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  1. I'm super late on this but it seems kind of hypocritical for some people to be like "Good we need less mathwingers" because it implies a certain disdain for those who play differently than they do, which is the attitude that I assume these people have an issue with Mathwingers for in the first place. "Why are you using that ship, don't you know how crappy it is?" - Mathwingers "Why are you using that ship, don't you know how OP it is?" - Casuals (dunno if this is the correct term to use but it's what I thought of) How are these any different? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's wrong to have an opinion. You are welcome to enjoy the game how you want, as long as you aren't being a jack*** about it. But when you start throwing it at people, that's the line I draw between it being okay and not okay.
  2. Yeah I'm in the same boat, but as hedge said, this is the warning. It sucks for guys like us but they have to do what's best for the game. A lot of people have been clamoring for a 2.0 so hopefully this "fixes" the game.
  3. #1 is mine: Costs $$$ Though this is mainly just sour grapes on my part as I've just recently started to acquire more stuff, and now I need to spend extra so soon after buying it all just to play the game (via conversion kits)
  4. If I'm reading the FAQ correctly: If a ship equipped with Adaptive Ailerons overlaps an obstacle as part of this additional maneuver, it suffers the effect of overlapping it as described in the "Obstacles" section on page 14 of the Rules Reference (see page 2 of the FAQ for errata of this section). For example, if a ship using Adaptive Ailerons overlaps an asteroid it would roll for damage but not skip its "Perform Action" step. If a ship equipped with Adaptive Ailerons overlaps another ship as part of this additional maneuver, it does not skip its "Perform Action" step. Then yes, you would get to perform an action.
  5. It's certainly a possibility, I assumed it was a quit because I didn't get any sort of error, but I'm usually on the end of that kind of stuff so I'm not used to someone else having the error, so I didn't know what kind of behavior the program exhibits when that happens. I will take your word for it and retract my rather judgmental post. I was definitely frustrated by it but I shouldn't rush to conclusions.
  6. Whoever "merlin" is just quit on me, so that was a waste of time. It was a good match too, my Vader went down early vs his 2 yt2400 (albeit with some sketchy business, range crapped out so it let him shoot at me and not vice-versa) but I had dash down to 2 hull and his other at shields down. Why people gotta be like that?
  7. I unfortunately only own the base starviper stuff, I don't have gunsf or hire which means no mk2, or I would highly consider starviper and/or kihraxz Can't believe I overlooked pattern analyzer, that would indeed be better than primed thrusters since it would allow tractor beaming after reds.
  8. So the format of this tournament is as follows: Each player brings 3 small base ships up to 50 points each Each ship is chosen at random to face one of the opponents' randomly chosen ships, repeat with different ships, best 2 of 3, MOV either 0 or 100 pts 3 obstacles, 3x3 play area, 25 mins per game I already know I want to run Darth Vader and either Soontir Fel or Quickdraw (I feel like arc dodging at ps11 would lend itself to good performance when there's only 1 arc to dodge, and I mostly have imperial stuff and some scum stuff), but I want to do something janky with the 3rd ship, and the Quadjumper is the first ship I ever bought so I want to see if there's a way to make it cock some eyebrows and actually maybe have it do pretty well. Here's what I came up with on my own: Sarco Plank: 18 EPT: Stay on Target: 2 Crew: Intelligence Agent: 1 Bomb: Cluster Mines: 4 Illicit: Cloaking Device: 2 Mod: Spacetug Tractor Array: 2 The general idea is to view their dial with IA and use stay on target to turn the dial to an appropriate maneuver, using the tractor array to help toss them onto some asteroids or even to a path where they will get blocked. Primed Thrusters is so that if I need to do a reverse maneuver, I can maybe barrel roll into their flight path and block them when needed. Eventually perhaps I can catch them with a full battery of cluster mines, which is my only real way to do damage. The cloaking device was just kinda freestyled in there, just to use when I'm in a pinch. The sticking point I have is that outside of the cluster mines, I have no long-term plan to win; once they're gone, they're gone. Killing someone by throwing them into asteroids takes too long to win in 25 minutes and isn't a sure thing to boot. To that end, I had thought about replacing IA with cad bane in order to enable the use of bomblet generator, which would give me more of a long game, but to do that is to basically change the whole ship setup since without IA, there's no use for stay on target, the tractor array becomes less useful, and it's harder to know when to use the bombs and when not to. Any ideas to throw on top of my ship? Should I just scrap this idea altogether since it's kind of a slow, grindy list that will probably just end up going to time?
