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  1. duck_bird

    Armada trade thread

    Yeah I've got a hunch that speed 4 kuat just might not be legit.
  2. Man some of you jerks are like the $&#hole in an online game who "quits" but doesn't actually leave and spends the next 20 minutes yelling at everyone in all chat. Take your bat and ball and go home already.
  3. duck_bird

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    I generally drive anywhere a half hour to hour away for tournaments. Regionals was the furthest I'd gone as that was almost 2 hours away. I don't mind an hour drive for a guaranteed 3 to 4 games though!
  4. duck_bird

    Another VSD Thread

    Dominator would be a fun title if it didn't cost 12 points.
  5. duck_bird

    Contain: A second class defense token

    DCO is one of my favorite officers, but she has a very big drawback. It's a very binary upgrade. If I take DCO, my opponents do not field fancy crits all day. If I don't take DCO, I face 2 Dodonnas and 2 Screeds every time.
  6. duck_bird

    Dear FFG

    I very much enjoyed all the various tournaments I went to. I want many more of them this year! Ffg pls
  7. duck_bird

    Trying to use Wide Area Barrage

    Find points for dcaps on the hammerheads if you can. Obstruction can ruin your day at long range otherwise.
  8. duck_bird

    Trying Something New

    Hmmmm, I only took the 2 intel officers. The isd was kitted out to hunt smalls more than larges. Each arq could reliably deal 5-6 damage with io, and many large ships would panic brace anyway after taking 6 damage. However, with devastator, I can see the utility in being able to toss your own tokens. Otherwise, SA is really useful for this fleet. Having 3 non-combat activations was lovely.
  9. duck_bird

    Never have I ever...

    There're still ships/squads/upgrade I've never put on the table. I gotta fix that!
  10. duck_bird

    Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!

  11. duck_bird

    Happy Friday - What is your local scene like?

    Our local scene is awesome. Within about an hour of me there are multiple stores that host monthly or every-other-monthly tournaments. A couple do quarterly championships, and our regionals last year had almost 40 people I think. Nova is awesome! @Thrindal I'm in the same boat. I'll buy everything FFG releases Armada wise (and multiples of half of it!) They just don't seem eager to take my money! Bummer!
  12. duck_bird

    Any success with Wide Area Barrage?

    Yeah it's a weird upgrade. To be worth it, I think you need to be able to deal at least 3 splash damage on each hit. Anything less is pretty easily taken on rear shields, or just face tanked. 3 is the magic number, 4 is amazing. This requires at least 5 or 7 black dice with hits, and at least one crit. If you can't get those numbers, you probably want a damage based black crit like apt or acm. Sato is the only one who can really make this happen, so I personally feel he's the only admiral who can use the upgrade well.
  13. Contested outpost is tough for this list because you want to be using your speed and maneuverability. Cracken wants you going at least speed 3 once combat starts. Needing a ship to be within range of the station can quickly backfire. The first player could rush a cymoon up pointed at the station and just dare you to contest it. Fast fleets don't want to have to fight over a stationary objective. Hyperspace assault would let you drop admonition in a perfect spot instead.
  14. duck_bird

    What to expect at a Regionals?

    You'll have a blast, no worries. There's a chance you get matched up against one of the best and take a bad loss early, but after that you'll be chilling in the middle/bottom of the pack and having great fun. The super experienced and competitive players will float to the top and fight each other usually. Or you'll do way better than you expected! Bring a fleet you're familiar with, get some practice in, and do your best! Regionals are a ton of fun!