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  1. Before I got the physical book, I would have bought the PDF in a heartbeat. As it is, the first time after the 5th I want to do a word search...
  2. And now it seems obvious. Thank you much, kind forum user. ☺
  3. By the nature of the game, we will be mixing with both upper and lower class to a degree. As a teaching tool, this setting is going to be used as a clumsy "Where in time is Carmen Sandiego"-type game. With included disclaimers on how the PC's roles are non historical. The current setting is medieval Europe, but it will change. The skills will remain the same(ish) but the setting will change.
  4. In my mind I had rolled this together with Lore. Forgot to put this in the original. Lore (Religion,History) is wat I was thinking. The stuff in parentheses was mentioned as an indicator of where I was thinking. Folk knowledge may not be the best name, for instance.
  5. xpost from Reddit Two questions for the community: 1) Anyone worked on a historical setting? European, no magic, just history. (Pop history to be fair) Using it as a springboard for homeschool history lessons. 2) What recommendations would you have for knowledge skills in such a setting? Currently I have Travel (Geography) Folk (Wilderness, Rural) Society (Urban, Nobility) Lore Martial (Warfare, Tactics) Open to suggestions.
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