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  1. The Star Wars: Rebellion Build Generator has undergone another major overhaul! I decided to rewrite the entire program from scratch to make it more performant and to incorporate some upgrades that you guys wanted to see. Changes are live now on the site: https://www.rebellionbuild.com. A list of the updates are shown below: Mobile-Friendly: The website has been redesigned for a better user experience with tablets and phones. No more tables running off the screen! The improved website looks great on iPads and iPhones and now you can calculate your builds quickly and efficiently on-the-go with ease! Continue Previous Games: The website now remembers your previous choices after you close your browser! Games taking more than one session? Now, your previous game state can be reloaded at any time to continue your previous game. Of course, if you would like to start a new game, there's a button for that too! Thanks for the suggestion @thestag - sorry it took awhile for this to get done! Focused Unit Table: After calculating a build, now only the units that you need to build are show, and they are color-coded yellow for land units and blue for space units. This should make it much more streamlined to grab your units to place on the build queue. As always, I'm open to any suggestions, comments, or feedback you have about the build generator app. I hope that this website continues to be helpful for Star Wars: Rebellion players for many years to come!
  2. @Runko Thanks for the feedback. I'm also a fond user of RebellionMap.com, and in fact, that website was an inspiration for me to build RebellionBuild.com. When I was thinking of a design, I considered using a map as the interface; however, I ultimately decided on using a table for the following reasons: 1. RebellionMap and RebellionBuild are meant to compliment, not replace, one another. RebellionMap helps the Imperial player keep track of explored planets to help find the Rebel base, regardless of planet loyalty. RebellionBuild focuses on planet loyalty to calculate builds. These tools accomplish two separate goals. 2. If I used a map as the interface from RebellionBuild, the user would have two similar map interfaces with different use cases, leading to confusion. Many users use both tools simultaneously so I believe that this is a legitimate concern. 3. Ethically, I think it's wrong to copy RebellionMap. Also, there's no way I could ever make a map look that good. :-P In regards to you second point about displaying the number of icons, and not displaying all possibilities is a great suggestion, and I may implement that in a future update.
  3. @Bron Ander Haltern Thank you for pointing this out! I missed this scenario, and I'm even more surprised that it took someone six months to bring it up! In terms of the Rebel Base, the rules reference states that the Rebel Base is not a system. Since Sabotage is a card that states Attempt in any system, the Rebel Base space cannot be sabotaged. More discussion about this can be found on this BoardGameGeek post. Coruscant, however, can be sabotaged. I've implemented this change, which is now LIVE. The Rebel Base space now only has one option (Rebel loyal), while Coruscant can either be Imperial Loyal or Sabotaged. If the website still looks the same as before, refreshing the browser will load the new changes. -- EDIT Upon further review of the rules reference, on page 11, it states: The resource icons on the “Rebel Base” space can still be used while the base is revealed unless there is an Imperial unit or Imperial loyalty in the Rebel base’s system. Therefore, it looks like the Rebel Base has a scenario when it does not build for the Rebels. I've amended my original changes to include an Imperial Subjugated icon for the Rebel Base to account for this.
  4. Another behind-the-scenes update: RebellionBuild web app deployment has been upgraded to use caching technology! Most users in the United States will not notice a big difference, but web page load times should now be significantly decreased for non-US countries! In terms of adding a Save feature, that is still in the works, so stay tuned!
  5. It's definitely possible to add this feature by using cookies or localStorage. Since I'll have to do some research and self-teaching, it may take some time for me to implement this feature, but I'll see what I can do! Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Glad you're enjoying the build generator! I actually originally had this feature, and my thinking on resetting all system loyalties when returning from the build output table was to cut down on user error since there can potentially be a lot of planet loyalty changes over the course of 2 turns. I do have a 'Reset' button on the home page, however, so I guess if you wanted to, you could manually reset your choices from there anyways. So I went ahead implemented your suggestion (changes now live). Now you can go back to the list of systems using the 'Return' button on the build output table (originally the 'Reset' button), and all of your systems should be populated with your previous choices! Thanks for the great suggestion @thestag!
  7. After some minor tweaks, the build generator has been updated with a new and improved user interface! Instead of using drop-down menus for each planet, you can simply click/tap on the desired loyalty of each planet on the home screen (double-tap if using the Safari browser on iPad/iPhone) and then click/tap the build button. Of course, the web app has the same dependable functionality, but now with a modern look and feel. Enjoy the new upgrade!
  8. I noticed that one of the most time-consuming aspects of this game is building units so I built a web app to help streamline the process. The program saves me at least 30 minutes per game! As the program is online, it's compatible with all computers, tablets, and mobile devices. I'd appreciate any feedback on the web app, and I hope you all enjoy!! Star Wars: Rebellion Build Generator Web App: http://www.rebellionbuild.com!
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