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  1. Hello Andrew Will Yoda finally show up as a miniature in IA sometime ? Best Mumrik
  2. Nice ! - Thanks, thats really useful ! 🙂
  3. Hmm, alright. Thanks !
  4. That's quite annoying, as it removes the ability to have some iconic characters play simultaneously ? And it makes it difficult to play casualy with only the planes that I got, is that correct ?
  5. Riddle me this: My collection is the Core box, the X-wing 65 expansion, the Tie Fighter expansion, Tie-advanced expansion and the Y-wing expansion. We were about to play our second game until... I used the quick-assembly (or what its called) cards, and thats when my confusion comes in: When I have 2 X-wings, which both use proton torpedos, I find out that I only have 1 proton torpedo upgrade card. Am I missing something ?
  6. I really enjoy the expansion, but cannot tell how much it balances it out, because of only one playthrough. I personally think it does based on different things: - Rebels does not have the same objective cards every match and cannot be sure what objectives come up. - The objective cards themselves are a bit more tricky to accomplish. - The death star is more powerful. - Empire has more options to become more evil against rebel leaders (eliminate and more). - New startup makes empire more powerful (I think), with the only downtime for empire is the Death star under construction. There are more reasons but these are what I could think of right now.
  7. I played with my girlfriend. Days beforehand, she saw the tutorial from Dice Tower review on youtube. We ended up playing for 7 hours !! - Including breaks, lunch-times and rule explaining (incl. rule-finding). Don't be scared by this comment, as it is different from person to person - Other times I played for 4 hours (with first-timers) incl. breaks. It was great both times and Star Wars Rebellion is still one of my favorite games ? 3 players, for me is also quiet fun. Especially if you are a pro and plays against two newcomers who play as the empire (really great to see them cooperate) ! - However 4-players has not been my favorite cup of tea so far. 2-player is the best, though, in my opinion.
  8. I had the same feeling. Had to paint the miniatures before play and storaging them. Have since bought the leaderstands at etsy, this is an old thread: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1822458/own-way-storing-components-updated-rise-empire
  9. Thanks for all of your posts ! I think I will hold my money for now and prepare for Tyrants of Lothal instead
  10. Hey I have bought everything - and modded some parts - and cut foam for protection for all miniatures - and painted almost all of them - and it has so far taken more than 1 year to make all this (with breaks of cause).... I am a bit exhausted, but I love this game and the universe. So heres my question: Do I need to buy one extra pack of these (so I have 2), for more diversity ? I already have bought two villain packs for non-unique units. - Rebel Troopers - Rebel Saboteurs - Wookie warrios - Alliance smuggler - Echo Base troopers - Alliance Rangers I like both campaign and skirmish. And I don't play for competitive so much yet, but love to experiment.
  11. Of course ! - Now it makes sense. I was mistaking it, I thought somehow it had to be played with the unit, because I was so distraught by my concern. Thanks !
  12. Would anyone explain me what I get out of this ability on "Armored position" and "Planetary Shield": "Until the end of the combat, during ground battles, you resolve your attacks after the Rebel/imperial player" What am I missing ? - The defensive player is resolving after the attacker anyways ? - The attacker roles first, cannot heal damage the first turn. - The defender roles second, can heal damage. Then what is the point of this second ability ?
  13. Hey all I thought of showing my way of storing the components in a safe way. It also contains painted and modified miniatures (bases). https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1822458/own-way-storing-components-updated-rise-empire
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