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  1. Thanks for the tips buddy. I will take a look and see how I get on with it.
  2. Depending on your play style I have seen people swap Han for Leia, you can use Luke as a distraction and get Han in peoples faces. Legion Command used this list to a great effect to win his RPQ. You could also swapping a couple of troopers out and putting a medical droid in and keeping this droid with in range of your commandos to keep them alive. I ran a sab list on my last RPQ and really enjoyed playing it, I didn't have any practice with it so lost every game but a couple were pretty close. In my games I struggled with the lack of range 4 so I am tempted with 2 snipers and 1 sab team just to mix it up a little bit. I thought I agree it seems like there are some boring lists and probably an optimal list for rebels just now, however I would guarantee that you would win with this list because it depends on a lot of things. Terrain seems to play a big part, if the terrain doesn't suit snipers or snipers on your side of the board your on a up hill struggle from the start.
  3. Hi all, I have done 2 RPQ's now and not done very well at all, I am not sure if this is the right section for this but we will give it ago anyway. This was my first list, only reason I didn't come dead last was because I had a buy round: Luke Skywalker 160Leia Organa 90Esteemed Leader, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Chewbacca 110Tenacity, Rebel Pathfinders 68Bistan, Hunter, A-300 Long Range Config, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16DH-447 Sniper, Hunter, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16DH-447 Sniper, Hunter, Next list I came dead last but I had loads of fun with the list if I am honest. Sab's are great fun I just missed having something at range 4 that I could shoot with in the last game because of the terrain I he was up a tower. Leia Organa 90Esteemed Leader, Improvised Orders, Luke Skywalker 160Force Push, Force Reflexes, Emergency Stims, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, 2-1B Medical Droid, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, 2-1B Medical Droid, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Fleet Troopers 44Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Officer Upgrade, Environmental Gear, Rebel Troopers 40Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16Proton Charge Saboteur, Emergency Stims, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16Proton Charge Saboteur, Emergency Stims, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16Proton Charge Saboteur, Emergency Stims, Legion is the first war game I have ever played but I have had it since launch so I know most of the rules pretty well. I just want to get better, I am not sure if I am just trying list that are too out there or what. I really enjoyed the SAB's because not many people play them and not many people now how to play against them. The fleet troopers are great it was my positioning that was bad, they either got took out quickly due to bad rolls or didn't do anything because I couldn't get them in range. Anyway I am after some tips and guidance about how to get better an may be win a game.
  4. Hi all, I am sorry to ask such a noob question but I am just starting to build my army to playing and I haven't played for a while. With in the commandos which models belong to the strike team and which are the bombers or whatever they are called. Thanks
