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  1. I also think they should have included a printed version. Wouldn't hurt them and how much is really going to change?? And you could easily release a changelog along with the compiled pdf for those who want to update their printed version. Because, come on, most of us are going to print the rules anyway at least once or am I seeing that wrong? And, speaking to those who would say it saves money, now the cost is on the consumer, would have been much more cost efficient if FFG had printed it.
  2. I second this! That would be really awesome. I don't know how they would act as commanders, they aren't that "commanding". But since there are two commander slots, maybe not every character has to. On the other side I could see them also as a Special unit duo. In either case, I hope we can bring them on the table at some Point in the future!
  3. Do you remember the times when Alex Davy said something about a Christmas release? Yeah, that was a mistake, that was corrected the next day. But I always took it for a hint, that they were aiming for that timeframe and just couldn't make it. So I thought January or February at the latest. And now there is talk about March?? I don't know, it's not like FFG owes me something, but I just want the game to arrive already! I can't wait anymore and the preview of the things to come don't help really either, sorry. Maybe the best way to get through this would be to put myself in an artificial coma until it gets released!
  4. I also think the max number of models per unit is six, but it's not just pictures that showcase the contents of the box. You have preview articles like this one https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/15/boots-on-the-ground/ where the pictures show units consisting of seven models. And with these things out there, I can understand the confusion. EDIT: Ha^^ @Lickintoad was a little bit faster
  5. @LennoxPoodle Oh, yeah, the TIE Striker, of course! Don't know why I haven't thougt of that...(I feel really bad about that one^^') And I've looked up the patrol gunship, I dont't really watch the animated series. I like it too, has a neat design and I could see it on the table. Thank you for those hints, now I am way less concerned about a one sided air superiority!
  6. Yep, to all of it. I like the T-47 too, how it seems to be good balanced and for the most part that we get Wedge Antilles and how he doesn't seem to break the game with overly extreme abilities. But while reading I found myself wondering, what other Airspeeder could we get, the V-Wing maybe? And more important what Airspeeder units has the Empire, I don't recall any specific?? Where there any in the EU?
  7. As much as I get the appeal of a 15mm scale, I think it was the better decision for ffg to go with the 30-something and I would have voted for it too. It's just my opinion, but the chances of a success with a 15mm game are not that big. I wouldn't be upset if they will release a game with that scale in the future (and I would buy it), but that will only happen if Legion is successful. The other way around would be more risky and if it doesn't do well, maybe they wouldn't think about another miniature game for quite some time. Just my thoughts. And I just like the bigger minis
  8. I like the system a lot. And if you really fear to play the long March with a slowly moving army, you can always cancel that. Of course, you have to look for it and consider which cards you don't want to have in play. It's always going to be a compromise between the two players. But that's what's going to be interesting, because either player has to adapt to the scenario and I find it way better than where you can just play your one size fits all playstyle. And if you are not in a tournament you and your opponent can always just choose the cards for the scenario you wanna play.
  9. Well said, I responded recently on one of those threads here and shared my concerns of the discussion. At the same time I would have been interested in a healthy conversation about the topic. I'm fairly new here, so I'm asking, what would be the best way to handle such a situation. You want to ignore the trolls, I agree, should we also ignore the entire thread even if there are some valid points? Maybe start a new one or would that be wasted time, because it's now a "poisoned" topic? What are your thoughts about that?
  10. Because no one seems to have mentioned them yet. I really want to see Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors, two great characters, would be a shame to not have them as a miniature!
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