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  1. K-2SO clearly. The card was so OP that even the X-Wing devs were "Steady on, that's a bit much" and so it never got released.
  2. More excited. Purchase plan is still unchanged, 1x Core, 1x Imperial conversion kit and a slow accumulation of Rebel stuff after that.
  3. Agreed @GLEXOR that Firespray looks amazing. Reminds me of so many Sci-Fi books I used to read. @citruscannon How long on average do you spend on line art? Do you do pen and paper first or go straight to digital when going for a finished digital painting?
  4. Most excited for: A-wing Firespray-31 A-wing TIE Bomber A-wing B-wing A-wing and maybe the A-wing
  5. GUNBOAT VETERANS PACK!!! Seriously, an A-wing legends pack using material from Extended Universe. Or a Phoenix Squadron A-wing pack. Or both in an A-wing shaped box.
  6. Yup. Watched that video, got the game, read the rules and played and re-read the rules and played and so on. Went back to that video a few years later and found myself yelling at the mistakes they were making First mistake I made was missing the rule about not doing the same action twice. Oh I what fun double boosting PTL Tycho was.
  7. Happy Friday indeed. The previews so far haven't changed my opinions much. The Rebel shuttle was always a hard pass for me. I don't have the Ghost and don't care for the ship. While the Flight Assist Astro in pack looks like it could be fun, I refuse to buy a ship I don't want just for an upgrade card. The Gunboat has a few interesting builds and looks like it should be good. But I've got plenty of Imperial ships that rarely see play already and having not played TIE fighter the Gunboat lacks the nostalgic punch required to get me invested in expanding my Imperial forces with it. The Kimogila has gone from will probably buy one to might maybe buy one. Again there's nothing really wrong with the ship but I think my interest in it is more that goes with the M3-A Interceptors that I already have. That and I suddenly don't have a scum ship that can carry the Salvaged Astromechs in my collection The resistance bomber is a pass as well. I don't like playing bombs, I think the ship looks awful and I prefer to fly small base ships. Still, the TIE Silencer looks like fun.
  8. I would be on board with a reduction or temporary halt to new ships for X-wing in favour of campaign packs or something to that effect. Not X-wing or TIE Fighter expansion pack II, but cardboard only packs in a similar vein to the Corellian Confilct for Armada. I'd be excited for a narrative campaign set during Empire Strikes Back timeline that added pilots and upgrades for the original trilogy ships, TIEs and alphabet wings oh my. A smaller thing could be done for the Battle of Scarif with additions for the Y-wing, U-wing, TIE Fighter and TIE Striker. For EU ships such as the K-wing and E-wing maybe a Black Fleet campaign (I'm not familiar with the source material for those ships, I think it's Black Fleet). For Scum and Villainy a set of Bounty Hunter missions maybe. At this point I'm fairly apathetic towards new ships, I've already passed on two waves and of the last wave I only got the TIE/ag because I had a soft spot for the aesthetic. Of the next two waves of ships the Resistance Bomber and Phantom II both get a hard pass and in spite of kind of liking the mechanics and look of the Starwing (*ahem* GUNBOAT) I don't have any urge to get one. I'm more excited for the Starviper in the upcoming Guns for Hire pack, and even then I'd be happy just getting the Starviper pilots and title card. Clearly I'm more interested in keeping the game fresh with different ways to use what I've got rather that adding new ships. Based on the comments by the X-wing devs though the FFG attitude to keeping the game alive is more ships. Good thing we've got a community that's willing to build alternative play formats to the game, time to get another game of HOTAC going. I should add one caveat to all of the above, if they release new A-wings I will buy them, Resistance A-wings, Phoenix Squadron A-wings, Sabines A-wings, Pash Crakens A-wings, I will buy them all.
  9. I think they had to add "When will this FAQ be released?" to the FAQ as it has been so frequently asked. Then when the FAQ was submitted for review and approval, the process took so long the answer to "When will this FAQ be released?" was no longer accurate. So the answer was adjusted and FAQ resubmitted for review and the same thing happened. Now the FAQ is trapped in an endless loop.
  10. Two lists currently, Omega Force and Battle for Endor. Omega Force is Omega Leader and 2x Omega Squadron pilots with Juke and Comm Relay each plus an Omega Specialist with various upgrades that I'm still trying refine. Battle for Endor is an older list featuring 2x GSP A-wings with wingman, PTL and Autothrusters plus 2x BSP B-wings with FCS and Intel Agent. Intel Agent is a recent change that I don't think really works for the list. I've flown variations of this list for a while now, the general aim is to have each ship be around 25 points and no one ship be anything special. I got three games in over this past weekend. Two with Omega Force and one with Endor. First Order won one and lost one. Rebels won their match. I took Omega Force to a store competition a while back where I lost three of my four games. Still was a lot of fun to fly
  11. Occasionally, last store competition I decided to run Imperial as I hadn't flown them in a while. Started practicing with a rage swarm, then added Omega Leader for a finishing piece. Unfortunately I couldn't countenance flying a First Order ship with Imperials so ended up dropping the entire swarm for two Omega Squadron Pilots and an Omega Specialist. I called them "Omega Force", it's a Saturday morning TV show screened to children throughout the First Order. They take orders from General Hux and go on missions to defeat the vile Resistance and help restore the Empire. Most of the episodes end with Poe Dameron flying off in is Black One cursing Omega Leader. They didn't do very well, I lost three of the four games played with them. I also have variations on A-wing Aces which features all four of the named A-wing pilots, I keep going back to that.
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