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  1. Thank you for your input Kaaihn. Can you show me how you're organized right now? I've seen the tiles organizer but I don't know about the rest. Right now, my tiles are divided based on their dimensions. I was thinking about keeping it that way. What do you think about it? Portability is going to be a big challenge, since it depends on how much it's going to weight, but I'm definitely looking into it.
  2. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but that's what I was refering to here. That's why I would like to know if the community has any interest in this ( so far, between here and BGG, not much ). Projecting and producing a modular systems it's harder, and more expensive ( more line cut ).
  3. I don't own MoM, but from some pictures I saw, I thought it had the same amount of miniatures. My bad. As for IA, I think right now it has a little more than a half of the miniatures Descent has ( not including Descent heroes ). I think that the totals will come closer sooner or later, since IA is still running while we haven't seen any new Descent's content in a while. I'm not sure I understand what you mean here. I'm asking here and on the BGG forums because I want to know whether there's interest in something like this, or not. I'll keep you and this post updated for sure. I'm already inquiring about what it would cost to produce something like this. For now, it seems like the biggest problem would be the price. I know there's a guy who sells the Core Set Organizer on Etsy.. It comes at 14€, and that's by far the cheapest I've seen. Problem is... it's only for the Core Set. Now, let's say that the Core Set is about 1/4 of the total components the game offers as of now. So, having the 4/4 of components, would take 4*15€ = 60€. And that's not considering shipping. I know that there are Organizers, Plano and other solutions out there, that cost about the same, but that's why I would like to know how much interest is there in having something like this. Given the right amount of interest, it could very well be made of modular parts, so it could get upgraded with every new expansion. Thank you for your answer ATM2100!
  4. The idea, is doing something like JungleMundo did here https://boardgamegeek.com/images/user/514089/junglemundo
  5. Hey guys. I started working on my personal storage organizer as soon as I bought Descent. Then an idea popped in my mind, after seeing Atom4geVampire's Custome Storage Box. I would like to do the same thing he did with the foamcore, but with wood. A standalone chest/case with 3/4 levels, with slots and "drawers" for all the core, expansions, LT packs and H&M components ( I would like to leave some empty space for hopefully, future components ). And since Descent shares components and shape with Mansions of madness and Imperial assault, that could be universal. I'm currently looking at multiple options to do that, but I would like to know from you if you think you could be interested in something like that ( I'm still going to do it for myself sooner or later ). If you are interested, how much are you willing to spend on something like it? What kind of features would you suggest for it? I hope the post and my english are understandable enough Thank you in advance for the advices and the attention guys!
  6. For sure I did, thank you. I just wanted to say that it sucks, that after spending a lot of $$$, we're left with some " Requiring that each part is performed leads to a lot of timing questions and confusion about resolution " BS. I wasn't implying you're ok with the ruling
  7. I see. It's pretty much the same as "Leap Attack". It's kind pointless to name them "something attack", if you can still skip the attack, but that's just the way FFG works with ruling I guess.
  8. I agree with you, but that's about "figure placement/spawning". Here, you're not trying to place another figure on the map, or just move someone. What ( I think ) OoH lets you do is move adjacent to the enemy you want to attack, AND then attack. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any "and" in the sentence. Condition 1 has to be met in order to apply condition 2 ( attack the enemy ). Condition 2 isn't optional. It doesn't say "you can". It says "and perform an attack with a Melee weapon". English isn't my mother language, so excuse me if something isn't properly explained
  9. Exactly, I agree with lucaster. I think you are overlooking the part about moving "the hero figure in the closest empty space ADJACENT to the monster AND perform an attack". If you can't move to a space adjacent AND attack, then you can't use OoH against that target ( I think that's the point of the Oath.. )
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