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  1. I received an unexpected extra copy of the Deep Gate. Would anyone on here like it?
  2. I won't actually be satisfied until there are actual new books or WoG from FF. Otherwise I'm sad they didn't feel this warranted follow-up, and now I'm going to forget about these and obsess about the Tarot Deck I want them to make.
  3. I would certainly buy an actual tarot deck that they produced! This should be a no-brainer!
  4. What nobody's talking about is that those books were produced a year ago. There would have been more action since then if they were going to continue. I do think they decided not to follow them up, even though they sold well. I'm not happy about it, but it happened. We'll have to get over it.
  5. We always play with all the cards at our disposal at the time we start the campaign (we usually start a month or two before the final scenario comes out so we don't have month-long gaps in between sessions). We have traditionally done our first run-through with investigators that came out for that set. For other play-throughs we use whoever we like, usually someone very different from the first characters. We have carried over investigators before through to new campaigns, but since you always take minimum 2 trauma from finishing a campaign, those investigators have never lived all the way to the end of a second campaign. But this is very much in keeping with the flavor of the setting. Direct contact with Elder Gods should never be something you can truly totally recover from.
  6. It would probably be possible to come to an arrangement with someone like Drive-Thru cards to print/buy singles or set cards at a price that is enough to maintain the margin. I'm not saying it's likely this early in AHLCG's career, but the math won't always be an auto-fail from a business standpoint. Their business plan probably still has at least another 3-5 years in it. Eventually the numbers of scenario decks will exceed what one person could ever buy and there will be a point (that is not end of life for the product line) at which you will need nontraditional products in order to draw new players who don't already belong to groups that have purchased all prior sets.
  7. By design the core set has cards they intend to use in every other expansion. This enables them to need to produce fewer cards in the expansions. I suppose theoretically they could add in "Return To..." boxes some cards to upgrade their core equivalents, but there are just too many, they can't replace all of them without doubling the planned size of the "Return To..." sets. So no, I don't imagine this will ever happen. Not in their current business model. But if they did produce the filler pack you're describing, I would happily buy it as well. I like "all in one box" for when we're traveling and don't want to carry all of our many, many AHLCG cards with us at once. This is the same reason most people are upset about having to buy two core sets in the first place. We all want multiples of the player cards, but nobody wants second sets of scenario cards and encounter cards, which all go right into the trash.
  8. I have no intention of playing with the counter-intuitive restriction. We're houseruling that the dual-class cards belong 100% to both classes and you can absolutely use it for either of its classes in any way that would be legal for that class.
  9. All of the standalone scenarios that are released at GenCon and Arkham Nights are later also released for sale. There are no unique special event cards that can't be bought (alternate art does not count).
  10. But a mega-campaign would need to include ways of dealing with craploads of trauma plus challenges equal to the power of investigators with really ludicrous amounts of XP...but I like the idea. I like all ideas that give additional uses to older material :0
  11. You're right...but there are so many unreleased investigators that I think they could spend the next five cycles having a 'bonus' sixth investigator who is significantly different from the one of the same class that is in that same set.
  12. I like both the 'cheaper weapon' XP boost for Guardians and 'return to deck' Survivor XP boost ideas. I would not be surprised to see both of them included more or less exactly like this.
  13. I agree. I've been looking for the other combinations as well, although I was not surprised to see the five "pure class" (Dunwich) investigators come out early. The current trend in Keyword investigators is frustrating since some of them (Blessed for example) really don't offer anything yet, it's more of an IOU for future expansions. In order to fit in everything that's implied by the above, I think they're planning VERY long term, probably another 3-4 years' worth of deluxe expansions at least.
  14. I looked on their site and don't see a RtNotZ-sized/shaped insert...only the core box insert. Do you have a link or product code? (And yes the OPs insert is awesome but I have no saw, alas)
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