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  1. I painted my darksabre black, lined the three edges with pure white, added random white speck to the front of the blade, and glossed the whole thing.
  2. One of these I've worked on, one I have not.
  3. I just realized I never posted my Sunny here:
  4. IAmRhyn

    Inert Fat Han

    Great write up. Always fun to read stuff like this.
  5. IAmRhyn

    Clone Wars!

    "After you perform a barrel roll, you must perform another barrel roll to where you started. The first player to mention how pointless this card is loses the game."
  6. I've noticed that some of my index links are wrong. I'll fix that ASAP.
  7. Yeah. It's the Caroline Krayts discord.
  8. Have you guys considered starting an X-wing group on campus? I think it would be easier to get people to show up if they didn't have to travel very far. Plus it would be easier to talk to B&N on campus about swapping their Star Wars junk for X-wing 2.0 stuff if there was a presence on campus. I think a big part of people not playing it is how obscure the game is. I only found out about it because Hastings in Moscow had them on clearance right before it went out. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard for the Bookie to carry it because B&N does stock them. Also, how long have you been meeting at Palouse Games? I was given the impression by the owner that no one played X-wing there.
  9. Sweet. Nice to hear you found a group kogtim. I'll try and swing by. How big is the group? Also, how much 2.0 stuff do you have? I haven't upgraded to 2.0 yet, but I can bring some 1.0 ships and bases if you have cardboard for me.
  10. I don't think anything is as Krayt as the original post in this thread. SaltMaster5000 ✅ Praise followed by insult ✅ Thread started as joke ✅ Notice from FFG that OP was banned for "abusive behavior" ✅ Largest (too lazy to confirm) thread on the forum ✅ If we start a new thread for 2.0, how can we ever top it?
  11. High praise from the creator of the fan GUNBOAT. I'm excited to see if your N1 is close to the mark. Edit: didn't realize this was the GUNBOAT thread and not mine.
  12. I'll be flying that because I have all the pilots painted.
  13. Serissu — M3-A Interceptor 43 Crack Shot 1 Stealth Device * Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 56 Quinn Jast — M3-A Interceptor 35 Lone Wolf 4 Stealth Device * Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 51 Genesis Red — M3-A Interceptor 35 Crack Shot 1 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 40 Laetin A'shera — M3-A Interceptor 35 Juke 4 Stealth Device * Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 51
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