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    jjvreed got a reaction from Moon-beast King in Storage and "Return to: Dunwich"?   
    I have one of these babies, and it's about 40% full. I use my core set boxes to store supplies (sleeves, custom tokens, etc.). I expect that if they keep coming out with "Return to..." products, too, then my storage needs are satisfied more or less forever.
    Also, this is so awesome that people will run into traffic to come get a closer look ?

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    jjvreed reacted to cheapmate in Return of the Awkward Shaped Box   
    I’m using my Return to the Night of the Zealot box to keep my core box campaign in and my Return to the Dunwich Legacy box to keep my Dunwich campaign in (as intended I guess).
    Both have a nice place in the games cabinet, as I quite like the look of them.
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    jjvreed reacted to Cyiel in Return of the Awkward Shaped Box   
    Not awkward for me. I really like them and they do what they are meant for : keep a full sleeved cycle safe and organized.
    I put RttZ and my PODs in the first one (with dividers from the kit) and decks we are using for the campaign. When the campaign will be finished i'll replace them with a foam so my cards won't move. I really like these boxes.
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    jjvreed reacted to Turtlefan2082 in Return of the Awkward Shaped Box   
    I find them great for storing entire campaigns. As for the player cards, I am sticking with white boxes for the player cards.
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    jjvreed got a reaction from rsdockery in Tarot Cards   
    I would certainly buy an actual tarot deck that they produced! This should be a no-brainer!
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    jjvreed reacted to Carthoris in Tarot Cards   
    I'm really excited by the new preview of the Tarot-type player cards: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/12/31/a-dark-omen/
    It's cool that they take a distinctive Tarot slot. With no skill icons, they look like a little bit of a drag, but persistent skill and attribute buffs at level 1 are nothing to sneeze at.
    The discussion of the Tower weakness seems a little muddled. At first it seems to suggest that it would block your character's Tarot asset slot when played. But then there's a tip about using another Tarot asset to get rid of it, along with a mysterious allusion to a lingering effect. What?
    Also: I like the card designs of the Tarot cards themselves (within the frame of the game art). I wonder if the whole deck is already on someone's drawing board? It's not one I recognize from elsewhere.
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    jjvreed got a reaction from cheapmate in Player card only packs released after a cycle is complete?   
    It would probably be possible to come to an arrangement with someone like Drive-Thru cards to print/buy singles or set cards at a price that is enough to maintain the margin. I'm not saying it's likely this early in AHLCG's career, but the math won't always be an auto-fail from a business standpoint. Their business plan probably still has at least another 3-5 years in it.
    Eventually the numbers of scenario decks will exceed what one person could ever buy and there will be a point (that is not end of life for the product line) at which you will need nontraditional products in order to draw new players who don't already belong to groups that have purchased all prior sets.
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    jjvreed reacted to _Coeus_ in Player card only packs released after a cycle is complete?   
    Hi FFG,
    My group always goes out an buys the new big box for each season, but we end up sharing the expansion packs.  We have discussed this several times, and believe that there is a market for player only content packs after a season is finished.  I would gladly pay $20-$25 for each season's player cards, but I don't want or need another copy of each of the locations, acts, mosters, etc.  I understand that you do not want to cut into your expansion pack sales, but there is probably quite a market for groups like mine that want the deckbuilding options.
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    jjvreed reacted to General Zodd in The Circle Undone Release Date   
    We *might* see Return to Dunwich before then, though, so there may not be a complete drought for two months. Releasing the ‘Return to...’ sets between cycles makes more sense, especialky for those of us who like to concentrate on one campaign at a time.
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    jjvreed got a reaction from ColinEdwards in Splashing multi-class cards?   
    I have no intention of playing with the counter-intuitive restriction. We're houseruling that the dual-class cards belong 100% to both classes and you can absolutely use it for either of its classes in any way that would be legal for that class.
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    jjvreed reacted to Buhallin in Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)   
    This is about the only part of it that I like.  Generally speaking, Arkham is easier with more players.  But larger groups need more supplies, but have less overall.  The end result is a balancing mechanic that punishes larger groups more.  Specific elements still don't make a lot of sense, and there are undoubtedly gaps in how this gets applied, but overall I liked the idea.
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    jjvreed reacted to CaffeineAddict in Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)   
    Of all the campaign's so far, I'm actually enjoying the design of Forgotten Age the most. I thought the supplies were an interesting mechanic, with having to guess what you'd need most. It does require some suspension of disbelief, but so does the entire game.
    Maybe I'm in the minority when I say: more campaigns like this, FFG!
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    jjvreed got a reaction from gmcc in Pssst! Hey. FFG.   
