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  1. I think I know why there aren't many video channels devoted to Armada. I've deactivated my channel now due to lack of interest. Creating and editing videos is time consuming. With no new subscribers, no interaction with viewers, and not even a like, it started to feel like I was wasting my time. Time I could put to better use. I'll return to YouTube, having gained some valuable experience, but it won't be to report on games or talk the game or previewed releases.
  2. I know, but I couldn't resist. I actual like The Force Awakens, and a lot of the Sequel Era reading, so can't wait for the new movie. But I also have a weird sense of humour too.
  3. Happy Friday Cubanboy! I would ask Duncan (whoever he is): do you like donuts?
  4. Sweeeeeet! YT-1300 and the U-Wing are definitely my favourites, though the work you've done on all the ships is outstanding. If that's the standard than can be reached, then my much less ambitious and puny ideas should be no problem. Will bear in mind using more than just the Sharpie, such as inks, but I'll experiment a bit on cheaper more disposable things to see what works best for what I'm going for.
  5. I'm waiting for the Tantive IV to become available again. When it does, I plan on changing the red stripes and maybe adding a few more. Just to make it unique. So the question is: would a Sharpie in the desired colour be enough? Also on my list to collect are the Raider and C-ROC, which I'd like to do more work to. With the Raider, I'm debating between some First Order coloured stripes to a full on First Order black with red with white solar panels. As for the C-ROC I'm leaning towards a Red Dwarf look, but leaving the crates the way they are and adding some white and/or maybe yellow. If I do go for the Red Dwarf look, I might make the Scyk green. So how about for these: Would Sharpies do an entire model or would that look amateurish and pathetic? I'm going to mirror the colours on the Armada versions of the Corvettes, and possibly on a Mel Miniatures C-ROC, but I figured if it would work on X-Wing Epics it would work on a smaller ship model.
  6. I've discovered that there used to be X-Wing avatars but now they're gone for some reason. Those who already had their avatar didn't lose it, unless they changed it after the option for X-Wing ones were gone. There was also a brief moment where people got to give themselves a more unique avatar, but that went too. There's still plenty of options. I've gone for a non Star Wars option as it is the closest to my profile photo from social media. Kinda.
  7. Here it is; my video about the Chimaera expansion: I'm not sure yet, but I might revisit the Chimaera once we have a preview article about it. I'm also hoping for a good look at the Profundity too. Until then, my videos will be about actual gameplay. Not sure when that will be, as I've yet to have my first game of X-Wing, but once I do play next, it'll be on my 6x4 mat and I'm going to try out one of my three squadron ideas mentioned in my earlier video.
  8. For a bit of fun, and because I've nothing better to do today, I looked through the Three Word Story at all my replies since signing up to the forums until posting this topic. I then - remember I'm a little bored - decided to make a list out of all the replies and see what it would look like. Below is the result, and I'm curious to see what stories people can make up using this list. The rules are simple: (1) Make sure your story contains all the words (2) They must be in the same order (3) Each three word phrase must remain the same. Other than that, have fun and between each three word phrase you can add as much or as little as you like. Chicken Duck Woman us waiting in The Ewoks rejoiced synchronized truffle shuffle during waxing accident Lucas changed scene "I'm Zorro!" Shouted in echoing bucket he was pixelated and laughed maniacally super quantum bombardier while Gremlins feasted lost the plot cried the Sarlaac Here is my example of a story from those: "The Chicken Duck Woman left us waiting in the cargo hold with a group of excitable Ewoks. The Ewoks rejoiced while performing a synchronized truffle shuffle which unfortunately turned to anarchy, as one of the Ewoks became bald during waxing accident. Outraged at the lack of professionalism, Lucas changed scene but instantly regretted his decision. "I'm Zorro!" Shouted Mark Hamill in echoing bucket, just to tick off Lucas even further. Infuriated, Lucas made sure he was pixelated in the final edit but instead of upsetting him, Mark just stripped butt naked, danced around Lucas and laughed maniacally. Storming out of the cargo hold scene in a fit of rage, Lucas picked up his model of the new Tie super quantum bombardier and threw it toward Hamill. Lucas then went into a room where filming was taking place of the new musical "Tap dance romance while Gremlins feasted". Meanwhile, back in the cargo hold scene, everyone agreed that Lucas had clearly lost the plot. "Bring back JJ Abrams!", cried the Sarlaac. THE END
  9. The preview of the pre preview preview of what wasn't previewed before the preview previewed it. Oh, and a chicken duck woman thing hiding in the bushes of love
  10. Here are my thoughts on using the Hammerhead Corvette in games of Armada: Next up is a video about the Chimaera.
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