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    We could have House Taxidermy and have dead puppies!
  2. Yes, you are playing it correctly. It triggers on every opportunity, even if you don't want it to (such as you are the only one with creatures on board). I happen to have a horseman deck with Speed Sigil. It is very fun to play Famine, then fight, and result in removing 3 creatures from my opponents side.
  3. The FFG center is not running Chainbound? WTF FFG?!
  4. All damage is done simultaneously. The active player makes all decisions. These two rules work in conjunction here and mean you get to put the damage where you want even if it would be overkill. The only time you would have to do damage to your own creatures would be in the case where the opponent has none.
  5. I have to disagree here that it was not a combo. If they player had just put out Restringuntus and nothing else it would not have been a lock down. The opponent was able to first clear the board of Dis creatures. Granted this was not as complex a combo as using two houses to put it into action. But it also was predicated on luck that the OP had only Dis cards in hand, certainly not a common occurrence in of itself. This was a perfect storm, just someone willy-nilly playing Restringuntus.
  6. Import them, if they are registered you just need the url from the deck on the app.
  7. I gotta say, I cannot imagine this was a legit question. It has to be a troll or... **** I don't even know. My guesses would be intentionally being obtuse (trolling) or attempting to play devils advocate, but not for any positive gain here, so again (trolling). I would normally apply the logical concept of charity in such a case, but this one is just a bit too far... Discarding? Really?
  8. Decent Amber control, slight sub-par amber generation, and meh board control. Epic quest is a bit of a stinker. If almost always takes more work that it is worth (6 Amber). Overall I would rate this deck below average. You have a deck that looks like it wants to control the board but is double edged, your best board control takes away all your best board presence. Your board presence is necessary for you to get enough amber. Gateway and Spirit's in a deck that heavily creature focused is not always the best. Some games you will be able to make it work with the Arise. But more often than not I suspect you will consistency issues. Keep in mind this is very speculative. I would encourage you play some games with it. That is the only way to be sure. I would just make sure you give the tires a good kick before you dedicate an Archon tournament to it. Be sure you keep ahold of some delaying options when you are up against a speed deck. Things like Charette and Miasma can be really nice for delaying that one extra turn. But capture alone does not win games.
  9. Krashwire


    No, only a creature using a Fight action is an attack.
  10. On page 26 of the Rules: Action cards are immediately put into the discard pile after their effects resolve. In the case of an Action card that has a lasting effect like Library Access, once the effect is established by resolving the card, the card is immediately put into the discard pile and does not remain in play.
  11. You forgot to post the name of your deck so we can actually look it up.
  12. Yep, I have had that happen. I played LA when the deck was almost empty, reshuffled and played LA again as it was just two cards deep (thanks for the awesome cut opponent!). I ended up drawing my whole deck into hand. Quite fun!
  13. You can also always find another store that has events on another day. Heck you can even go to both and play in two (or more) chainbound a week!
  14. Indeed and we are starting to really see the long view Richard Garfield had in the design of the chain system.
  15. Literally nothing has ever indicated that chains on two decks cancel each other out. The point of the system is that a deck is handicapped the better it does, not that it is handicapped only when facing a deck with less chains.
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