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  1. These look awesome. What colours did you use?
  2. Anyone got any links to paint tutorials for ways to paint this up?
  3. I was in the middle of designing something very similar haha I've abandoned mine and will definitely be using these. Much appreciated
  4. Not having enough dice is valid, everything else was just hating for the sake of it
  5. The gaps on the assembled models are a bit full on. Is that just poor assembly or the models?
  6. You guys know that if FFG release something you're not obliged to purchase it? Hate Ewoks? Great. Don't guy them. Love Ewoks? Great buy them lol
  7. ^ This. 100% would prefer it just be a card effect rather than a massive model on the board
  8. "I have no problem with strong female leads...except when there's a strong female lead"
  9. All of them. Don't care how obscure they are, they're getting bought
  10. He would've been told to take it down which means it's definitely real
  11. I looked but the only pic I could find is that screenshot. If someone had saved the actual photo, you'd probably be able to read it. But judging from the at-st pic, it looks like just the date it was sent out to whoever got it. No release date or anything
  12. Yeah that's what I meant when I said posable haha the legs are insane
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