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  1. Donel

    Monster movement

    I think you're thinking of it wrong. What that monster really wants to do is be at wherever that target is. If it wanted to be hunting the players it would be a hunter with that instruction. They're not all intelligent master minds. Its goal is not to stop us. Its here to purse that single minded instruction. Were I a cultists with 2 places to be and one had jerks waiting to beat my face in when I got there, I'd go to the other one.
  2. Thats brutal. So it's only your base stat vs the test value at that point?
  3. Given the way that its worded, if you equipped his signature gun while you have any tools out you'd have to discard them because it has to occupy his hand slots to hit the board before the asset can offer it's ability to make up to two tools not require hand slots, right?
  4. Donel

    Prey question

    If a hunter monster's prey would be an investigator with the most clues and no one has clues would the monster move? The monster's prey doesn't exist. There's no investigator with clues, most or otherwise
  5. Donel


    If there is only one location, then is there not a location Farthest from you? Would cards that have attatch or spawn at a location farthest from you simply fail and get discarded if you're at the only location?
  6. Ah, I bet the creature of this card spurred on that discussion: https://arkhamdb.com/card/04270 I had similar questions regarding it. Can anyone detach it from a location once attached? Whose play area would it go to if someone else can detach it? Presumably it would return to the original owner as it is 'returning' but if that's the case it's hard to assume anyone else would be able use the ability to detach it
  7. Donel

    How do you Parley

    Notable exception to that is this card that denotes that playing it as an event for its test and effect is a parley action: https://arkhamdb.com/card/04105
  8. I would submit this to the devs. I would think an attachment is considered to be owned by the card its attached to
  9. I tend to agree with the earlier statement that Arcane research can't trigger here because we never actually finish the scenario. We're always within the confines of it when it makes us loop
  10. Donel

    Rex and Shortcut?

    Can you use pathfinder in the middle of a test like you can with shortcut?
  11. Theres an African-american female. I believe shes the Athlete
  12. Pending any shocking revelations in the campaign, I'd love to see a playable version of Ichtaca. Shes got guardian right in her title
  13. Donel

    A Community Strategy Guide

    Heres a good tip, resist the urge to split up. Especially if you only have one dedicated slayer. You shouldn't be spread out further that having everyone on one or two locations. If you're running 2 slayers and 2 cloovers then you can split the party 50/50
  14. Short answer no. The only way to advance the act deck from 2a to 2b is by clearing 6 ancient locations of clues