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  1. Finally! All this stuff opens up so many new cool ways to build fleets. Can't wait!
  2. Awwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Scatter is so very not the issue. My personal gripe is with highly self sufficient high-hull aces that are good at everything. I'd love to see a lot of generics get a little cheaper so you can run more of em.
  4. Just a random thought... Would splitting the gun in half help? A weapon destroyed result is pretty devastating right now.
  5. I think that's a pretty definitive answer then. If the only thing stopping someone from taking 10 of them is the force organization chart, there's a problem! It's mildly problematic to out-perform other special force choices. It's significantly worse to out-compete units in other categories to boot.
  6. I think the best way to tell if something is a problem is to ask a theory question: If you could take more than 3 in a list, would you? If the answer's yes, then there might be a problem.
  7. I played in a tournament at adepticon. If I wasn't actually playing I'd have been bored sick, even as a huge nerd surrounded by nerd stuff. Imagine what a non nerd would feel. Communicate like adults and give your SO a realistic view of what the convention will be like.
  8. New title is called "haha you idiots you left the parking brake on here lemme fix that" and lets the victory go speed 4 but it can't turn at all.
  9. Yeah, in this case Madine is directly competing with raddus and reikan. Madine navigates better to avoid getting shot and line up good shots. Raddus chooses to appear in a perfect spot to avoid dying and line up perfect shots. Reikan chooses to not die, so he can shoot you anyway. The weaknesses of Madine in comparison can really be seen against raddus lists. I have to spread out so much to avoid getting forked that I cannot kill the drop ship once it's in play. My other ships are simply too far away. Thinking back, I actually didn't destroy a single large ship the entire tournament. I just flew around them and hunted smalls/squads. With only 5 activations I can't easily trap large ships without dying in return, which reikan lets Nathan pull off.
  10. I'm actually not immediately opposed to the idea of a minimum squadron component. In theory there's a lot more certainty in listbuilding that could happen if you knew all of your opponents are gonna have some form of squadron blob. No more "I wanna run squadless but someone's gonna show up with a skew 8 firespray list that gets wrecked by Sloane but crushes me... So I could take a small wing of interceptors but then they're useless vs no squads..." etc etc. But I don't think it can be the only rules change. I'd love to see some tweaks to some of the more overperforming aces, and some buffs to many generic squadrons. I also worry that a minimum squad component would mean we start to see a lot of repetitive fleets. If you tell an Imperial list they need to have 100+ points in squads... well then they're gonna take a quasar.
  11. At a certain point, honestly who cares about scale on some chart? I'm happy to pretend new ships are all roughly appropriately sized if the rules for them fit the game well. I've never seen a Mandator next to an ISD so... I'm fine with it being the same size.
  12. Yuuuup! It was a real treat and quite the learning experience! I asked FFG for a buncha seals to club and they did not comply.
  13. And thanks for all the kind words! It was a ton of fun. Hoping I can go again next year!
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