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  1. C3PO stole the show. Kylo and Rey’s relationship was again the most intriguing thing going on, daisy Ridley did a swell acting job in this one.loved the new droid. Liked the chewie and lando bits. Fixed* Luke. The fight in the ds2 ruins was fantastic. Rey training course! Loved the ‘cameos’. Loved palpatine’s bitterness towards the Skywalker line. Liked the Finn and Poe banter. Wedge! Rey’s lineage and snokes backstory were sufficient. Pryde was the calm collected competent officer the FO had been sorely lacking. I liked bens story’s resolution. Biggest regret was leia didnt get a more involved/fleshed out role but they worked with what they had. Rip Carrie. All in all it wasn’t perfect but I liked it. I walked out of the theatre happy and content with the sequel trilogy.
  2. I’d like to say one thing before the inevitable tidal wave of hot takes hits. I go into movies, hopeful that I’ll enjoy them. I love star wars, and I want to enjoy the films. Sadly I wasn’t a fan of tfa and tlj, but other people were and that’s fine. Many people were critical of r1 and solo, but I really enjoyed both of those films. I’m truly looking forwards to ix. Point is, enjoy the things you enjoy, and don’t let the noise take away your capacity to enjoy the things in life that bring you happiness. We’re in the end game now boys. May the force be with us.
  3. We’re seeing increasing disconnect between the critics and the audience. Critics loved tlj, the fans were split, critics panned the Warcraft movie and netflix’s Bright, yet the general viewers looked on those films more favorably. Won’t surprise me to see and inverse response yet again from the two camps, this time with ix. Tldr; I don’t put too much stock into the critics anymore.
  4. I’m confident IX will be better than VIII. IX will have the emperor, that character is so great and Ian mcdiarmind is a phenomenal actor. That alone will be enough for me to enjoy the film.
  5. I think it will hit inderdictor tank fleets the hardest. Somehow I doubt those bemoaning the onset of the onager are primarily concerned about the interdictor prospects.
  6. Agreed. Venators should absolutely be large base. Im predicting both factions capital ships to be undergunned compared to the empire. I can see both factions having high sqd values. Wouldn’t surprise me to see cissquads have some mechanic similar to legion b1 battle droids. Ai/a1 attack.
  7. I named my tie bomber ruthless strategists list after zap brannigan!
  8. Calling it now. Using an old Sith temple or artifact or deus ex machina palps will return utilizing w/e method plaugeis developed.
  9. As long as I’ve been playing there were regionals in kc as well as Nebraska which both had good attendance. So far neither has a prime event. Makes me a little anxious. I could drive to Iowa... but ugh, definitely hoping my go to spots got their apps in and are added to the list when it gets updated.
  10. I can’t see how hyperspace ramming would be a healthy game mechanic.
  11. Love seeing the arquitens on the table. It’s just such a pretty ship, sleek and nicely angled, compact and looks well put together. I consistently fall back to the isd. It’s just so reliable, versatile, and it’s nice having the biggest dog on the block.
  12. Ship: isd, it’s just so iconic. Squad: tie interceptor/ciena ree. Outside of the x-wing it’s the sexiest star fighter in the galaxy. And I love ciena’s Perma obstruction ability, it’s simple, powerful, and doesn’t take extra time to measure or slow the game. She is bae. Upgrade: intensify firepower. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. Seriously underrated.
  13. What irks me is the fact that an imperial splinter faction, having bore witness to a single snub fighter destroying the death star, a single fighter destroying the executor, and a single fighter and light freighter destroying the ds2, has learned nothing from those experiences or updated it’s design philosophy. “Make it flat so it’s easier for poe to take out the pt defense” lol what a joke.
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