mimban troopers I primed them with Citadel Corax white, which is more like off white or light grey. I did some black detailing on the helmets, body glove and the capes. The Rain capes were sculpted in green stuff before priming. I weathered them with spots of Vallejo brown earth gel, and gave them like 2-3 coats of nuln oil, which by the way is my absolute preferred method of detailing Stormtrooper helmets. The exquisite details were all done with nuln, no painting. The con to it is that you have to be painting grimey troopers, it doesn't really work with shinies. But apart from the primer, I only used black and metallic paints. I saw the news for Legion! I think I'll still build my current third party Clone army, and then buy in and paint a separate FFG army when they come out next year.
  9. Three additions to the Legion collection tonight! First off we have the two Forest Stormtroopers I'm using for my Kashyyyk army. Forest Troopers were first mentioned in the second book of the Aftermath trilogy, Life Debt. They were Imperial Stormtroopers trained to operate in forested environments. To that end, they wore special, camouflaged Stormtrooper armour. During the Galactic Civil War, a number of forest troopers were stationed on Kashyyyk as part of its garrison. Next we have a 3D printed downed TIE Fighter terrain piece. I wasn't sure which army to build terrain for, so I figured I would just do them all for Kashyyyk and then work my way to the others. Old Battle Droids and dead Wookiees will look great on the base. Lastly we have two Republic era AT-RTs I'm preparing for my custom 501st Clone army!
  10. I have a huge order coming from Shapeways! You have no idea how excited I am! Can't wait for it to arrive! Trooper Pauldrons will be for a squad of Thrawn's Chimaera guard. Lizard Alien heads and limbs are so that I can convert a squad of Rebels into Trandoshan slavers, I'll be proxying them as a squad of "Stormtroopers" for my Kashyyyk army (partly because Stormtroopers are out of print right now, and I'm in the process of trying to track down 7 copies of the expansion...). The Director is a model of Director Orson Krennic, who I'll proxy as a Veers model. Then we have Clones, Rex and Ahsoka. I already have two squads of Clones. I plan on proxying a full Rebel list as 501st Clones, along with Ahsoka-Luke, and perhaps Han-Rex? Mel Miniatures have told me that AT-RT PIlots and Phase II specialists are in the works, and should be coming around the end of August begging of September. Here's the design that goes on the pauldrons of Thrawn's Seveth Fleet Chimaera troopers. I picked up 12 Deactivated B1 Battle Droids to use as terrain on Kashyyk and possibly Mimban, since it was also the location of a large Clone Wars battle. I also picked up a normal squad of Droids for the heck of it. I'll probably set up a full proxied Droid army as well in time, but for now they can be reactivated Rebel droids. I'm very excited about the KX-Series Security Droids, I haven't decided where I think they best belong yet. The third Imperial army I plan to build is a Coruscant themed one, to be played with the Emperor and his guards. I have three squads of Shock Troopers in the works, perhaps the Security Droids could replace a trooper in each squad? The Probe Droid just caught my eye, and I'll probably use it for terrain, or as a trooper proxy in one of my armies. I'm always looking out for Ammo pouches and grenades! If you're lucky on eBay you can get some awesome Warhammer 40K ammo and grenades kits. That's mostly what I've been using. I figured I would get more trooper pauldrons, so that I could make my Scout Trooper Commanders more identifiable when they release. I'm getting deep into FFG kit bashing, so I figured I would grab an ISD-I converter for Armada. The human heads are for something interesting. If anyone has played or seen Imperial Assault you might recognise one of the expansions. ISB Infiltrators, who for for all intents and purposes are purple Stormtroopers without helmets. I thought they would make a really cool and fairly simple mod for an expansion of Stormtroopers. At this point I'll probably have at least 10 separate Stormtrooper expansions, so I might not get that much use out of them... Maybe I could proxy them as Scouts at some point, since they're more like Specialists than troopers. Imperial Security Bureau Infiltrators
  11. Here are two squads of Kashyyyk camo 74-Z Speeder Bike Scouts! I'm really pleased with how these came out. I'm going to do two Squads of the Special Forces Scout Expansion like this once they come out. And I'm in the process of painting two squads of Stormtroopers as Imperial Forest Troopers, in a similar colour scheme, though much more brown than green. Here's also the beginning of the first terrain piece I made for Kashyyyk. I'm waiting for some Mel Miniatures models to arrive in the mail before I finish basing it. I those deactivated crouched B1 Battle droids would look great scattered around Kashyyyk terrain!
  12. My plan for this game is to play mostly casually, with fun thematic builds! I have a number of unique Imperial armies in progress... The first, a Mimbanese invasion army, and the second being a Kashyyyk themed army! Stay tuned to find out what the other armies are... Here we have the first unit in my Kaskyyyk army. An All Terrain Kashyyyk Transport! Styled after the type you would see in the Force Unleashed. The armour, rotating blasters, and floodlight are from the Imperial Terrain ISB Walker kit, that I used to really tie this model together. I'm still researching how to best paint the light, but the model is mostly done. Stowage kits are WW2 tank kits I grabbed off of eBay. I used an extra Scout from a 74-Z to make a top gunner!
  13. First Squad of my Mimban army completed! Two more and a Walker were also completed tonight.
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