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  1. Really? I'm looling at the card with http://infinitearenas.com/xw2browse/# and there the icon is black.
  2. I'm probably misinterpreting the Ciena Ree card, but the requirement for it is "Imperial coordinate action". It doesn't specify the colour of the action. Doesn't this mean that you can have Ciena on a reaper without a tactical officer?
  3. Oh man, completly missed that it's unique :(.
  4. I like flying lots of imperial ships, but am generally frustrated with the lack of hit points and red dice. So i've come up with the following list to mitigate those points a bit and would like your input: Swarm Gambit 100 pts Omega Ace (TIE/FO) 20 pts Swarm Leader (EPT) 3 pts Advanced Optices (tech) 2 pts Zeta Leader (TIE/FO) 20 ptsSwarm Leader (EPT) 3 ptsAdvanced Optices (tech) 2 pts Youngster (TIE) 15 pts Debris Gambit (EPT) 2 pts Stealth Device (mod) 3 pts Wampa (TIE) 14 pts Dark Curse (TIE) 16 pts The idea is to use swarm leader to make my list more threatening. Because of the way that swarm leader works, i won't need to fly in formation (something at which i'm not that good at and is now considered a death sentence anyways). To get the most out of swarm leader, i need lot's of evade tokens. And with Youngster and debris gambit, I might be able to pull this off (will require some good flying, but if even 1 TIE fighter managers to get two evades, he can already feed both swarm leaders). Plus, having lots of evade tokens will make the list a bit harder to kill. I've added two swarm leaders to the TIE/FO's because they have the extra shield, target lock action and because they can take advanced optics (of which i've heard lots of good things). Things i'm wondering: -removing stealth device from youngster for some extra points elsewhere (perhaps targeting computer on Wampa and using OL, see below). While it will be annoying for my list when youngster dies, it's not like it will fall apart without him due to the situational nature of debris gambit -switching out Zeta Leader for Omega Leader: This will give me less headaches because i won't need to worry about removing stress as much. And OL is just a nice ship to have (even though he won't have juke or comm relays) -possible other TIE fighters to use: Not sure if Dark Curse or Wampa are the best to use for this list, but i can't seem to make up my mind on which i'd like otherwise Any input is welcome.
  5. When you have a huge ship where each section has it's own health pool, what happens when one section (let's say the fore secton) is destroyed and: 1) another huge ship has a head-on collision with the destroyed section? Is no face up damage card assigned for the destroyed section, or is a face up card assigned to the other section? 2) the huge ship overlaps a small/large ship with it's destroyed section? Does the huge ship still rolls one/two attack die for damage or not? 3) the huge ship overlaps an obstacle with it's destroyed section ? Is a face up damage card assigned to the other section or not at all? 4) an enemy ship tries to attack the aft section but when tracing a line from the center of the base of the attacking ship to the center of the base of the aft section, this line would cross the blue line separating the two sections? Is it still not possible to attack the aft section even though the fore is already destroyed?
  6. The difference is minimal enough that we can make it work. Not as bad as it could be. I've never checked, but is there a difference between 2nd and 3rd edition tiles? Because if 2nd edition tiles are the same as 4th, I can use those instead.
  7. All right, I think I've got a good idea of what to do now. Tech deck: going to need an extra, so most likely we'll be printing out the tech tree (although technically no longer a tree) on a sheet of paper. This'll allow the seventh player an overview of all the tech and he can mark each tech that he's bought on there. Promissory notes: we'll have to handcraft (badly, most likely) the four basic ones. Armies: one poor unfortunate soul will have to use 3rd edition plastics. Systems: quite a bother that the size differs (even larger then before??? We're gonna need new tables again ). Nevertheless, we'll need the following: -3 empty systems -2 hazards (doesn't really matter which, but an extra gravity rift wouldn't hurt given the larger board for 7 players) -9 systems with 2 planets -6 systems with a single planet Of these planets, 8 should have a lot of influence, 8 lot of resources and 8 a good balance. These'll be respectively cultural, hazardous and industrial which we'll indicate with markers (no shortage of those ). We'll ignore the tech specialities of these planets and assign an extra tech speciality of each colour to 4 of the 8 industrials (probably in the double systems, if possible). Once again we'll be using markers (perhaps the artefact markers). And for the shape of the galaxy, we'll obviously be using the setup as defined in 3rd edition. I think with those changes, We've got everything covered. If anything crops up during play, we should be able to adjust on the fly with the plethora of pieces at our disposal. Thank you everyone for your input. And don't hesitate to point out if I've missed something (inconceivable as that might be ).
  8. Our gaming group has been playing 3rd edition ever since it came out and we were really exited for the 4th edition. But we're usually with 7 or 8 people to play (next session we'll be with 7). Any suggestions on how we can adapt the 4th edition rules for a 7 player game? We've got the third edition base game and it's two expansions to pilfer pieces from if needed.
  9. Regarding the issue with Kath Scarlett, cad bane and bomblet generator, I've done some more testing. Turns out it happens any time when I stick a bomblet generator on a firespray (scum or imp). Doesn't matter if I use cad bane or andraste title. Also doesn't matter which bomb slot I stick the bomblet on. And it only seems to happen with firesprays. I could not reproduce it with a quadjumper and cad bane
  10. I keep encountering the following issue: i create a scum squad with kath scarlett, cad bane and a bomblet generator. Rest of the list doesn't matter. When i close and reopen aurora, the list has been replaced with a blank list that says "preview custom ccl". Once this list is here, every time I close aurora and reopen it, it says it was closed incorrectly. Sending a report doesn't work either and any other updates or new lists I made are not saved. Only reinstalling the app solves it. But it happens again each time I try to create a list with kath/cad/bomblet
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