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  1. Dutch and Garven wanted it that way, but the Skywalkers have a controlling stake in Galactic Munitions Inc. You could have a special target lock with Fail on it.
  2. One of them has access to 19 point wingmen.
  3. Anakin and 7B going up was a big surprise. He was pretty good, but I think the R2 change would have handled it. Rey felt like she needed to go down, but 7 was unexpected.
  4. The stress shedding of Cassian is a pretty big deal. It basically let Braylen off the chain.
  5. The depth of bid that they can go to with a +1 is a little absurd. 10+ point bids off 3 ship lists is probably not a good sign.
  6. Maybe Y2K did to ammo pouches what Roadhouse did to mullets.
  7. Where else are you going to keep your munchies?
  8. Limiting the number of a given ship is definitely another useful axis to tweak power levers on top of slots and costs. Multiple other games that eschew org charts do the same thing to prevent spamming of things that are good. Incorporating it on the point documents would be relatively easy.
  9. That's only the case with the I2s. Quick draw and Backdraft are the same cost as Oddball and Wolfe respectively.
  10. The scum Falcon doesn't have barrel rolls or 1 hards. It certainly doesn't have white sloops.
  11. He's been running that list for quite a while. (Congrats Mitch!) The ships are relatively durable with good firepower with access to extremely good links into 1.5 repositions backed by a knife fighter dial. Their ability to swing their arcs around is unmatched outside of Slammers, Echo, free turn around, and perhaps double reposition aces. They can pick and choose their engagements and will usually be flanking on jousts. They are also pretty good blockers for those high initiative ships. It's not a obviously powerful as a juking phantoms, but it will eat you alive if you don't have a plan. I wonder if the push for objectives will be renewed.
  12. Objectives. Points chasing leads to so many weird tactics. Fully digital cards and stats. WarmaHordes and Infinity have shown that the concepts can work even in complex situations. The latter even has a rock solid army builder that is both lean and functional.
  13. This whole thing wasn't a surprise at all. It was basically the return of the old BTL-A4 Y wing title made famous by the Stresshog. Comparing it to double tap Dash is blowing it way out of proportion.
  14. It gets bonus points for being the first shielded craft you could fly. TIE L/Ns died to 2 super charged shots and died to any collision. It's all fun and games until you get sideswiped by a drunk Y wing.
  15. Is it? TIE Strikers took an inordinate amount of time to take down less than a dozen X wings + a few UWings while they had the home field advantage and the rebels had no reinforcements. Likewise we saw a lot of clamoring to make TIE bombers better bombers when A) all the source material mention it's a POS and B) The only on screen bombing we see of it is to bomb an asteroid field when nobody was shooting them. Keep in mind the current 200 points is also at the flight - sub squadron scale engagement. The only battles that really reflect that scale on screen, particularly on the movies, are the Falcon chase scenes.
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