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  1. First, FFG said that they wouldn't update the points very frequently, I can guarantee they aren't going to just leave bugs in there until a ship needs balancing. Hence 1.0.1. Second, it has a cache, check your phone's storage settings. (Should have checked this before the first response, oh well.) Which means that it probably will get a patch to allow for offline mode. The main use for the always online is because it updates your account information to make sure that you can access your squads under the same account across all platforms.
  2. Have any of you guys ever developed an app before? For something like the points system, this makes sense. Would you rather have to hit the download button in the app store every few weeks and eventually have your phone's storage full because of all the patches stacked on-top of each other? They never promised anything about the app. Be happy it even exists because at least if it is real it can be repaired. Let's remember that this is a table-top gaming company, this is probably the first time that they have developed an app. No one ever has a seamless release for something they are trying that is new. I'm not sure what incredible app you're looking for, but what we got is miles ahead of what I was expecting.
  3. I have issues with this statement. First, if you make a bad list, it isn't going to be balanced. Second, it is not FFG's job to make sure that your bad list is playable. Finding the optimum build is our job, if we rail at that it is not FFG's problem.
  4. I meant the original original pre-Manaroo nerf Jumpmaster, but I do suppose that you are right. I think errata will ultimately be the less frequent of the two options.
  5. I feel that errata should really be used to keep cards that don't sit well from becoming irrelevant. In the new system, the 1.0 original Jumpmasters would probably be through the roof on points, that would be when an errata is in order. Otherwise, I wouldn't change too much. However, it ultimately isn't up to me and that is probably a good thing.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't most of the errata just dealing Dad's renegades and the Reaper? Anyway, I'm not saying that errata shouldn't happen, I was simply pointing out the flaw in the x7 argument. I think that a balance of both as necessary is the correct way to go about it. Also, a pilot with a broken ability could just have a major point spike compared to the others. An example of this is the Hwk, where Palob is the most expensive pilot without having the highest initiative.
  7. I think that you all are missing the point of point adjustment. In the defender example the x7 title was created to make the ship viable. With the new system there isn't a need to make a competitve title because the points can be balanced in a fluid way. You get the best of every scenario, the points are now competitive and the ship doesn't have a broken option because the broken option was never made.
  8. I found this while on the gamestop website. Does it hold any truth in it?
  9. Ig-88 hits a lot harder when there is only one opponent. Aggressor: · IG-88B (36) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Autoblaster (5) Accuracy Corrector (3) Autothrusters (2) -- TOTAL ------- 50p. --
  10. My personal favorite list has IGB with VI+AC+Mangler cannon+Autoblaster cannon+Autothrusters+title and Kith Scarlet with Expertise+ IGD crew+ Ion Cannon+Stealth Device. I will often use variations of this list. (Usually, IGB's ept.)
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