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  1. Not sure who you're arguing with here, dude - I agree that the Item withdrawal part is clear, but from reading the instructions it was less clear than it could've been when the step about swapping character cards happened. As it turns out, there were a couple of other interactions I wasn't thinking about at the time - in my defence, I was only asking as we have a Sefina in the group going through TFA at present (one of the two characters to survive the scenario, as it happens - getting hit for 4 Horror off your own weaknesses is not good ). It just felt like the point after the two "Before drawing opening hands" steps could've maybe done with an "After completing set-up and drawing opening hands" statement (or similar verbiage) to clarify when things happen, that's all.
  2. I have yet to see a character with a cannon, but that would be cool...
  3. Zealot & Dunwich scenarios (including core encounter sets) in their Return boxes. Carcosa, TFA and Circle Undone scenario cards in Magic Fat Pack boxes. Standalone scenarios either in with Zealot, or in a Fat Pack box. Player cards sorted in the box from an AEG Legend of the Five Rings direct to player set box - essentially a three-column card box. Two classes to a column, with Neutral joining Survivor in the third column. Should be OK to the end of The Circle Undone, at least.
  4. Three paragraphs to answer the opening question from @Rikalonius with "No, there isn't." is pretty impressive. And a fairly big red flag.
  5. Given they did that article on the lead-in to Worlds about one player's prep (sorry, can't remember off-hand who it was), you'd think a follow-up would make sense, though.
  6. I started playing after the change to VP scoring (I think - only last year) - why did the change make Imperial Troopers unviable?
  7. What are you defining as the target power level for him? Surely that's a question which needs answering early in this process?
  8. It would be the good-est of good games!
  9. As a very simple one - imagine an EU campaign box based around Rogue or Wraith Squadron... Wedge and Tycho, and maybe Corran Horn, would need to be NPCs, but you could have "generic" pilot-commandos as the PCs. The Rogues freeing Coruscant would've been a great campaign.
  10. Well, if you overload a cannon it'll misfire when you light the fuse - and that can be very dangerous indeed. And given Disney has already done to the SW canon by destroying the EU... imagine how much IA content could've been mined from there!
  11. Anything particularly special about this Friday?
  12. Caveat - official news which is not regarding the release of a playmat, or general tweaks to the OP program.
  13. I've been trying to avoid looking at the resolution for the scenario until after we play it
  14. Well, the fact that you asked the question at the seminar should help make FFG aware that people do want to know what's going on with IA - you did your part, @bokepasa
  15. More in response to looking on evilBay last night, and realising there are more out there than I thought - and while I appreciate some are quite pricey, it'd be nice to hoover up the "door prize" ones I haven't had the chance to play for - and, in the case of ones with errata, so I have an actual card with the changes in place I can use going forwards.
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