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  1. Our local owner just stated this AM that they were contacted by FFG who told them Jul 11th is confirmed intended launch date, points will come out then as well. Take that for what it's worth. To quote: "FFG has just said the in-store date for the X-Wing wave is July 12th - which will coincide with when they will be added to the app and legal for tournament play."
  2. As a note, though shared dice pools are more fair than not -- the particular distribution may be favorable for certain lists or archetypes. For instance, a 5 green pool that favors blanks is a lot worse for a TIE swarm than it is for a dual VCX list. I can't see a world were people are using the app reliably as people seem to really enjoy the haptics of actually rolling.
  3. So, based on some of the spoiled foreign-language material, the high-quality spread images, and the info gleaned from the recent stream, we know most of the information there is to know about the Hyena which will hopefully be out in June. Based on the major differences, I'm expecting costs somewhere a long these lines -- most of this considered in light of the vulture and TIE/SA as similar. Curious what you guys think -- this is not accounting for what I imagine might be some adjustments to the vulture named pilots. Would love to see what thoughts you guys have! PS Estimated Points Estimated Points Techno Union Bomber 1 28 - 30 Plasma Torps 8 Separtist Bomber 3 30 - 32 E-P Bomb 10 Baktoid Prototype 1 31 - 33 Passive Sensors 4 Bombardment Drone 3 34 - 36 Landing Struts 2 DBS - ??? 3 32 - 34 DBS - 404 4 35 - 38
  4. Hi all, I searched for this and didn't see it come up. In the case that a ship, such as a TIE/SF with pattern analyzer, is overlapping an obstacle as part of it's movement (such as flying thru an asteroid), does the specific language of pattern analyzer allow you to still perform an action according to its wording if you perform a red manuever? In this case, the asteroid has prompted you to skip your perform action step, but pattern analyzer is a specific game effect that lets you perform an action before your check difficulty step. Thanks, I appreciate any clarification!
  5. I was exceptionally disappointed by this film. To the point that I have "given up" on the future of star wars. Yeah.... What is so shocking to me is that there is such a disconnect among people who consider themselves life-long fans of the franchise. My closest friend who tends to reflect my tastes really enjoyed this movie. I am completely aghast at how that is the case. Without getting into spoilers.... - The writing: this felt on par with something from Marvel Cinematic Universe (which isn't a bad thing in of itself, however, does NOT mesh well with Star Wars). I feel the movie has two halves -- one with generally serious tone that tells an interesting story about the evolution of the force and one that contributes nothing, is full of glaring holes, and that detracts from the rest of the film. The amount of "quips" or one-liners that have completely the wrong tone was very high, including the aforementioned "your momma" jokes. - The characters: we were just given a new cast of characters, and RJ oddly felt the need to shoehorn in a bunch of accessory characters that aren't central to the action of the film, to the point where they literally state their exposition, how they feel, an oddly how their character's arc unfolds. There's a rule in storytelling of "Show-Don't-Tell;" this movie failed miserably at that. - The idea of continuity: this movie firmly states, explicitly, that the Star Wars you knew and like and have ideas about is gone. It more or less "resets" the board state by the end of the film. - Baffling character choices: one of the main OT characters has a pretty insane scene that just feels awful and borderline disrespectful. I realize now that sentence actually applies to multiple different characters.... These are just a few of the things that really stood out to me as shocking. I'm cutting myself off so I don't go insane. I am absolutely shocked that this final treatment got approved by someone at Disney. It's just shockingly bad. I encourage you to watch it and come to your conclusion, but honestly this movie is Phantom-Menace/Attack of the Clones tier bad. I would say Revenge of the Sith ranks above it. That's really saying something.
  6. Gotta say I don't see the appeal of any of these suggestions? Why needlessly complicate initiative? The game does not need additional bloat. What are the critiques fomenting this idea?
  7. Yeah pretty much agree here. The distinction between torp and missile always seemed completely random and wishywashy. It would much cooler if missiles had a class effects and torps had another that work out to be roughly mathematically equal but situationally more or less useful.
