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  1. You can dislike a film as much as you like, all film is subjective if you dislike TLJ that's your perogative. However, using the line of Disney is politicising/selling toys of the new movies overlooks the fact Lucas did the same of the first 6 movies, yet this overlooked, its selective memory. Hence I asked where you new to Star Wars. Like/Dislike the movie as much as you want but Lucas did the same.
  2. Where do I say or imply I hate anyone for disliking TLJ ?
  3. Posts aside, did you then forget the politics in both the original trilogy and prequals, as well as Lucas selling rights to merchandise to anything and everything from toys, to lunch boxes, trading cards, cereal, bubblebath, etc etc. Or was the forgoten, in the last 30 years ?
  4. When ever I read comments like this, I always assume you must be a new fan of Star Wars right ?
  5. And AoTC made $400m less than TPM and RoTS made $200m less, and both ESB and Jedi made less than ANH
  6. 20 is the legal minimum, plus 8 public holidays(28 in total) the last place I worked give you 23 days including your Brithday off, or the choice of the Friday or Monday if your Birthday fell on a Weekend. You also add the choice to purchase 5 further days holiday which was part of a benefits package, the last couple of jobs I have worked have had this benefit, then there is also in some jobs you got a further days dependent on length of service, this was eventually capped at the Bank I worked at, as some people if they brought 5 days holiday, plus public holidays had around 42 days off per year, I had around 36 days.
  7. I am a newbie looking for somewhere around the Leeds area
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