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  1. What is correct way to proceed after a battle? I am not sure sure about what to do after, do it need to be reshuffle with used cards or or just leave it be for next battle. And/or if cards in the deck is totally empty what have to be done. reshuffle all cards in the deck or all cards except the last used cards i want to know so much.
  2. Good to know that and thank you. Next time, it will be fun as your game match.
  3. could the new map modification for the house Arryn [From Mother of Dragons] be used in a regular game mode? I was just arguing with my friends and do not know that we can use new map modification for the house Arryn in 3 or 4 player scenario or can not do so. if it can be used, it must be so good.
  4. Today, i have a curiosity with Garrison Token when Mustering and Game of thrones Cards have been resolved Can Garrison Token in home be used as Power Token to muster units or to collect Power Tokens when Mustering or Game of Thrones Cards, Westeros Card, has been resolved
  5. At the beginning, Stark got only 1 supply. right? Beginning of The Stark supply is at No.1 supply track [2 armies limit], so they can get a army with 3 unit and more one army with 2 unit. and they have 2 armies, First one with a footman unit and a knight unit in the Winterfell and second one with a footman unit in White Harbor. but, why they can have a ship unit in The shivering Sea with that supply limit. *Or i just miss something to know?
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