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  1. Can't argue with that, though I'd say that's more of a factor for the enemy sets than the scenario sets.
  2. I think the only thing I'd want them to tweak in the Return to... boxes is to include dividers to split the Return to... cards for a scenario away from the original cards from the scenario. They do this for the enemy sets, and it makes it that bit quicker if you're wanting to play the OG version of a campaign instead of the Return to... version.
  3. Well, you're unlikely to be using those encounter cards in previous scenarios. In most cases outside of Innsmouth, I think they'll only show up if your deck is trying to make use of them, like Sister Mary, or occasionally in new scenarios if they fit thematically.
  4. I think I probably manage these decks, then run out of space in my current solution during Innsmouth.
  5. And his "normal" signature cards are Showmanship and Occult Scraps.
  6. It whispers to me, at present, and the light glints off the silver edging of its pages... But the whispers, they are getting louder, and I fear I soon may begin to make out words from the sibilant sounds...
  7. Just finished day 14... haven't had a face-to-face conversation outside of brief exchanges with delivery drivers and shopkeepers in over a week... that book of Lovercraftian lore on the shelf is starting to look interesting...
  8. That's a bit harsh - she looks quite pleasant on her artwork.
  9. How many of these are new characters, btw?
  10. Yeah, I caught the very end of it - the article should be interesting, when it goes up. Couple of points I caught in the bit I was there for: Same price as a mythos pack Described as "60 card decks, with ~80% new cards" Some talk about breaking the 3XP Survivor barrier, though not explicit about whether that was in these decks, just that it was happening. Now to wait for the article...
  11. I wasn't, mainly because I thought this was meant to happen on Thursday...
  12. I don't know about Rouge - does he wear a lot of make-up?
  13. That would depend - what would you envisage such an app doing?
  14. Having said all this, I'd still say Ancient Evils is worse...
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