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  1. Or, for full action hero status - the 'leap and fire'! (haven't decided if I want to do this pose, but will need to re-sculpt the boots if I do)
  2. If you're going to dual-wield, at least point them both at the target!
  3. Thanks ...dude! 🙂 (that's helped me to decide... ... to not get Sorin for an AT-ST Commander conversion)
  4. Can anyone please post a side-by-side size comparison of the minis for General Veers (SWL) and General Sorin (SW:IA)?
  5. Further to this, some curtain material comes with a "rubberised" backing to better block light penetration. I have a couple of tan coloured "mats" from such material (for playing desert-themed games. One material was already patterned but the other are a uniform colour - but you could spray or sponge random splotches of other colours if you want visual "texture". Both are big enough to cover a 6 by 4 table. (this has reminded me I should pop into a haberdashery today and see what white, green and brown options are available)
  6. Oh - I see now - a nose hair trimmer! ?
  7. So many cool variations on the bikes... ... I like the one with the guy eating a candy bar!
  8. This is aaaaaawesome - a great homage to hemble's parked biker that inspired it, yet with its own original aspects. Consequently, I'm now inspired to do a parked conversion (since I couldn't resist buying a 3rd core when I saw it on sale). Since I plan my bikes to be Endor themed, I'll do mine perched atop a hollowed fallen log. I'm so impressed how you maintained the "standard" height for the model, but still have it parked at ground level.
  9. Before going to the trouble of stripping you could try gently scrubbing it with a cheap toothbrush. I had a mini in a similar state (I might have held the can too far away) and that took off the powdery texture but still left a reasonably smooth coat. Then, if you're not happy with the resulting surface you can proceed with stripping.
  10. Fantastic work - that face is superbly done!
  11. Lost Pharaoh


    Looks good! Might I suggest painting inside the viewports black, so they don't look like a continuation of the armour.
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