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  1. Thank you very much -Istaril for those explanations which are exceptional! Now me and my friends are finally able to play the game without many unimportant interruptions.
  2. Awesome explanations, thank you! But I have one more additional question of Question 2. Example: You are active player and declare 2 attackers for MIL challenge. The total STR therefore is a sum of both characters, their attachments (if exists),... Question: do you have to read and follow both attacking characters texts or only on the character which was selected as first attacker?
  3. Question 1: I play Joustin Contest as my plot card which says:"Each player cannot declare more than 1 character as an attacker or defender in each challenge." My understanding (I am first player): I can declare a MIL challenge with "Bastard in Hiding" (1 att.). Defender can choose his 1 defender. Next, I can declare a INT challenge with "Fiery Followers" (1 att.). And at the end let's say I would be able to use "Vanguard Lancer" to declare a PWR challenge. Is my understanding correct? Question 2: Am I able to declare for example MIL challenge with 2 attackers? For example let's say "Vanguard Lancer" which has STR +1 and "Rattleshirt's Raiders" which STR is +2. Sum of both total STR is 3. My understanding: No. As an active player I may declare 3 various challenges with max 1 attacker per challenge (1 character for MIL, 1 character for INT, 1 character for MIL). Is my understanding correct? Question 3: If defender does NOT defend and the challenge is unopposed, the result of the challenge for the winner would be (assume we play MIL challenge): 1. The attacking player gets 1 PWR. 2. Apply claim result: the defending player must kill a number of different characters according to the attackers plot claim value. Is my understanding correct? Question 4: Example: I have marshaled location "The Iron Throne" for 2 golds (cost of the location). Text on card says:"The Iron Throne contributes 8 STR to your total for dominance." My questions are following: 4.1. Am I able to play this card every round if it's standing? 4.2. If I do, do I have to pay 2 golds every round I want to kneel to use it's ability? 4.3. If player have different locations already in play and they are standing, what do he/she need to do to play them? Just kneel the location at the right time to trigger it's ability, right? Question 5: Additional explanation of Varys. What does "each character from play" means? Does it mean that owner of Varys discard Varys and all of the opponent's characters? The text on Varys card says:"Interrupt: When the dominance phase ends, remove Varys from the game to discard each character from play." My undestanding: Discard Varys and discard all of opponents characters, including duplicates. Attachments go back to owner's hands, except Terminals. Is my understanding correct? Thank you very much for your effort and explanation in advance. I really look forward to play this beautiful and outstanding card game as according to rules as possible but I'm a total beginner. Best regards!