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  1. Anakin and Obi-wan boarding party: Just fkin' blow your whole ship up lol
  2. I just want that classic FFG commentary. "Now why do you think he didn't take gunnery teams on that pickle?"
  3. Am I an actual insane person? No! I'm the smartest man in the room! Everyone else is stupid!
  4. No one attacked you lmao. There's no sass until your 2nd post where you proceed to lose your mind. You are a cartoon. A caricature of of an internet tough guy fACts AnD lOgIc keyboard warrior. Take a step back and look at your insane rants in this thread. About toy spaceships. I mean as a fellow oppressed gamer, I understand, but my word, pick your battles. Another libtard destroyed. Noice. Definitely. I'd berate anyone running their mouth like an insane person. Seriously I can't fathom unironically calling people sheep, spineless, telling them to SACK UP and DEBATE you and your IMPENETRABLE ideas. You're a clown. This is the chillest gaming community I've ever been a part of and you're slinging s*** at a lot of very cool people. No one's harassing you for your ideas. They're reacting to your, again, insane ranting. Dude we crap on FFG and asmodee all the time in this community. Production issues, missed deadlines, wonky rules interactions. These are all so prevalent they're practically memes at this point. Whining about it doesn't fix anything. I've seen internet gamers whine about the practices of the industry since literally the 90s, yet keep buying things. All the moaning doesn't do anything if people still spend money. Ask yourself if the company is still offering a satisfactory product that you consider to be worth the expense of purchase. If not, don't buy it. Simple as that. Again that's on you. No one gave you even a little snark before you went nuts. Sorry it's almost 4pm and I hear FFG calling. Time for my d*** flattening. Stay woke fellow gamer.
  5. Dude you made it a whopping ONE post before going off on a lunatic rant.
  6. Yes, obviously the ghoulish massive corporation only wants money. They'll run the numbers on every action they take and decide what to do based on how much money that brings in. I'm not going to defend it, but that's the world we live in. Is Armada still a fun game? Do you enjoy playing it? Are you happy with my plastic toys and dice and the games you as an adult play with them? If yes, keep buying, if no, don't. What the heck are we even arguing over here? Are we trying to organize a boycott? Over not getting to see enough of this niche fancy toy hobby us collection of massive nerds have? GAMERS. They targeted GAMERS. We're all ****** adults here man - spend your money however you want.
  7. Compared to the big dog of warhammer this game is super affordable. I have multiple of pretty much everything and have probably spent less on Armada than a warhammer army would run you these days. But yeah the lack of product in stores is a bummer. I've never played Armada in a local store without at least a few people coming up and ooing and awwing over how cool it looks. Then if they ask how to get involved and I go check on the store's stock...
  8. Whenever something feels broken in any game, try playing it for a while. Really helps you gain perspective.
  9. POD F: duck_bird vs Angry Ewok Final Score 192 to 103, a 7 - 4 for duck. Ewok had the bid, took 2nd. Duck picks Intel Sweep. Salvation flies down the middle. VCX and Flotillas do objective things. Liberty and Ackbar face off on the far left. Cr90s fly to make attack runs. Duck bombers harass cr90s, Xwings do flight controller + toryn things, Norra is a total babe and rolls doubles. Dutch turns off the VCX preventing Ewok from picking up more than one objective token. But then Duck flies objective ship into Ackbar range and it gets obliterated. Duck squads tear Ewok squads up with some hot rolls. Agate does Agate things and Liberty shrugs off blow after blow. Cr90, both flots and Ewok squads die, but score objective. Duck BCC flotilla dies for final score.
  10. Ah sorry I'll get to it tomorrow!
  11. I wouldn't run 2 liberties. I dropped them entirely because they just weren't cutting it competitively. This is probably even worse in a world with ravager qtc. If you are set running 2, you probably want mk hunting smalls with gt and another hunting larges with hie. They're very fun ships but kinda struggle right now.
  12. I don't think he's got an account, but I just played against "Artzfell" in a Vader vs Leia matchup on Contested Outpost. Poor lil' hammerheads tried to close with an angry Vader ISD and exploded.
  13. No problem I'll start reportin' next week. I'm sure I'll get more practice games in before primes!
  14. Hey no worries, vassal is wacky sometimes. Oh man I've played a boatload of games and haven't reported any lol. Whoops.
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