  5. It is indeed, I have just picked up an airbrush too to take it up a notch
  6. Cheers buddy, is max activation's still a good route to go down?
  7. Thats brilliant mate and gives me something to work with. Still finding my feet with painting :)
  8. Loving the Wookies mate, what colours did you use for this project?
  9. Hi all, I am just about to enter a tournament at my local store and I haven't played in sometime however I have still been picking up various packs but not sure how to build my army now with the new additions. I am thinking something like: Han & Chewbacca 4 x Rebel Troops 2 x Commandos 1 x Wookies Then I am a little stuck as to what to add. I have never played with the commandos, chewbacca or wookies with them all been new so if anyone has any tips for that too that would be great. I have 2 x core sets and then some additional from there. Thanks
  10. If anyone has any time and wants a challenge, can you build me a deck out of this please? I am trying my best to get as many cards as my budget will allow. Name Dice Affiliation Color Type Rarity First Order Stormtrooper 2 Villain Command Character Rare General Veers 1 Villain Command Character Rare First Order TIE Fighter 2 Villain Command Support Rare F-11D Rifle 3 Villain Command Upgrade Starter Kylo Ren 4 Villain Force Character Starter Immobilize 2 Villain Force Upgrade Rare Infantry Grenades 2 Villain General Upgrade Rare Tusken Raider 1 Villain Rogue Character Rare Admiral Ackbar 1 Hero Command Character Rare Leia Organa 1 Hero Command Character Rare Rebel Trooper 1 Hero Command Character Rare Launch Bay 1 Hero Command Support Legendary Rey 2 Hero Force Character Starter Jedi Robes 1 Hero Force Upgrade Rare One With The Force 1 Hero Force Upgrade Legendary BB-8 1 Hero General Support Rare Rey's Staff 1 Hero General Upgrade Rare Finn 1 Hero Rogue Character Starter Padme Amidala 1 Hero Rogue Character Rare Diplomatic Immunity 1 Hero Rogue Upgrade Rare IQA-11 Blaster Rifle 1 Neutral Command Upgrade Rare Force Throw 1 Neutral Force Upgrade Starter Lightsaber 3 Neutral Force Upgrade Starter Mind Probe 2 Neutral Force Upgrade Starter Holdout Blaster 2 Neutral General Upgrade Rare Endless Ranks Villain Command Event Uncommon Probe Villain Command Event Common Sweep the Area Villain Command Event Common The Best Defense... Villain Command Event Uncommon Enrage Villain Force Event Common Intimidate Villain Force Event Common Power of the Dark Side Villain Force Support Starter Nowhere to Run Villain General Event Uncommon Ace in the Hole Villain Rogue Event Uncommon Armed to the Teeth Villain Rogue Event Common Go for the Kill Villain Rogue Event Common He Doesn't Like You Villain Rogue Event Common Backup Muscle Villain Rogue Support Common Underworld Connections Villain Rogue Support Uncommon Field Medic Hero Command Event Common Anticipate Hero Force Event Uncommon Heroism Hero Force Event Common Riposte Hero Force Event Common Awakening Hero Force Support Starter The Force is Strong Hero Force Support Common Daring Escape Hero General Event Uncommon Don't Get Cocky Hero Rogue Event Common Draw Attention Hero Rogue Event Common Let The Wookiee Win Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Shoot First Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Street Informants Hero Rogue Support Common Second Chance Hero Rogue Upgrade Uncommon Firepower Neutral Command Event Common Leadership Neutral Command Event Uncommon Logistics Neutral Command Event Common Squad Tactics Neutral Command Event Common Supporting Fire Neutral Command Support Uncommon Disturbance in the Force Neutral Force Event Common The Power of the Force Neutral Force Event Common Use The Force Neutral Force Event Starter It Binds All Things Neutral Force Support Uncommon Aim Neutral General Event Starter Block Neutral General Event Common Close Quarters Assault Neutral General Event Starter Dodge Neutral General Event Common Flank Neutral General Event Uncommon Take Cover Neutral General Event Common Disarm Neutral Rogue Event Common Unpredictable Neutral Rogue Event Common Infamous Neutral