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  1. "U can do crates and vaporators by yourself? Paying 10$ for materials and spending some time on youre hobby... But... You wont have this 2 extra cards for 24.95" i hope its not going to be "Pay to win" game PS. Time for some negative opinion
  2. Im afraid ffs is going to try to drill our wallets with "must have" expension cards... As they do with xwing. Imagine false cards market. With same quality as original. So you can have cards without buying expension and play official tournaments.
  3. Bunker could give, unit inside, free dodge and aim token. And could be destroyed like armored vehicle. When destroyed you throw white defense for each mini that was inside.
  4. Day 1 will be assembly, and first game.
  5. Its different timeline. Imagine army of clones commanded by Anakin and empire with Vader... V - "Anakin, I'm you from the future." A - "Noooooooo!!!" ;P But it would add two interesting factions.
  6. If there was some custom commander that would be great... For now battle inspired backstory only.
  7. You cant use pivot as a compulsory move. Compulsory moves are made with full move range of unit.
  8. SJW are not standing for equality. Legion is not about current S(J)W trilogy but about Vader timeline... Agree about that there is place for more aliens, and some women in rebels ranks.
  9. Not all women support SJW.
  10. So lets assume we have about 50% human women in SW. But in original trilogy there was not so many of them in rebel army. There is less than 50% women in many places: mineing, construction sites, police, military. And if they are there, they are most likely to work in different workplaces. Even communists who propagade gender "equality" use mostly men to army and other mentioned jobs. Read some history about women in WW I, WW II, Vietnam war... Etc. Also partisan army were mostly males. SW was created before all this SJW nonsens. Stop trying to put your agenda there! There is no problem to me that women and aliens are in rebel army. But TO BE ACURATE, NOT PC there could be more men than women and more aliens than women. And one more thing (example from some company i have work) for women standard was to carry 30kg by hands and 80kg on pallet jack, for men standard was 50kg and 460kg on pallet jack. Equality.
  11. 1 core 1 snowtroopers 1 ATST = ~800 PTS army until next wave
  12. Common sense should be standard...
  13. I painted some (about 10) wh40k models before assembling them, and it took me ONE DAY(!) per model... Not to mention that fixing it together was real pain in the a s s... im glad that to have playable Legion army i dont need more than about 20-40 models. But before i put some pait on plastic i want to play the game same day i will pay for it...
  14. I also did not looked at it... I feel silly now.
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