    All of the standalone scenarios that are released at GenCon and Arkham Nights are later also released for sale. There are no unique special event cards that can't be bought (alternate art does not count).
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    jjvreed reacted to tsuruki in Pssst! Hey. FFG.   
    Well. All new products and rehashes are fine with me. 
    So far the game modes are: 
    4 difficulties for:
    - short campaign. Playable in an evening (with prep) or two. 
    -standalone. One sitting.
    -full campaign. Playable in a full day or 3 evenings.
    For the first weve got one option. The second is literally all the options. The last is now almost 3 full options. So it seems to me like a spot for a new short campaign is coming up fast. Something playable (finishable) during the evenings of a weekend.
    On the note of Wishlisting:
    Investigator, meet mythos: Yes a character driven pack with special instructions for the character sounds cool.
    Solo story: a campaign intended start to finish as a True solo thing. With special mechanics and unique twists.
    Short scenario packs: Packs of 2-3 short scenarios, like scenario 5 of forgotten age.
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    jjvreed reacted to Radix2309 in Pssst! Hey. FFG.   
    Do they need to survive? I think the idea of investigators slowly being replaced makes it more interesting.
    Include ways for the new investigators to catch up a bit, And keep moving on. Rises and dips in difficulty.
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    jjvreed reacted to awp832 in Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)   
    Are you aware the game comes with an "easy" mode?   Have you tried that?   If not, you really should.   

    I really honestly feel that anyone can do well on easy mode with some basic deckbuilding skills.   People on the forums are happy to help, if we can.   

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    jjvreed reacted to Allonym in Pssst! Hey. FFG.   
    I hold out hope that at some point we have an extra-long campaign, could involve multiple deluxe boxes like the LOTR LCG Saga campaign.
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    jjvreed reacted to Allonym in A Discussion About Investigators We Do & Do Not Have   
    One thing that remains to be seen is whether some of the preview investigators' unusual deckbuilding requirements will be mirrored in the other investigators that come out with them.
    What I mean by this is that the Core set and Dunwich have completely consistent deckbuilding for their investigators - 5/2 for Core and mono-class/5 flex for Dunwich. At that point it seemed possible that each new deluxe would have a consistent gimmick for the investigators it added. After that, though, things got a bit more unusual.
    Mark, Akachi, Mateo, Ursula and Calvin all have single class + 'any class, one keyword', with different level restrictions on the keyword cards, potentially based on how powerful that keyword is - but they came out across both Carcosa and Forgotten Age and we see the same in Silas from the promos, so it's not like that was the "theme" of deckbuilding for Carcosa or whatever, and Leo, Sefina, Yorick and Minh all have the same deckbuilding style as Core - 5/2. Meanwhile, Finn and Marie have deckbuilding that is kind of like a more restrictive version of the Dunwich five, but with the Keyword option of Mark et al as well - though since all the Illicit cards so far are Rogue or Finn signature cards anyway, Finn's requirements are currently just a strictly inferior version of Jenny's. However, while these newer deckbuilding requirements aren't consistent across a single Deluxe box, there are multiple people with the same kind of requirement limitations.
    But then we have Carolyn and Norman representing approaches unlike any other investigators. As already stated, Norman has a completely new approach, where he starts out as one class, a Seeker with a smattering of Mystic, but as he upgrades he becomes more and more Mystic - kind of like he's leaving behind his old life as a scholar and embracing life as a sorcerer - it's an evocative set of requirements that almost tells a story with the mechanics.
    Then we have Carolyn, my favourite investigator. Her deckbuilding requirements are utterly bizarre. For the unaware, she's a Guardian despite having only 2 Combat, and like Finn she's only allowed up to level 3 in her own class. She is allowed up to 15 level 0-1 Mystic and/or Seeker cards, but any number of cards levels 0-5 from any class that "heal horror". In addition, she's got a pretty major deckbuilding limitation in that she is not allowed any Weapon cards above level 0 (making her the only investigator in the game who is not allowed certain Neutral cards). This means she can theoretically have upgraded cards from all 5 classes, but has an identity completely at odds with the normal job of her main class, and usually starts with only a small minority of cards in her deck actually being from her main class.
    I would be fascinated to know whether these deckbuilding mechanics will appear on other investigators, either across an entire cycle (like if all 5 investigators in the expected Dreamlands cycle have esoteric, counterintuitive 3-class split requirements like Carolyn, say a Seeker who ends up as a Guardian/Survivor monster basher and can't investigate for toffee) or scattered here and there (like if we see several other investigators like Norman, say, Amanda Sharpe the Student starts as a Survivor but learns to become a scholarly Seeker). It might be that these are just one-off weird restrictions - but if that's the case, we could also expect lots of other off-the-wall investigator types instead of just filling out the roster with 5/2 and one-class-plus-appropriate-keyword restrictions. Lola is clearly a unique case as she's perfectly balanced between all the classes, but we might also see other neutral investigators - for instance, someone whose deckbuilding requirements are purely keyword or card text-based without any reference to a class (Charlie Kane, Neutral 0-5, Ally cards 0-3, Cards that allow you to "Gain resources" 0-5?).
