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  1. More clarification, the wiki says that some tokens are resolved after critical effects: http://starwars-armada.wikia.com/wiki/Spend_Defense_Tokens
  2. Thanks for the info, this makes sense. I'll be sure to use it properly from now on. So can you eliminate the effect of OP by using a contain token, basically turning the crit dice into damage? EDIT: Nope you can't, it says non standard effects from upgrades are not affected, only face up damage cards.
  3. Bad memory lol, should be Impetuous and expanded launchers. I didn't have my list in front of me when typing.
  4. Are you a member of the Wichita KS Armada group on FB? If not please join up! Our community here needs more people and I'd be happy to drive to McPherson if you guys can't make it to Wichita.
  5. I had my first "real" game today, after playing against myself or friends all week. https://flic.kr/s/aHsm99wBtD Mission: Superior positions Imperials (me) 397 pts ISD1 AKA "X-mas tree one" -Motti -Tua -Extended hangars -Rapid Launch bays -Reinforced blast doors -overload Pulse -Avenger -a few other things I never used Raider 1 -expanded launchers -Impetuous Raider 1 -expanded launchers Rhymer Morna Kee Generic Decimator Marek Steele Generic Defender Rebels (the other guy) 399 points Pelta Command Ship -Sato -Cant remember the rest Scout Hammerhead -Don't remember Scout Hammerhead -Don't remember Torpedo Hammerhead -Don't remember Torpedo Hammerhead -Still don't remember -Blount -3 generic Z-95s -2 Y wings -Scurrg Bomber -2 A wings -3-4 x wings I narrowly had initiative, I misread the mission card and believed I could get my raiders behind his Pelta, then noticed it said fighters after he chose it. Well, he had twice as many squadrons as me so the plan was to get my ISD1 beside his Pelta, pop the rapid launch bay card with my squadron ball and pound his backside until it died. I messed up maneuvers out of the gate and ended up with my raiders entangled but managed to avoid a collision, but it meant they were too far back to screen the ISDs backside from fighters. This may have worked in my favor because he split the fighters up into 3 groups, leaving mostly only the slow bombers to go after my ISD. The raiders must have looked easy to kill I guess, but the fighters never caught up until I had already killed most of his ships. In round 3 I popped my 5 squadrons out early due to a poorly timed squadron command, my messed up maneuver in round 1 coming back to haunt me. My squadron ball would basically not move from this spot for the entire game, although the two Decimaters did jump from one side of the formation to the other at one point. I used Rhymer to turn the squadron ball into an anti-ship weapon and took out his first Hammerhead, injuring a second. Next turn his Pelta gets into range and just WRECKS my ISD front with black dice thanks to upgrade cards. His squads take my shields to 0 on all arcs. Round 4, my ISD1 vaporizes Phoenix Home with one shot. Overload killed all his defense tokens and avenger prevented him from discarding them. A side arc shot further wounded Hammerhead #2. I believe at this point I turned my Raiders around to begin harassing his two remaining Hammerheads and softening up fighters. Since his X wings, Y wings and A wings were all trapped between my squadron ball and the ISD I managed to kill a few fighters and hurt the rest pretty badly. He retaliated and I lost Rhymer. Then I turned the 2 Decimators towards the wounded Hammerhead and annihilated it. Meanwhile all his surviving Y wings, X wings, and Scurrg were wailing on my unshielded ISD. It survived with 2 criticals and 7 regular damage. Round 5, I use reinforced blast doors, and a repair token w/ dial to heal a total of 5 damage. ISD still has no shields but has 10/14 hull points remaining (Thanks Motti!) I manage to get my Raider in to screen the ISD butt from fighters, do some damage, and wound Hammerhead #3. Morna Kee and Decimators finish it off, the defenders go back to killing squadrons on the ISD. Some minor action goes on on the other side of the game area with the 4 Z-95s, my raider kills 3/4. Round 6 is basically maneuvering, trying to avoid collisions, but in the squadron phase, Morna Kee and random decimator kill Hammerhead #4 by shooting through a hole left by one of my raiders. Final Count: Imperials lost Rhymer tie bomber, gained 1 victory token Rebels lost all ships, most squads except 2 x wings, 1 z-95, and Scurrg but gained 4 victory tokens I feel like I got really lucky when he split his fighters up to try and hunt my raiders. If his squadrons had gone after my fighter ball I'm sure they would all be dead. The raiders are just too quick for squadrons without a squadron command to catch. His Pelta was also left totally unscreened, if one of the hammerheads had been on the side of it he probably could have used the opening made by the Pelta's barrage to kill the ISD before I had a chance to use my engineering command, token, and reinforced blast doors. I may have still been able to kill all his ships without the ISD but not without my 2 decimators and 2 defenders, and he would have won a points victory if I had lost them.