  9. Disturbing lack of the quadjumper's REVERSE MANEUVERS in this topic
  10. I was wondering about sensors as I was tinkering with a build that involved it today and it gave me that bug. I see Sandrem is already on top of it.
  11. That happens to me sometimes as well, usually me and whoever I'm playing with just switch who makes the room, and usually that works.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/HzBXx Would like to report an AI enemy shooting at my ship beyond range 3. I clicked on Soontir Fel right as the combat phase started, not sure if that had anything to do with it.
  13. http://meta-wing.com/ship_combos/6597 The gist is that the Ghost is able to make 4 Twin Laser Turret shots in one turn due to the attack shuttle docking with it, while Fenn Rau in the Sheathipede can use his pilot ability to make it harder to lay damage on the 0 agility ghost, and can use his Coordinate action in order to give the Ghost a free boost out of arc if deemed necessary (Which due to Fenn being at PS11 means it will almost always be able to do this after all other ships final positions have been set) This sets up a dilemma where if you try to take out the ghost and its 16 health first, you will lose the damage race because Fenn will make it hard to damage the ghost more than it can damage you. If you try to go for Fenn (which is the better way to try to beat it) you pretty much have to bank on the Ghost not laying an unopposed beatdown on your ships while you're focusing down Fenn. I believe that's accurate, from what I've read on the forums myself.
  14. Playing against AI, shot an enemy that wasn't harpooned with primary weapon, enemy was at 1 hull left, triggered non-existant harpoon splash damage which led to this glitch: https://imgur.com/a/9dZQ6 Pumped a harpoon into this invincible ship next round, and it remained on the board alive. Defender OP plz nerf
  15. I've been interested in how the strikers work so I'm super hyped to hear that's next on the docket. Thanks so much for all your work Sandrem!
  16. 2nd completed game in a row with oz, that's promising! However, another glitch happened. I was playing twin IG-88s, B & C, with heavy laser cannons and fire-control systems. He was playing Quick draw and 2 tie silencers. At one point, I shot Quickdraw with my HLC and it counted the crit instead of changing the dice to a hit, which resulted in an unfortunate circumstance in which his quickdraw drew a direct hit card and blew up when it shouldn't have. Sorry oz!
  17. Oz and I finally finished a game, but we had several problems: First off, he was playing decimator with palpatine and quickdraw. We had an event where I shot at him and it showed him as having not used palpatine. Then he got an extra evade die from Lightweight Frame on quickdraw, and it said "evade was chosen" after the roll, but it didn't apply the evade. I believe he also tried to use palp several times over the course of the game and a few times didn't work, but you'd have to ask him on when. 2nd, his decimator was carrying Kylo Ren crew, but when he went to assign the card associated with that crew, it seemed to not have worked. I guess it didn't let him choose a card. Finally, his quickdraw was carrying harpoon missiles, he fired them at my Inquisitor's tie and killed it in one shot, thanks to a direct hit damage card. However, the next turn, when it came time to resolve the end phase, it gave me the same options to resolve as it did the prior turn whien Inqy blew up, to remove all counters, or trigger harpoooned damage. His quickdraw then took damage as if the Inquisitor was still alive, even though his ship was removed from the playing field the prior turn.
  18. Just had that sync error drail posted: https://imgur.com/a/vHqqe Prior steps: Inquisitor firing at Quickdraw from range 3, opponent has emperor palpatine on decimator, uses palp to declare evade, error
  19. Oz had to back out but i am still game for a game if anyone wants for the next couple hours
  20. Will do, next time it happens I will try to recall the steps. Also, something I'm noticing is that a lot of times since the update, a red dice will show as uncanceled even though there are enough evade results to cancel it. There's no specific pattern that I can tell, so just curious if anyone else is noticing this.
  21. That looks like the same error we got last night, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  22. Can't wait to give it a whirl after work! Thanks again for all your and the people involved's hard work.
  23. https://imgur.com/a/l5M96 Just wanted to report a game against an AI where turn 1, I was able to target lock an opposing ship without long range scanners, but in the ensuing combat phase, the ship that did that (Inquisitor) was unable to fire against a Seinar specialist (tie silencer)
  24. I cup them in my right hand, shake them a little bit, and kinda swing my hand upward and a bit of over, palm facing to the side so that the dice have just a tad bit of arc and spin to them before falling to the table. I don't do that with my hand very high up though for reasons boba rick mentioned.
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