    One final thing to note is that the other parts of investigator mechanics seem to change depending on deckbuilding. The baseline for investigators seems to be total 12 stat points and total 14 Health/Sanity. The Dunwich investigators all have 1 additional total Health/Sanity compared to other investigators (apart from Pete who is obviously a special case), which I can only assume is to make up for their more restrictive deckbuilding requirements. Akachi and Mark both have 1 extra stat point, which might be to help round out their flexibility or make up for their limited deckbuilding options. Carolyn is down 1 stat point compared to the norm, but has an extra point of Sanity/Health - I'd personally say that San/HP is less valuable than stats overall, but it's not clear whether this is just because the designers think her deckbuilding restrictions are very powerful, or whether it is also there to reinforce her tanking/support role. Pete is also down 1 stat point but again it's a special case because of Duke. Calvin and Lola are both down to 6/6 Health/Sanity, which seems to be a way to counteract their extreme flexibility (of course, in Calvin's case, it also directly limits the power of his investigator ability).
    The point of my post, essentially is to point out how I see the underlying thought processes behind investigators and that there's other factors to take into account beyond simple class identity, as well as to ask whether other investigators might end up being in the vein of the weirder promo investigators, and whether other investigators might have equally but differently non-standard restrictions. There's a really broad possible design space being showcased with investigator classes and deckbuilding, so I don't think there's necessarily any reason to assume that other investigators will fill in the blanks in the existing pattern of design.
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    jjvreed got a reaction from Antimarkovnikov in A Discussion About Investigators We Do & Do Not Have   
    I agree. I've been looking for the other combinations as well, although I was not surprised to see the five "pure class" (Dunwich) investigators come out early. The current trend in Keyword investigators is frustrating since some of them (Blessed for example) really don't offer anything yet, it's more of an IOU for future expansions.
    In order to fit in everything that's implied by the above, I think they're planning VERY long term, probably another 3-4 years' worth of deluxe expansions at least.
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    jjvreed reacted to Raahk in "Free XP"-Cards   
    I have also considered exile being a "hidden" XP boost but not due to the fact that you're gaining a free Lvl 0 card, but rather because exile cards are way stronger than they should be for their XP cost which is in some way a discount in and of itself. But considering the fact that you're spending XP over and over again for the same card, makes it appear less of a discount but rather a increase in cost.
    As for guardians may be something along the lines of: Permanent. 1 XP. Weapons cost 1 XP less. Effect: (i am being uncreative here) add a random basic enemy weakness to your deck.
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    jjvreed reacted to Raahk in "Free XP"-Cards   
    Mystic has arcane studies that grants upgradecost reduction.
    Seeker hast shrewd analysis which (basically) halfes the cost for upgraded unidentified cards.
    Rogues have Charon's Obol which gains you "free" XP (at an enormous risk).
    So, what do you think? Will Guardians and Survivos also gain access to such a type of card and what would it look like?
    A survivor card for example: 1 XP. permanent. when you aquire this card, gain one basic weakness. Effect: Once per game: After you exile a card, you may instead put it into your discard pile.
    I cant figure out an example for guardians, since i dont really know what their theme is beside slashing at monsters with a machete
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    jjvreed reacted to Assussanni in Invocation 2018   
    If you don’t have any other use for them you could always put them behind Lola’s investigator card to mark her current role...
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    jjvreed got a reaction from KBlumhardt in Arkham Horror novels?   
    I'm waiting for them to announce the next set. I think it's way past due, honestly.
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    jjvreed reacted to tsuruki in Bonuses when playing single characters   
    Just play on easy dude. Arkham LCG is one of those games where "Standard" really means hard and "Hard" means Nightmare. 
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    jjvreed reacted to Starbreaker1 in Bonuses when playing single characters   
    First, those are interesting Ideas, Second "Standard" is misleading because standard difficulty is still very challenging especially solo.  The enemies hitting you automatically is a theme choice to me, you are a normal person, not a super charged hero, fighting creatures/gods that are supposed to have powers beyond our comprehension, the fact they automatically succeed when they hit you is just one of the strengths they have against us.  Just MO but it helps immerse me in the world a little more when I'm sure it was just a balancing mechanic.
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