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  1. But the fourth one stayed up. And that's what you're going to get, Lad, the strongest warehouse in all of China.
  2. I play tournaments to see other people's lists and play styles in a hostile environment. Also just to hang out and maybe get swag.
  3. That sounds nuts. I rolled 3 straight attacks of x4 blue accuracy results at my last tournament though. Did like 3 damage after 2 ship activations and 6 squadron attack runs. I went home and immediately added a re-roll ability to every ship/fleet I had. Rebels are lucky to have a lot of dice cancellation ability, and survivability enhancements. Run a Mon Mothma fleet and watch enemy dice disappear.
  4. I love the dual ISD II combo. GT and LS is mandatory. I would trade Motti for ECM, those 3 hull aren't much good if you get your brace taken away by accuracy results. Then use Jerjerrod. I'm not a fan of the ISD I even with rerolls. I don't have much luck getting hit/crit on those black dice but blue dice will always give you something. ISD II can pop CR90s, GR75s, and Hammerheads at medium range in one shot.
  5. At a store tourney last weekend I ran Dengar, Howl, Mauler, Soontir, and Cienna. I didn't loose a single squad and eliminated all enemy squads except in one game where my opponent had the second half of his squads flee. Imperial swarm/scatter aces are nasty.
  6. You need squads to slow down bomber lists IMO. Just spare points for x4 TIEs by getting rid on at least 1 Gozanti.
  7. You guys must live in a nice meta, where ISDs have time to relax and take pot shots at squads. I'm telling you that does not happen where I play, nor on Vassal. I have at least two targets 90% of the time when in shooting range. Smart players don't attack ships like ISDs single file, don't send squads in until their ships are also in range, and make sure that their ships are threatening enough to force you to shoot at them.
  8. If I had the ability to flak, that would be fine. Even with Gunnery teams on both ISDs there are always more dangerous, expensive targets to shoot at because smart players don't send unsupported squads into battle against targets that have nothing better to do then shoot at the squads. The current meta (at least in my area) seems to be see an ISD, gang up on the ISD because they know it can only shoot twice. THEN they fly in the squads where they know they will be safe. Even if I decided to QLT and waste an attack flakking my opponent instead of going for the easier, higher cost, more dangerous target, he will just fly the squads to safety JUST before I can kill them in order to save points. QLTs do kind of work on the Raider title that engages squads assuming you also have Kallus, and same on the ISD with Kallus but ONLY against Aces. Unfortunately this is a one off combo and doesn't concern generic 4-5 health bombers. Where QLTs do work is on 3-4 activation fleets where you can overlap fire but you must have a few token squads to lock the enemy in place, and overlapping fire of ships with 2 flak dice. Unfortunately it all falls apart once the enemy gets ships inside your formation and you can lo longer afford to flak, and your ship to squad shots are obstructed. I've seen it kind of work with x2 YT-1300s, 3 ships with QLT, and Ruthless strategists., but you have to use a few squads to engage.
  9. I don't feel that 1 blue die roll against squads that have already attacked and done damage to you is going to do much, maybe anything especially against the stronger squadrons. TIEs and Z95s, maybe but it still takes minimum 3 turns to kill them assuming they aren't aces. If you have 5 points to spare in your bid, then yeah go ahead and use it if you are weak on squads but relying on it to be effective will be fatal in against a lot of lists. When I run squadronless lists with ISDs I've found only one combo really works, 1 ISD and 3-4 Raiders. Anything that rolls just 1 Anti-squad die including Gozantis and QLT hasn't ever done anything to help me. You need active, or even better PROactive anti-squad capability in todays meta if you are going low activation or have a large point sink in your fleet. You could get away with squadronless fleets where you have a high number of activations, and mostly small ships but QLT only rolling one die isn't going to kill 3 health squads fast enough to save your shields, and isn't even going to concern 5 health bombers, or squads with scatter.
  10. I run double ISD lists, and this is only viable against weak squad lists. Scatter aces, and bomber lists, and even a weak squad list flown smartly will eat through an ISD's shields in no time. You MUST have flak or screening for an ISD, either other ships to pad activations, token TIEs, or a few mean Raiders hanging around.
  11. I always pop into these threads and on Reddit to announce that I have no interest in Clone Wars ships. I know a few people that do, but get the impression that more people are interested in First order/Resistance expansions. The clone wars era of merchandising was a shameless cash grab of merchandising and thankfully is over and has been replaced with the Disney era. Which is arguably no better. I worry that if we do see multiple eras, we will weaken the influx of new players due to needing to buy a dozen ships you never use, just to get the upgrade cards. I already have cards from 6 ships I will never run.
  12. Those are the only two in the state, and 3 hours away. All aftermarket and not "official" enough for some tournaments.
  13. I run Dengar and Howlrunner every time. From there I add Soontir, Cienna, Mauler, then Valen. As an Imp you really need to take advantage of those cheap swarm aces.
  14. I would like to be able to buy the acrylic rulers. So sick of my falling apart cardboard one. EDIT: And for there to actually be local tournaments. Only two in Kansas this month, both 3 hours away. Last local tourney was August.
  15. Doesn't compare to Avenger. With OP on a nearby ship it is almost unstoppable. With BT it IS unstoppable if you don't exhaust or discard it before it gets to close range.
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