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  1. Definitely very specific scenarios so unlikely to be worth the investment. Probably be able to find better agenda choices once I've settled on a class.
  2. Darth Maul is perhaps my favourite Star Wars character but I've found him a little underwhelming in IA. I primarily play campaign and I'm trying to focus my Imperial build on maximizing Maul's potential. Easiest option is to use Nemeses class and pick Maul as the Scum villain. I've played Nemeses recently so trying to go away from that. Next best option is to do the Heart of the Empire campaign as Maul is featured a fair amount and include Maul's agenda deck to try to earn him as a villain. Third option is to use Overwhelming Oppression and get Personal Flagship to earn Maul as a villain. However, my one play through with OO was not that fun. None of the classes seem to suit Maul specifically so still thinking about it. As I've been looking over agenda decks I've found a couple of effects that I'm uncertain how they would work with Maul's Sustained by Rage ability. Example... If Maul was in position to attack and was selected as one of the Imperial figures would he simply not be defeated by this card? It doesn't add damage to Maul, simply says the figure would be defeated. If Maul hasn't activated yet he can't be defeated. Nothing indicates that this effect would linger like damage counters would. Once Maul activates in this round it seems Acceptable Margins would be forgotten and he would only be required to check on damage counters to see if he is defeated. Similarly would be... Less useful but same idea I think. In short, looking for some clarification on Sustained by Rage ability and any Maul tips to make him a campaign centrepiece.
  3. Supply chest is a Valuable card. If it came up in the Stockpile draw would I resolve it's text as written immediately (basically replacing it with 3 other supply cards) and then proceed with choosing one of the (now 7) non-valuable cards? Or would it simply be one of the 5 cards to choose from and be rendered an invalid choice because it is valuable?
  4. When 88-Z activates at the start of an Imperial activation does the Imperial player have to specify which group 88-Z is activating ahead of? An example would be...(if 88-Z is in attack mode) Imperial activates 88-Z and attacks a Rebel figure. If attack didn't have desired outcome, Group A would activate and follow-up attack Rebel figure. If 88-Z attack did have desired outcome, follow-up attack from Group A not required so Group B activates instead to do something else. Basically, can Imperial have contingency plans for which group activates after 88-Z activation or does specific group need to be declared prior to 88-Z activation?
  5. That wording made me question it. A bit of a stretch thematically as well.
  6. If Ko-Tun has Self-sufficient and Power Charger could they both trigger off of one token? i.e. declare an attack, spend one damage power token for +4 to the attack (+2 from each card).
  7. Thank you. Didn't realize the FAQ took out some of that tricky wording.
  8. In current campaign Ko-Tun has the R5 Astromech companion. Can Ko-tun use Inch by Inch to move R5? R5 is friendly and would be getting the benefit of Ko-Tun's ability but would not be using the ability. I think this is the correct interpretation. Just need confirmation if possible to convince the Imperial player for next mission.
  9. I'd have to give it to Jabba's Realm. Jabba himself is a great villain addition. Captain Terro is possibly the best of the villains created for the game. Jedi Luke is iconic and awesome to play. All of the new heroes are enjoyable to play. Jet Troopers give me joy whenever I put them on the table, they look so cool. Also, Rancor. 'Nuff said. The campaign structure was executed very well. Offered a little bit of choice throughout campaign and within missions. Feels the most balanced of all the campaigns.
  10. Every time I see a Legion announcement/article my brain only sees the artwork and I think I'm getting new IA stuff. Almost too similar and in some cases definitely the same art. Just disappointing.
  11. While defending while Hidden can Davith discard Hidden using Covert Operative for +1 block and during the same defense use Force Illusion to become Hidden again and then trigger Elusive Agent to recover 1 strain? Force Illusion seems to imply it will be used to help friendly figures but appears like it's valid to use on an attack targeting Davith (assuming he has LOS to the attacker).
  12. In the Return to Hoth campaign on the first mission I encountered a glitch with an Imperial Officer. I believe it was one of the initial deployments. When it activated the Bonus was Squad Training (for each other figure in this group gain Pierce 1 - or something to that effect).
  13. I played the first mission last night. I got stomped pretty bad. Maybe shouldn't have jumped right to Hard. I like to mashup heroes I don't usually use for app play so that worked against me a bit as well. I love the Hoth setting, very happy to revisit it. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. The reworked activation instructions for select groups was interesting. I encountered Snowtrooper, Imperial Officer, and Probe Droid groups and the revisions do seem to make sense, the Officer was the most notable. I assume these revisions would be part of any of the campaigns now too. Adds some variety to further playthroughs. A minor glitch was an Officer "group" that had the Squad Training bonus. No strange deployments as of yet i.e. a Bantha in the snow but could still crop up.
  14. Did follow that rule but that first round is completely devastating.
  15. I faced off against a Rebel team that included CT-1701 (referred to as "CT" and then colloquially as "Cheese Taco") in two consecutive campaigns. Pin Them Down is a nightmare. It's the Rebel equivalent to Subversive Tactics i.e. not fun for the player on the receiving end. The only partial counter I had to this was saving up threat and then deploying strong units to multiple deployment points. He would have to choose which to Pin Down and which to get hit by. I would agree that the card should probably be at 3xp level, or only stun or weaken, or require a hit on the target. Rebel team also had Gideon so CT was getting multiple attacks and Pin Them Down without even having his activation yet and then doing it all over again. Just brutal.
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