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  1. Hi All, I'm cashing out and looking for Star Wars CCG cards. Up for grabs: Awakenings complete set x2. other notables, 4 holdout blasters included. SoR almost complete set x2. Missing 2 Force Speed, 1 Lightbow, and 2 Force Illusions. 4x vibroditties. EaW almost complete set x2. Missing 2 Ancient Lightsabers, 2 Shotos. 3x ID9 and 3x chance cubes. 2 Player game, 2x everything EXCEPT Raise the alarm. Rivals 2x, EXCEPT Hidden Motive. Legacies almost complete set x2. Missing 2 Yoda, 2 Force wave, 2 Heirloom LS, 2 Battle Droids, 2 easy pickings, 2 entangled, 1 into the garbage chute. Most sets will have more than 2 rares and up to 6 each UC and C. Please PM me if you're interested or have questions. I am only trading items as sets so please do not ask about individual cards. Thank you!
  2. There wasn't much of a scene where I am to beging with. Thanks the product shortages with AWK. The one store that used to sell singles stopped after SoR, actually. They're selling boxes at $60 (except Legacies). Personally, I've only been collecting lately. Only need the big $$ blue L but not willing to shell out now. I've actually been scouring EBay for old Deciper Star Wars goodies...
  3. Are the Imperial Assault characters Legends? I was assuming that they'd be canon since Disney is so "hands on" with their IP. *edit - I should have done my homework, according to wookiepedia these characters are not canon. So pleaee disregard this post. I doubt Legends will see print.
  4. I'm talking actual characters. Like Fenn Signis, a red hero with an ability like "if Fenn is equipped with a weapon, deal 2 indirect damage when that die is resolved" and/or a power action like " if Fenn is your only character, ready him". Or Gaarkhan with an ability like " when Gaarkhan takes more than 6 damage in a single turn he deals half that damage to a character". Well the point is really to get some different characters out there on the public conscious.
  5. Imperial Assault characters in Destiny? Discuss...
  6. Thanks! I remember this database from the Players Committee but I couldn't find it. The images aren't as good as I remember, though.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know where to find hi-res scans of Decipher CCG cards? I have ideas for character proxies and I'd like to avoid scanning cards or I just don't own them in the first place. Thanks!
  8. Huh, this set is coming Third Quarter? That's a long wait. What's up FFG?
  9. Reporting good trade with Piscettios. Thanks again!
  10. Anothet updated list: Wants: Ancient Lightsabers Yoda Haves Legacies: 1: Kylo's Starfighter 1: Zeb's bo-rifle 1: Kalus's bo-rifle EaW: 1: Sabine Wren 1: Mace Windu 1: K-2SO 2: T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle SoR: 1: Director Krennic 1: U-Wing 2: Quadjumper Also of note, I have 2 Seventh Sisters and 3 ID9 Seeker Droids which could be put on the table. Thanks for looking
  11. I like Rose. You can Leadership her for shenanigans. Red also gets you Electrostaff, which helps with Mace's pay side. I don't know if this makes the deck competitive, but it's worth playing around with.
  12. You just blew my mind. (going to EBay to buy all Greedos) Of course, I want to say this can't be so... but you make some good points.
  13. I'm also looking forward to working with Aayla Secura. I think she'll replace Rey in my eKanan/Padawan/Rey deck. I qlso want to tinker with eJabba/ eTarkin.
  14. Hi all, With Legacies almost here (I think...) what new teams with Legacies characters have you excited? Obi Wan and anyone else seems pretty solid... Yoda in a five dice hero build might be worth looking into. But what I can't wait for is Luke/Lando. I have an unhealthy obsession with Lando but I think Luke is a great matchup for 4 dice pair. I like New Luke because of his gun sides (no melee blue sounds interesting ) and his power action seems solid. What say you guys?
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