Rogue Support Uncommon Hunker Down Neutral Rogue Upgrade Common Frozen Wastes Neutral General Battlefield Starter Jedi Temple Neutral General Battlefield Common Rebel War Room Neutral General Battlefield Common Separatist Base Neutral General Battlefield Common Starship Graveyard Neutral General Battlefield Starter Z6 Riot Control Baton 1 Villain Command Upgrade Legendary Asajj Ventress 1 Villain Force Character Rare Command Shuttle 1 Villain Force Support Rare Maz Kanata 2 Hero Rogue Character Rare Vibroknife 1 Neutral General Upgrade Rare We Have Them Now Villain Command Event Uncommon Doubt Villain General Event Common Arms Deal Villain Rogue Event Common Relentless Pursuit Villain Rogue Event Common Armor Plating Villain Rogue Upgrade Uncommon Spirit of Rebellion Hero Command Event Common Planetary Uprising Hero Command Support Uncommon Guard Hero Force Event Uncommon Your Eyes Can Deceive You Hero Force Support Uncommon Garbage'll Do Hero Rogue Event Common Air Superiority Neutral Command Support Common High Ground Neutral Force Event Common Overconfidence Neutral Force Event Common Rejuvenate Neutral Force Event Common Force Illusion Neutral Force Upgrade Uncommon Outmaneuver Neutral Rogue Support Common Cargo Hold Neutral General Battlefield Common Quinlan Vos 1 Villain Force Character Rare Bossk 1 Villain Rogue Character Rare Mace Windu 1 Hero Force Character Legendary Extortion 1 Neutral Rogue Upgrade Rare Ruthless Tactics Villain Command Event Common Take Prisoner Villain Command Event Uncommon Unyielding Villain Force Event Uncommon No Survivors Villain General Event Common Strike Briefing Hero Command Event Common Running Interference Hero Rogue Support Uncommon Covering Fire Neutral Command Event Common Pinned Down Neutral Command Event Common The Day is Ours Neutral Command Event Common Tech Team Neutral Command Support Common Lightsaber Pull Neutral Force Event Common Lightsaber Training Neutral Force Event Common Persuade Neutral Rogue Event Common Threaten Neutral Rogue Event Uncommon Truce Neutral Rogue Event Common Plastoid Armor Neutral General Upgrade Common Port District Neutral General Battlefield Uncommon Logistics Neutral Command Event Starter Defensive Stance Hero Force Event Starter Force Rend 1 Villain Force Upgrade Rare Battle Droid 1 Villain Command Character Rare Kallus 1 Villain Command Character Rare Veteran Stormtrooper 1 Villain Command Character Starter Fragmentation Grenade 1 Villain Command Upgrade Rare Boba Fett 2 Villain Rogue Character Starter BT-1 1 Villain Rogue Support Rare Slave I 1 Villain Rogue Support Starter Hunter Instinct 1 Villain Rogue Upgrade Starter Wrist Rockets 1 Villain Rogue Upgrade Starter Obi-Wan Kenobi 1 Hero Force Character Rare Force Meditation 1 Hero Force Upgrade Rare Wedge Antilles 2 Hero Command Character Rare Camouflaged Rifle 1 Hero Command Upgrade Rare Jar Jar Binks 1 Hero Rogue Character Rare Roguish Charm 1 Hero Rogue Upgrade Rare Heirloom Lightsaber 1 Neutral Force Upgrade Starter Auto Cannon 3 Neutral Command Upgrade Rare 74-Z Speeder Bike 1 Neutral Command Upgrade Starter Pirate Speeder Tank 1 Neutral Rogue Support Legendary Vibrocutlass 1 Neutral Rogue Upgrade Rare Modified HWK-290 2 Neutral General Support Rare Hidden Blaster 1 Neutral General Upgrade Starter Hunting Rifle 1 Neutral General Upgrade Starter Consumed By The Dark Side Villain Force Event Common Dark Scheme Villain Force Event Common Double Strike Villain Force Event Uncommon Frighten Villain Force Event Common I Am Your Father Villain Force Event Uncommon Spell of Removal Villain Force Event Common Battle Fatigue Villain Command Event Common Crush the Rebellion Villain Command Event Uncommon Imperial Might Villain Command Event Common Scorched Earth Villain Command Event Uncommon Shrapnel Blast Villain Command Event Common Target Practice Villain Command Event Common No Good To Me Dead Villain Rogue Event Common Rumors Villain Rogue Event Common Subdue Villain Rogue Event Common Take Flight Villain Rogue Event Common Adapt Hero Force Event Common Heightened Awareness Hero Force Event Starter