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  1. I expect that the realities of creating an freeform character generator have delayed this project. Most character generators never make it past the 80% mark when the scope of supported options becomes horrifyingly clear.
  2. I've already sold my group on the concept. If the one-shot goes well, there will be 4-5 more core book sales. Hopefully, that pattern continues, though a little marketing push would be nice. No one I know has heard of Genesys before I mentioned it to them. As far as lack of articles, a generic system is hard to tease without either giving the goods away or being worthlessly vague. The articles published so far all boil down to "Genesys has rules for you to build stuff." Even the magic article could be fairly summarized as "there's a skill-based spellcasting system and implements alter that, but you can change it all if you want". No concrete details to be found. I think FFG has just struggled with how to give us something without giving us everything and come up short. I strongly suspect we'll see a surge of marketing for the settings/genre books, which will tacitly push the core book sales as well. On its own, there's nothing really sexy about the core book because it's basically just rules to make other rules. The implementation is what will grab people.
  3. The day's not over yet!
  4. I really hope we'll be able to buy single dice at some point. I'd love to buy up to 6 yellows and reds without drowning in greens and purples.
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