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  1. The Resistance, despite being a tech faction, feels like a motley collection of hotrods and junkers all tuned up to have a fighting chance. Maneuverability is a big aspect with all but the bomber having some sort of movement shenanigans. It's not uncommon to have the entire squad able to boost/slam. Support is pretty decent with a wild selection of upgrade slots allowing stuff such as Death Rey, InVencible, BO Burners PA Nien, Leia +BB8, etc. Pricing feels fine now that the 26 pt Fireball and recent price drops. Named T70s could use a drop outside of Jess and Bastian. Bombers could go down.
  2. Disabled Power Regulator is the one that keeps coming up. No extra damage plus self repairing without an action basically makes it a re-usable Black One. Keep in mind any crit that doesn't have the option to repair itself on the card doesn't really work with Bucket.
  3. Tried Bucket with Holdo and cloaking Device. Not sure about it, but maybe something is there as a relatively cheap support piece. It was nice helping keep Rey from getting ionized.
  4. It's worth look at just who BB8 is available to. Poe likes to self stress (and primed is pricey,) Nien and Ello would probably prefer afterburners to capitalize on their signature moves, and the I4s and under are generally efficiency pieces. Outside of cute Aces High builds, the couch probably have higher priority upgrades. Jury is out on the Fireball. In contrast, a lot of supernatural candidates don't have to self stress outside of turn-arounds. Or they have useful links with the ability to clear that stress easily. The pricing of Supernatural feeds into build synergy. It's high for ships that tend toward points fortressing and lower in cost than bb8 for generic Inquisitors.
  5. Did you know there are three kinds of aces?😎 Joking aside, I'll go with the super basic definition of an Ace being able to take down more than their number. They do this by tapping three characteristics: Offense - ship that have high ratings in this category have the ability have the ability to put the hurt on either by doing consistent damage or big spikes. They use this to steamroll the opposition. Wedge, boost less Vader, and Fen Rau are archetypal ships that focus in this category. Redline also is worth mention. Defense - Ships with high ratings in this category mitigate damage coming their way, surviving incoming fire that would pulverize other ships. They plug enemy offensives long enough for they or their allies take down opposition. Archetypal aces would be Rexler, Inquisitors, and Norra. Maneuver - Ships with high maneuverability tend to slip, flank, and bushwhack their foes. Archetypal ships include Soontir and Duchess. Just because a ship has high marks in one aspect does not mean it's not serviceable in other. For example, Wedge can arc dodge certain things due to high high initiative and reposition options. Naturally, many high power ships have high marks in multiple categories, especially once upgrades come into play. R2 7B Jedi, for example, have high maneuverability, consistent Offense, and decent damage mitigation.
  6. It was already difficult for Brick and Mortar stores to stock Infinity before NA2, 3rd Offensive Sectorials, and 012. It's testament to the dedication of the infinity community (regularly bringing entire tables of terrain) and the proxy friendly culture. I'm not saying that's the immediate future for Xwing, but it is a consideration for game stores. Physical stores only got so much real estate and Xwing packaging is abnormally large. Especially for something not a GW product.
  7. You're probably confusing the rules with 1.0. Dorsal has no special rules. Useful for keeping a 180 arc though.
  8. One issue that's come up with Infinity is SKU bloat. Because there are so many individual models, stocking the game on store shelves can be difficult especially since asking the LGS to know what are core pieces in each subfaction is nuts. The issue was brought up in Radio TCX when the it was revealed Xwing would go from 3 factions to 7. Also, OOP feels a bit worse when it's your entire subfaction that rotates out.
  9. They are in completely different eco systems. You can't run Sabacc next to SFs or Kylo. The Omega is a straight up jouster. Of course it should be harder to ignore because no boost means it can't chase or push as hard to flank.
  10. That's just confirmation bias speaking. Green dice do have a real and tangible effect on the game.
  11. Who gets lit up by mooks more and more as time goes on, which is amusing to no end. Definitely feels like a good value piece for Resistance, but needs table time to be sure.
  12. The question is which swarms? A lot of keystone pieces such as Sear, Howl, and Sinker are gone.
  13. Many other games have field allowances/availability restrictions on top of points and work it successfully.
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