Investigate Hero Force Event Common Strength Through Weakness Hero Force Event Uncommon Unbreakable Hero Force Event Common Defensive Teaching Hero Force Support Uncommon Equip Hero Command Event Common Mend Hero Command Event Uncommon Refit Hero Command Event Common Bravado Hero Rogue Event Common Easy Pickings Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Explosive Tactics Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Impulsive Hero Rogue Event Common Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder Hero Rogue Event Common Smuggler's Run Hero Rogue Event Common Maz's Vault Hero Rogue Support Uncommon Ancient Wisdom Neutral Force Event Common Feel The Force Neutral Force Event Common Invigorate Neutral Force Event Starter Mislead Neutral Force Event Common Respite Neutral Force Event Common Stronger You Have Become Neutral Force Event Uncommon Perseverance Neutral Force Support Common Crackdown Neutral Command Event Common Crash Landing Neutral Command Event Starter Locked and Loaded Neutral Command Event Common Sudden Impact Neutral Command Event Uncommon Superior Position Neutral Command Event Common Target Intel Neutral Command Event Common Cover Team Neutral Command Support Common Cantina Brawl Neutral Rogue Event Uncommon Dangerous Maneuver Neutral Rogue Event Common Entangle Neutral Rogue Event Starter Face-Off Neutral Rogue Event Common Hasty Exit Neutral Rogue Event Common Quick Draw Neutral Rogue Event Common Vandalize Neutral Rogue Event Uncommon Dive Neutral General Event Common Ice Storm Neutral General Event Common Shelter Neutral General Event Common Backup Specialist Neutral General Support Common Remote Stockpile Neutral General Support Common Quickdraw Holster Neutral General Upgrade Common Espionage Neutral General Plot Uncommon Fortify Neutral General Plot Uncommon Arid Wasteland Neutral General Battlefield Starter Citadel Landing Zone Neutral General Battlefield Common Imperial Palace Neutral General Battlefield Uncommon Outer Rim Outpost Neutral General Battlefield Starter Petranaki Arena Neutral General Battlefield Common Triple Threat Villain Force Event Common Torment Villain Force Upgrade Common Executioner's Axe 1 Villain Command Upgrade Rare Nefarious Deed Villain Rogue Event Common Steadfast Hero Force Event Common Reposition Hero Command Event Common Electropole 1 Hero Command Upgrade Rare Closing the Deal Hero Rogue Event Common Way of the Light Hero General Event Common Beguile Neutral Force Event Common Risky Move Neutral Rogue Event Uncommon Boonta Eve Classic Neutral General Plot Uncommon Darth Vader 1 Villain Force Character Legendary Savage Opress 1 Villain Force Character Rare Burst Of Lightning Villain Force Event Common Fear and Dead Men Villain Force Event Uncommon I Am The Senate Villain Force Event Uncommon Let The Hate Flow Villain Force Event Common Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber Villain Force Support Uncommon Galactic Deception Villain Force Support Common Stifle Villain Force Support Uncommon Chain Sickle 1 Villain Force Upgrade Rare Energy Bow 1 Villain Force Upgrade Rare "Mauler" Mithel 1 Villain Command Character Rare Super Battle Droid 3 Villain Command Character Rare Browbeat Villain Command Event Common Commence Primary Ignition Villain Command Event Uncommon Drop 'Em Villain Command Event Uncommon Hatching A Plan Villain Command Event Common Imposing Presence Villain Command Event Common In Tandem Villain Command Event Common Questioned Loyalty Villain Command Event Uncommon Reach The Stars Villain Command Event Common Vigilance Villain Command Support Common Tobias Beckett 1 Villain Rogue Character Legendary Act Of Cruelty Villain Rogue Event Common Cunning Ruse Villain Rogue Event Common Exploit Villain Rogue Event Common First Claim Villain Rogue Event Common Heated Confrontation Villain Rogue Event Common In a Bind Villain Rogue Event Uncommon Shakedown Villain Rogue Event Common Sidestep Villain Rogue Event Uncommon Wanton Destruction Villain Rogue Event Uncommon Déjà Vu Villain Rogue Support Uncommon Relentless Villain Rogue