  8. Harpoons and to a lesser extent Cruise missiles are the problem. Munitions have historically been quite middling for the following reasons: Dice modification. Historically, you needed to spend a TL in order to get any missile out the door. Without GChips or a way to generate a focus, you were often looking at nice reds that would hit only as well as a fully modified primary attack from another ship. GChips went a long way in giving that extra nudge to make the points cost worth it. This is further compounded by the fact that target locks are harder to obtain on low PS ships, of which quite a few ordnance carriers are. Now that there are 2-3 inexpensive missile options that let you maintain your lock, AND Gchips, you are now looking at fully modded 4-5 dice attacks. Harpoons: These are pretty frankly red-dice/ability/complexity creep. They realistically should cost at least 5 points as written. They are more or less strictly better than Concussion missiles. If you can stack these on a 3 primary ships (which, surprise surprise, the Scurgg....) you also get a pretty simple way to trigger Harpooned! on the following rounds. It is cool that they are adding options for more ships to meaningfully use ordnance but I predict this upgrade is going to cause lots of problems. Also, as a minor complaint: I don't really get these missiles thematically. You're shooting a missile that does as much as an explosive warhead -- but it also sticks into them and doesn't detonate until shot again? It's odd. The wording is going to prompt a lot of FAQ concerns as well. Cruise: Probably just about right as cost per/shot goes, and realistically it can be flown around fairly well with range management -- the full 5 dice may only come out on the first run -- and TBH, Harpoons Torpedoes: torps are moving towards obsolescence. None of them have the baked in TL and they're generally overpriced compared to the newer generation of missiles. Which is a shame because there's really some good stuff and cool cards in the mix. Redline, who I fly regularly, is about the only ship who can double-mod ordnance. And, I know this isn't common knowledge, but Punishers aren't considered good. Volume: Extra munitions went a long way -- many ships won't live to needs more than 2x munitions in their lifetime -- games where you can discharge all the ordnance on a fully loaded punisher are few and far between. Now we have the reload action making its way in, currently exclusive to imperials but not for long (I have a feeling the T-65 may be getting the reload action, just a hunch). Hopefully the ships with reload will be costed appropriately and there is a significant penalty associated with reload to be fair (Gunboat has neat tricks for getting around this which do seem appropriately costed). Guidance Chips, EM, and Reload are likely not the issue. The issue is the fundamentally more efficient ordnance that is being released. Nerfing Gchips or EM would really just punish ordnance that is already of questionable utility.
  9. Hi all, My friends and I are considering picking up the FFG Star Wars RPG systems as a change of pace from our DnD campaign of many years. The system as a whole looks refreshing with more of a narrative focus and seems to lend itself nicely to what our group would like. We're very interesting in doing a campaign that would be set shortly ABE where we would be part of an imperial navy garrison force in some outer rim backwater far from the conflicts of the ongoing war. The hope would be we ultimately are making governing choices to keep this area secured, and our party would have to decide whether they want to use their material and declare themselves defacto leaders (with all the issues present thereof), rejoin the larger imperial forces still conducting war, or something else. There would be a large pirate presence initially to contend with but ultimately the group would have to deal with the Empire or Rebel navies showing up. My question is: how well would the Duty mechanics lend themselves to this kind of an approach? Would it need significant rework? From what I can tell it seems like it could be substituted relatively easily. Has anyone tried to run a similar style game? I would love any and all feedback. Thanks!
  10. I hadn't actually realized that they persist if the target doesn't have a Focus, Evade, or TL for it to strip. That certainly gives it a bit more utility than I initially thought. But yeah, at this point it strikes me as a tool that is simply laying the groundwork for a new mechanic -- I was surprised that there isn't really any specific interaction between the gunboat's pilots and the jamming stuff. I could potentially see it have some use on a TIE/D, but honestly think tractor or ion will be more effective.
  11. Very impressed with the work so far. I would love to help, whether it be play testing or contributing to discussion -- let me know if you're looking for collaborators! Is your plan to go wave by wave with the associated cards?
  12. I really haven't been able to figure out Kestal to be quite honest. She's got too many "little" things stacked up against her. The cost of the platform as a whole is a touch high due to the turret slot, considering it's one less EHP than a bomber with still only two greens. Double-edge is closer to the price point I'd be willing to pay for a fragile frame, and the generics are surprisingly effective both with TLT and Ion Cannons IMO. Kestal's ability is really neat. However, she is only PS7 which puts you at that awkward point when considering what EPT to use. Her ability stands out as frankly anti-ace tech which seems counter intuitive to all her low-damage turret options. TLT isn't too hot as you would need two focus to effectively use her ability. Ion would be great with her ability to catch Fenns and Soontirs if were seeing them a lot. Her ability makes more sense with missiles but then you lose LWF which drops your defense by an awful lot for GC. I do tend to think that expertise would be a good choice, but it's just too expensive for what she does. Deadeye Synced I tried once, and when you realize that for the same points you could be getting an Inquisitor who will almost always have double dice mods plus native 3 agi plus an evade... it's hard to take her seriously. I think dead eye Double-Edge with some missiles, or Lone Wolf, or Ruthlessness make more sense. Maybe lone wolf on Kestal would be decent, actually.
  13. Exellent article, made me reconsider a ship I don't even care for
  14. The punisher is one of my favorite ships. I got top 4 recently in a store champ with the following build. Redline is expensive but most people aren't familiar with his ability. He's one of the few ships that can use lock-discarding munitions effectively. Redline: 38 - Fire Control System - Extra Munitions - Plasma Torpedoes - Cluster Missiles - Guidance Chips The key to this build is that you get a lot of actionless modification. It is sometimes difficult to get the initial lock but you can focus up and use your primary to get the lock for the next rounds. Though the dial is fairly restrictive you don't mind stress terribly. People also don't realize that it has boost so you can often catch people who are trying to skirt arcs. Cluster Missiles are still a good choice. Not quite as imposing as the prefaq combo was, but between the extra target lock and the guidance chips I often get 5 to 6 hits, which is quite strong against agi1 ships.
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