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  1. I've taken demo w/ and w/o engine techs, and everytime I've taken demo w/o engine techs I've wished that I had em. It's an expensive upgrade at 8 pts, but I believe its worth it. If you're taking tua on demo I'd go with RBD's over ECM. I'd consider Most wanted over Opening Salvo for your red objective. Drop IG88 for Zertik. He'll synergize better with Soontir, he's cheaper, and he'll stay alive longer buying you more time/better coverage.
  2. I think the Venator may/could end up being a cross faction ship for the Republic and the empire with unique variants for each. Even if it is exclusive to the Republic, I'd still like it to be unique and not a clone of a pre-existing ship. I don't think it should be identical to a home one mc80 with 3 front 6 side dice. 4 front, 5 side is different and new.
  3. I think we only need consider the VSD and the ISD when contemplating the Ven because we need to find as of yet unfilled design space. the Ven needs its own identity, it needs to be balanced so as to be worthwhile to take, while not being overbearing and relegating the VSD/ISD to the dustbin. That's why we mention the VSD.
  4. You misinterpret me, I was reacting to your claim that a contain defense token would mandate DCO in the officer slot, I don't think DCO would be a fixed officer in that scenario. It does seem we just happen to disagree. I think there is space to make a more fragile carrier variant per your desire, whilst also having a capable brawling large ship, the kind of Venator we see going toe to toe exchanging broadsides with Providence class in the opening of revenge of the sith and knocking out Munificents and Recusants.
  5. You're shifting the goal posts. I said it's main arc is weaker than a VSDs (and you correctly add it's weaker than a home one mc80 as well). It is a weaker main arc. The fact that it gets a stronger secondary arc(4 dice as opposed to 3) is also true. So yes, if you double arc, you will get the same dice. The Venator's strength should be its versatility imo. The VSD is more dedicated ship to ship platform. I never mentioned upgrades, but assuming it gets an officer slot, that's still a highly competitive upgrade slot, who's to say DCO will be stapled? Maybe the Venator will lack a weapons team whereas the VSD has a weapons team. Who knows. I trust FFG to deliver a balanced project. Yes, I am serious. Weapons systems are not fixed to the colors of the dice. This is a fact. Someone back me up on this.
  6. 1. Assuming Venators are released for the empire in addition to the republic, it would give the empire a new playstyle available only previously via the arquitens. 2. Ship armaments/weapons systems are not tied to die color. Also, ISD-IIs have zero point defense according to canon, but in game they have 2 blue flak dice. Game design is going to take priority. 3. 9 hull for being a large ship. It's weaker than a VSD in numerous ways. Weaker shields, weaker defensive token suite, weaker main arc, etc. Hope that answers your questions.
  7. Posted February 23 I've always felt the Venator needs to fill a role not already filled by ships we already have. It shouldn't been a clone of the ISD or the Victory, nor should it so outperform them it drives them from viability. And believe it or not there is unoccupied space we could fit this ship. Make it a Large ship who's strength is in its broadside, something the Empire doesn't have. 5 dice out the sides, 3 red 2 blue and out the front give it 4 dice, 2 red 2 blue. This way it fits its own balanced role. Its strongest arc is still less than the VSD's front (with the VSD canonically designed to be more ship to ship oriented it should have the stronger arc). To make up for this weakness the Venator gets a more balanced third arc, stronger than the VSD's side arc. Kind of inspired by the MC75. 9 hull, 2-3 shields all the way around. So it's a "Large" w/ decent hull but w/ weaker shields and a less impressive defense token suite (single brace, single redirect, single contain?)to represent its "age" being a relic of the CW and all. make the 2nd version a carrier version w/ higher sqd value (5?) but drop stats elsewhere from the brawler version. (2 shields all around instead of shield values up to 3? or swap the blue dice for blacks? or make the flak weaker etc.)
  8. I wasn't really feeling TFA or TLJ (I really enjoyed R1 and solo though), and I was to the point where I didn't think i even wanted to see ix. About 2-3 months ago I was talking with a friend, and I said the only thing that could really get me excited for SW again might be palp's returning. The prequels, as flawed as they were, were much more enjoyable for me because they had a sense of storytelling cohesion, anakin's fall/palpatine's rise to power. The sequels seemed to be meandering nowhere fast. That was a sick trailer, (OMG please let that be an ISD), and that ending with that epic cackle has me hooked again. (**** even the RLM reviews of the prequels pointed out they really liked Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor, and how the guy just ***** loved being evil, ******* amazing).
  9. Really? I guess I'm just the polar opposite of you. When I first saw the resurgent class in TFA I couldn't stand the design. Why would the FO build all those openings into their ships? Seems like it'd jeopardize the ship's structural integrity, or worse expose it to starfighter attacks. And the rebels/resistance are known for their starfighters. As for the conflict being more interesting, its just a cheap re-hash of the GCW. CW designs are beautiful and Iconic. Venators and Lucrehulks? Yes please! Best thing from the new trilogy is the hammerhead/corvette. That ship looked cool I'll give you that. I just have to disagree with you on just about everything else, I dunno to each their own I guess.
  10. Kinda bummed by some of the rulings. I expected certain things like things that specify large ships wouldn't work on huge ships ex hardened bulkheads. But I didn't expect Tua would be ruled out. Didn't think Motti would have zero interaction, assumed he'd just give 3 hp like he does w/ large. Didn't think enhanced armament would be limited to the front side arcs only. Didn't think the half hp, half points rule would include FULL upgrade pts. Yeesh, throw the ship a bone. It didn't get a single ruling in its favor.
  11. Reporting good trade with @Palanthas.
  12. Oh you're right. I'm confusing my nav charts. I banked a nav token rd 1 on the quasar.
  13. Primarily IF. EF couldn't really benefit the quasar (unless I dropped to speed 0 at the start) which is capped at speed 2. But I was 1st player in all my matches so I had to take the fight to my opponents. I took CF on turn one, and then I was set to take Sqd Commands the rest of the game on ISD to help the quasar push squads, unless I wanted to sneak in an eng or nav. Though my opponents objectives I chose managed to dictate where the battle would take place (salvage run etc.) mitigating my need for nav.
  14. There were actually an odd number of people at the Geekery Regional in Kansas. I think we had 13 or 15? I know because it gave me an excuse to use my bye. It is too bad you missed out on 2/3 events though. I've always enjoyed our games. Since there was one at both Game Cafe and The Geekery this year I didn't drive up to the regional in Nebraska this year. So some of it could be chalked up to shifting locations.
  15. Reporting a good trade with @The Jabbawookie!
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