Support Common Donderbus Blaster Pistol 1 Villain Rogue Upgrade Rare Grappling Boa 1 Villain Rogue Upgrade Rare Vow Of Vengeance Villain Rogue Upgrade Uncommon Barriss Offee 1 Hero Force Character Rare Force Mystic 1 Hero Force Character Rare Qui-Gon Jinn 1 Hero Force Character Legendary Bewilder Hero Force Event Common Gathering Intelligence Hero Force Event Common Hold Off Hero Force Event Common Insight Hero Force Event Common Safeguard Hero Force Event Common Immutability Hero Force Support Common Counterstroke 1 Hero Force Upgrade Rare Pillio Star Compass 1 Hero Force Upgrade Rare Clone Commander Cody 2 Hero Command Character Rare Aerial Advantage Hero Command Event Common Evacuate Hero Command Event Uncommon Inflame Hero Command Event Common Turn The Tables Hero Command Event Uncommon Armed Escort Hero Command Support Common Jyn Erso's Blaster 1 Hero Command Upgrade Legendary R2 Astromech Hero Command Upgrade Common A Good Investment Hero Rogue Event Common Daring Gambit Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Drop In Hero Rogue Event Common Hijack Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Karabast! Hero Rogue Event Common Reluctance Hero Rogue Event Uncommon Through The Pass Hero Rogue Event Common Millennium Falcon 1 Hero Rogue Support Legendary On The Mark Hero Rogue Support Common Decoy Hero Rogue Upgrade Uncommon Energy Pike 1 Hero Rogue Upgrade Rare Token Of Affection 2 Hero Rogue Upgrade Rare At Odds Neutral Force Event Common Common Cause Neutral Force Event Uncommon Conflicted Neutral Force Event Common Deadly Advance Neutral Force Event Common Relinquish Neutral Force Event Common You Were My Friend Neutral Force Event Common Foresight Neutral Force Support Common Force Lift 1 Neutral Force Upgrade Rare Shatterpoint 1 Neutral Force Upgrade Rare Treasured Lightsaber 2 Neutral Force Upgrade Rare Attack Formation Neutral Command Event Common Barrel Roll Neutral Command Event Common Deployment Neutral Command Event Common Intense Fire Neutral Command Event Common Revised Order Neutral Command Event Common Transfer Neutral Command Event Uncommon Armored Reinforcement Neutral Command Plot Uncommon Dorsal Turret 1 Neutral Command Upgrade Rare Handheld L-S1 Cannon 1 Neutral Command Upgrade Legendary Across The Galaxy Neutral Rogue Event Common Cash Out Neutral Rogue Event Common Dismantle Neutral Rogue Event Uncommon Fight Fire With Fire Neutral Rogue Event Common Indifferent Neutral Rogue Event Common Quick Thinking Neutral Rogue Event Common Improvised Defense Neutral Rogue Support Common Shadow Caster 1 Neutral Rogue Support Legendary Arc Caster 2 Neutral Rogue Upgrade Rare Shriek Neutral General Event Common T-16 Skyhopper Neutral General Support Common X-34 Landspeeder Neutral General Support Common Systems Gauge Neutral General Upgrade Uncommon Targeting Astromech Neutral General Upgrade Uncommon Landing Dock Neutral General Battlefield Uncommon
  11. Pretty good in the UK. I am in the Derby area and there is a community at my LGS of about 15-20 of us depending on timing that play. That is just at the store I frequent.
  12. Thanks buddy, my collection is attached to my post is it not?
  13. Hi All, Hope you are all doing really well on this Monday. I have my first event/tournament on Wednesday and just wanted some tips help about my deck or a new deck may be? I did the draft event in November and really got back in to Destiny and loving it once again. My current deck is a double Maz with Obi which seems to work pretty well by keeping both alive and destroying people with Obi, a guy at my local club helped me build it. Here it is: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/25365/mazobi-wan-firstdeck-1.0 All the cards I have at attached if anyone wants a quick look to see how I might be able to improve the deck or for making a new deck may be if anyone has time to check? Thanks in advance. cornwolf-collection.xlsx
  14. Thanks for all the advice guys. Like I said I am very new to all of this but I am getting the hang of it pretty quickly.
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